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Alexicom AAC: Focus on Free Features


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Alexicom AAC: Focus on Free Features

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Focuses entirely on the FREE features of the Alexicom AAC app for iOS. Includes instructions for basic editing, scanning, screen settings, TTS and word prediction, other features, and tips and tricks.

Focuses entirely on the FREE features of the Alexicom AAC app for iOS. Includes instructions for basic editing, scanning, screen settings, TTS and word prediction, other features, and tips and tricks.


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Alexicom AAC: Focus on Free Features

  1. 1. Alexicom AAC: Focus on Free Features Dr. Karen Suhm October 26, 2012
  2. 2. Before we begin:  This presentation focuses entirely on the free features of the Alexicom AAC app.  Many of these features are also available in our free Alexicom AAC app for Android, but the target audience of this presentation is iOS users.  Our philosophy is that if you have the hardware, you should be able to make your own pages for free.
  3. 3. Today we will discuss:  Quick summary of free features  Basic editing  Scanning settings  Screen settings  TTS and word prediction  LAM user data tracking  Other features  Advanced tips & tricks
  4. 4. Alexicom AAC free features – immediately available to you pg 1/4 • 36 editable demo pages • In-app page creation and editing • The ability to create an unlimited number of speaking, linking pages that never expire • Camera image acquisition directly in the cells • Text-to-speech and recorded audio • Show / dim / hide cells • Adjust dimmed cell opacity and response
  5. 5. Alexicom AAC free features – immediately available to you pg 2/4 • One and two switch scanning • Sequential and row/column scanning • Auditory preview • Bluetooth and direct touch scanning • Supports RJ Cooper, AbleNet blue2, and APPlicator switches • Hold time filter for unintentional presses • 1x-3x cell magnification
  6. 6. Alexicom AAC free features – immediately available to you pg 3/4 • TTS enabled text buffer • Voice / pitch changes • Word prediction with a 150k word library • Optional word learning, frequency of word use • Full sized keyboard accessible with one touch • International language support, including right to left text entry
  7. 7. Alexicom AAC free features – immediately available to you pg 4/4 • Automatic home page loading • Data tracking - 30 day log in LAM format for PeRT analysis • Post messages to Facebook / Twitter / Email • iCloud backup • Fully compatible with Voice Over
  8. 8. Basic editing  Enable ‘Editing’ in settings  Press Edit at top of ‘Select page’ screen  Select any page to edit it  Create a new page by pressing [+]  You may also edit pages on the fly  When editing a page, there are two modes: Cell Edit Mode Show/Hide Edit Mode  Disable editing when finished to prevent accidental editing or deletion
  9. 9. Two ways to enter Editing Mode From ‘Select a page’ From user mode page
  10. 10. Editing an existing page
  11. 11. Creating a new page Enable Editing, then press [+] Enter page name, # of rows, # of columns, picture width. **Recommendations in Info.
  12. 12. Basic editing – Cell Edit Mode  Each cell has its own Edit & Clear buttons  Press the Edit button in a cell to edit it  Image source ○ take a photo ○ use an image from your camera roll  Label – text above the image  Spoken – text to be spoken by TTS  Record audio using ‘Rec’ button  Link – page to load when cell is pressed  Press Update to save changes
  13. 13. Cell being edited in Cell Edit Mode
  14. 14. Toggle between Editing Modes Show/Hide Edit Mode – for hiding/dimming cells Cell Edit Mode – for changing cell content
  15. 15. Basic editing – Show/Hide Mode  In Show/Hide mode, each cell has Show, Dim, and Hide radio buttons  Select Dim to obscure a cell Use the opacity slider in Settings to adjust the opacity of dimmed cells Use the ‘Dimmed cells remain active’ toggle in Settings to control dimmed cell response  Select Hide to completely hide a cell For difficult days or vocab building over time
  16. 16. Page being edited in Show/Hide Edit Mode
  17. 17. Page after being edited in Show/Hide Edit Mode – hidden and dimmed cells
  18. 18.  Dimmed cells remain active On/Off  On = dimmed cells still speak and link  Off = dimmed cells are disabled  Opacity slider – 0 to 100%  0 = completely invisible  100% = completely visible  Note: If you set opacity to an extreme, you may get confused (hidden working, visible not)
