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Learn to liberate yourself and others from head trash. Using a new intervention technique called Reflective Repatterning, you can learn how to clear yours and others head trash quickly and simply. Visit for more information.

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Training courses | Headtrash

  1. 1. Learn how to liberate yourself and others from head
  2. 2. Hello! My name is Alexia and I’m on a mission to help clear the world of its gremlins, one at a time. This mission has been made much easier since I joined forces with Chris Milbank. Chris is not only one of the most respected international trainers in the field of human change, but he’s also the discoverer of the most effective intervention technique in history, Reflective Repatterning. When I first trained in this technique I was amazed at its simplicity, elegance and effectiveness. At the risk of sounding a bit twee, I loved it so much I decided to champion it. Together we want to help you to be awesome. And that means clearing your own head trash so that you’re a beacon of happiness that sends out ripples all around you. Oh, and last we heard, awesome people want to make the world a better place. And we’re up for a bit of that too. x “Be the change you want to see in the world”
  3. 3. What’s your head trash? Head trash is many things to many people. For some it’s the incessant voice in your head telling you what you can and can’t do, and who you can and can’t be. For others it’s the feeling of dread that lives in your stomach in varying degrees of yuckiness depending on what you’re doing. It might be the fears and phobias that stop you from living the life you want. Or maybe it’s the negative patterns of behaviour that you just can’t shake off. Whatever it is for you, the one thing that you can be sure of is this; you’re not alone. We’ve all got it! Why do we put up with it? And how do we get rid of it? “Start with the man in the mirror”Image courtesy of
  4. 4. Welcome to a new era in human changeWe’re on a mission to rid the world of its head trash, one gremlin at a time.The thing about head trash is Many of us pursue lines of workthat everyone’s got it. It affects that enable us to help others.all our lives on a daily basis. Just But really, we need to start withthink how the world could be a ourselves. It is only when we’vedifferent place if each of us was looked in the mirror that we areable to be more tolerant, less truly able to help others. Thisangry, less stressed, and more understanding underpins ouraccepting of who we are. whole approach.Not only is this possible, but it’s By clearing our own emotionalachievable. Human change used issues and blocks, our fearsto be reserved to the select few. and phobias, our worries andNow with the arrival of Reflective stresses, we are able to achieveRepatterning, everyone can take a state of calmness and clarity.charge of their own head trash This clarity enables us to beand we can all enjoy a taste of guided by our intuition and topeace and joy in our daily lives. offer help at its most powerful enabling us to shine a light on a path that others seek to follow. Are you ready to join us in our mission to clear out the last gremlin?Image courtesy of
  5. 5. Our training philosophy In contrast to many other training Our lead trainer, Chris Milbank, organisations, we take the unique originally qualified as a Counsellor, perspective of focusing on the client’s before going on to study Advanced needs. This means that we help you Hypnotherapy & Psychological to work with the technique that is Perspectives. He is also a Master most likely to work best for them, Practitioner of NLP, the former rather than focusing on training you in President of the Association of TFT one single technique. and used to run a College of While the technique at the heart of our Alternative Therapy. He has studied training is Reflective Repatterning and practised countless other mind & [RR], we include a number of other body techniques and is well mind and body techniques and respected in the field of human modalities including; Neuro-lingusitic change. Programming [NLP], Thought Field Chris regularly gets asked to help Therapy [TFT], Tapas Acupressure when the professionals get stuck. His Technique [TAT], Applied Kinesiology, extensive knowledge and experience Hypnotherapy and Coaching. means that what you learn truly is a Clients rarely seek out practitioners of blend of the best there is. techniques; instead they seek help solving a problem. So, by bringing you the most effective solutions to client problems, we help you to be better equipped to help your clients, and to be more effective.Image courtesy of
