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Narrated powerpoint presentation


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Narrated powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. Media Images of Women Narrated Powerpoint Presentation Alexis Jackson Eng 111
  2. 2. Introduction   What is objectification? (narration defines what it is) This is obviously present in today's society due to the simple phrase “trophy wife”
  3. 3. Thesis/Claim   The media should stop portraying women negatively(narration describes the ways that negatively portray them) In doing such today's youth will not have a morphed idea of what “real” women are and the ideals/roles associated with them
  4. 4. Warrant  Media should refrain from showing women in a provocative manner(narration explains why media should refrain from it)
  5. 5. Point 1  The “normal” image of women(African American) is loud, disrespectful, and having numerous sexual partners.(narration tells how reality television portrays black women)
  6. 6. Examples of African American Degradation  Love and Hip Hop  Bad Girls Club  Video Girl(B.E.T movie)
  7. 7. Counter for Point 1  In order for African Americans as a whole to “come up” they must stop allowing themselves to be put in degrading positions(narration describes the types of degrading positions and the shows, movies associated with it)
  8. 8. Point 2  The media's definition of beauty is