  19. 19. Scanning  Compatible switches:  RJ Cooper’s Bluetooth switch or switch interface AbleNet Blue2 Inclusive TLC APPlicator Any device that generates ○ {space} and {enter} ○ {~1} and {~3} The screen may also be used as a button ○ Single / double tap
  20. 20. Compatible Bluetooth Switches 1 3 2  1) RJ Cooper’s Bluetooth switch (can also buy the ‘guts’)  2) AbleNet Blue2  3) Inclusive TLC APPlicator
  21. 21. Scanning settings
  22. 22. Scanning settings  Scanning Off/On – Main scanning switch  Step-scan Off/On – Use 1 or 2 switches  Row/column scanning Off/On – Off = sequential scanning mode On = Select row, then select cell in row  Auditory scanning Off/On – voice preview for low vision, cognitive impairment  Use AT&T Voices – for hearing impaired Off = use CMU TTS for preview On = use AT&T audio for preview
  23. 23. Scanning settings (cont’d)  Tortoise/hare slider – controls scan rate  Hold time slider – filters unintended screen taps and button presses  Scan sound Off/On – Ticks as each cell is highlighted, overridden by auditory preview  Include header buttons Off/On – scan Speak, Speak & Clear, Clear, Undo buttons  Direct touch only – screen is a button; keeps keyboard from popping up when no Bluetooth switch is detected
  24. 24. Screen settings
  25. 25. Screen settings  Adjustable frame width – blue frame  1x – 3x cell magnification In scanning mode, magnifies highlighted cell In direct select mode, magnifies on selection  Zoom On/Off – allows manual zooming Pinch to zoom Double tap to zoom Single tap to activate cell  Already discussed dimmed cell options  Voice over compatible
  26. 26. TTS and word prediction
  27. 27. TTS and word prediction  Enable TTS On/Off – Main TTS control  Adjustable CMU Flite TTS properties Male / female voice toggle Rate of speech slider Pitch slider Variance slider (more or less robotic)  Use the CMU voice in Cell Edit Mode to generate speech output for buttons  Type text into the text buffer for spontaneous communication
  28. 28. TTS and word prediction (cont’d)  Enable word prediction On/Off – Main control  Custom word learning On/Off – adds your words to the dictionary  Track frequency of word use On/Off – keeps track of word usage and offers most frequently used words first  Dictionary reset On/Off – clears your custom dictionary and word frequency data
  29. 29. Data tracking
  30. 30. Data tracking  30-day log of user button presses  Data is in LAM format for PeRT analysis  Copy, save, email, and print logs  Data tracking On/Off – When Off, does not record ANY data Data tracking REC indicator is located at top center of user mode screen Handle the data responsibly – respect the user’s privacy!
  31. 31. Other features International character support – right to left keyboard and word prediction
  32. 32. Other features  International character support  Auditory feedback On/Off – makes Bidibeep! noise on selection  Automatic home page loading Avoids the ‘Select a page screen’ Automatically loads the page you specify Upper left button returns to home page Page name is case sensitive To disable, go to MAIN iPad settings
  33. 33. Other features (cont’d)  Backup to iCloud – default is NO When on, Apple may purge content in low memory situations When off, content is NOT backed up but is guaranteed to be there For iCloud backup to work, you must also enable iCloud in main iPad Settings Restores whole iPad, not app-by-app  Social Media On/Off – Control access to Facebook, Twitter, Email
  34. 34. Social media access
  35. 35. Advanced tips and tricks  Use Safari to get images from Google Type the search term into the Search bar Select Images (Default is Web) Hold an image to save to camera roll  Use Squaready app to “squarify” images Free Saves in 640 x 640, our favorite size!
  36. 36. Page made with Google Images & Squaready Also shown: Hide/dim cells and Int’l char support
  37. 37. Advanced tips and tricks Use Nocs app + Squaready app to make text buttons Free 15 fonts + Great for Twitter
  38. 38. Guided access Disable selected user controls
  39. 39. Advanced tips and tricks  iOS 6 – guided access Lock into the app on Home button triple press Complete control over the device ○ Disable specific controls Use with our Auto load home page feature ○ Start from ‘Select a page’ screen for wider access ○ Widen access further to allow certain tabs Must enter passcode to leave the app, take a screen shot, or even turn the device off
  40. 40. Before I say thank you…  Any questions?  Demo requests?  More info on features? Accessibility issues?  Specific problems to solve?  Anything else?
  41. 41. Thank you for attending! If you have any questions, please contact We believe everyone deserves to be heard!