  6. 6. So, what is Reflective Repatterning?Reflective Repatterning (RR) is a By working at a deep level RR clearspowerful new intervention technique the emotional charge that creates thethat eliminates any head trash that is friction leaving the receiver feelingimpacting negatively on your life. It calm, clear and stronger.uses a psychological framework that Uniquely among interventionuncovers deeply held unconscious therapies, RR doesn’t only work withconflicting values, negative emotions the self, but also with how thoseand belief patterns. people and events around you affectFor centuries eastern cultures have you. This makes it truly holistic inrealised the importance and approach and effect.interaction of opposing energies; yin A nice way to sum up what RR doesand yang, black and white, good and is it gives you the choice to respondbad, dark and light. They exist most appropriately to any giventogether with each one affecting the situation. Most people have a defaultother and therefore the whole. Most setting: a typical behavioural responsehealing and intervention therapies to a given situation. RR provides youonly work to resolve the negative but with freedom and choice in yourby treating both the negative and response to environmental triggers.positive energies in emotion, RR is By clearing the energetic chargeproducing beneficial changes in associated with negative emotionspeople that have rarely been seen and patterns, we change the energybefore so quickly. at which we resonate, which in turn affects what happens around us.Image courtesy of
  7. 7. Where other therapies label a problemas difficult and struggle to resolve it, How is Reflective RepatterningRR has been able to achieve resultsquickly, safely, and most importantlymore thoroughly than ever before. different?When used alongside coaching, RR • Easy to learncan speed up the coaching processenabling you to achieve results • Balances the positive and negative aspects ofquicker and more deeply than before. head trash leading to neutralityRR is also proving that the effects • Heals issues on a permanent basis: it’s not a quickdon’t stop with the individual using it;those around you also enjoy the fixbenefits, indirectly and directly. The • It can be used to heal mind and bodyLaw of Attraction proposes that theuniverse will reflect back to you the • Clients can be treated by phone or Skypevery energy you project, A change for • It can be used to self-treatyou creates a change elsewhere. Bychanging the energy at which you • The healing effects of RR tend to ripple to thoseresonate, you can change those around those treatedthings that you attract into your life. • Every time you heal someone, you benefit tooIf you are fan of movies such as TheSecret and What the Bleep, you will • Effects can be noticed instantlywant to learn Reflective Repatterning. • It dissolves self-sabotaging behaviours quickly & effectively.
  8. 8. Our training coursesPeople study the field of human change for The starting point is our Head Trashmany reasons: for personal development or Liberator course. This is our foundationto bolster professional skills. We recognise course and creates a solid base of skillthat there are a number of different contexts and head space for you to move on fromand environments where you will be using to refine your expertise. Relation-your new skills. It’s for this reason that ships Our additional modules offer awe offer a number of courses: to combination of personal developmentensure what you’re learning is Relaxation Business and professional development, thusappropriate for the context. enabling you to continue your evolutionIn line with our training philosophy, and growth in both your personal life andwe first help you to clear your head in your working life.trash. We also recognise that, Head Trash Liberator After all, balance is everything!just like the trash at home, you Sports Moneymight have a clear out, but it soonbuilds up again. So, we’vedecided that you can come back toour courses again and again at a fraction Find yourof the original cost. This helps you to stay Coaching voice Referral bonuson top of any developments while giving For every person you recommendyou a safe environment in which to practise. onto one of our training courses, youHave you ever listened to the same talk receive 10% of the course fee.twice but heard very different messages? Ask about our affiliate scheme byEnabling you to revisit courses means that calling 0845 539 0109 or by emailingyou’re able to continually evolve while your personal experiences.
  9. 9. Head Trash Liberator [Training]Our Head Trash Liberator course is The training is very hands on offeringdesigned to give you the confidence you plenty of chances to experienceand the tools you need to helpliberate people from their head and practice using the techniquestrash. ensuring that you leave confident inIf you’ve trained in other techniques your ability to help others.or modalities this training will enable This course is ideal for coaches,you to refine your skills. If you therapists, human changehaven’t trained in other techniques, professionals and anyone who wantsthen this is a great place to start. to get the best out of the people theyIn line with our philosophy on training, work with.the first thing we cover on this courseis YOUR head trash. Everyone whoattends the 5-day course also How much?receives two personal one-to-one The course costs £800 and includes;head trash clearance sessions. By • 5 day training courseworking through your own issues • 2 one-to-one head trash clearanceyou’ll experience first hand what it’s sessions [worth £299]like to be a recipient of profound headtrash clearance. This also strengthens • All course materialsyour ability as a liberator of head trash • Continued and ongoing supportas you’ll be better able to trust your for as long as you need itinstincts and give healing where it’sneeded. See website for dates & availability.
  10. 10. Head Trash Liberator [Training] What you will learn • The once secret $120k VT • How to identify head trash in method used in Thought Field yourself and others. Therapy. • How to clear your own head trash. • How to work truly holistically: • How to elicit and unpick the healing each part to heal the issues that need work and the whole and how to treat yourself to specific sequence they want to help your clients. be treated in. • How to let go of your ego and be • The Reflective Repatterning (RR) guided by your client. framework that can be used with • Why Thought Field Therapy’s many other modalities. (TFT) Psychological Reversal is • The Tapas Acupressure wrong & how you can Technique (TAT) and how it permanently correct it. complements Reflective • How to use metaphors, symbols Repatterning. and throw-away lines to heal your • Bio-feedback and self muscle client. tests including Chris’ favourite • The impact of voids and excesses method which is easy and and how they might link to the accurate. larger patterns affecting us. • How to talk with the body to • How to deal with resistance and resolve suppressed problems. difficult clients. • How to relieve traumas, fears and phobias quickly and elegantly.
  11. 11. Our other training coursesRelationships Find your voice, tell your story Money & WealthSuccessful and meaningful Do you know who you are and what Money problems affect us all. Fromrelationships are the cornerstone of you stand for? Head trash often gets either wanting more or beingour lives. Creating high value in the way of us knowing this. Once worried about losing what we have,relationships leads to more meaning you’ve cleared your trash, and everything in between. Issuesat home and more success at work. reconnecting to who you are is a around money can be buried veryBy understanding how you and natural next step. Gaining clarity on deep. This course is designed to getothers see the world can help you to who you are helps you to better tell to the heart of money, wealth,improve your relationship with your story, thus increasing your security and financial issues. This isyourself and others. This two-day confidence. This course is for those also ideal for those who specialise incourse is ideal for those who want to seeking to gain confidence in how helping others with money andimprove their personal relationships they see and present themselves. wealth well as those who help others toimprove theirs. Coaching Relaxation When used alongside coaching, Reflective Repatterning works veryBusiness Reflective Repatterning, can improve well with your mind, body and spirit.The challenging nature of a the speed and the results which are This experiential weekend isbusiness environment is directly achieved. This course is for coaches designed to relax the senses andrelated to the emotional and mental and those who use coaching within align your energies so that you feelresilience of the people within it. In their professional environment. grounded and centred. Byour rapidly changing times, helping combining Reflective Repatterningteams to clear their collective head Sports with other mind and bodytrash and improve their resilience Mental focus and resilience is at the techniques, you will experience newwill directly improve business heart of sporting success. This forms of relaxation and alignment.performance. This course is course is designed to help athletesdesigned for business and team and sporting teams overcome theirleaders but can also be developed Email or call head trash and focus on the outcome 0845 539 0109 to find out more.specifically to address particular that will lead to their needs.
  12. 12. Meet the lead trainer, Chris MilbankChris Milbank has always been a bit His life took a turn one year in Dublin trainer and practitioner. It wasof a fixer. Back in the 1980s when when he was teaching during this time that he discoveredhe ran his father’s garage repair Hypnotherapy. He was tucking into the most effective psychologicalshop, if the cars weren’t fixed, he his lunch and accidentally therapy in history, Reflectivedidn’t get paid. And so it always swallowed some peanuts that were Repatterning.puzzled him when he would hear his in his food. He had a severe peanut Chris now teaches many othercustomers complain year after year allergy that nearly killed him when he alternative therapies of both mindof the same health, stress and was 22, so this wasn’t a great and body and will regularly healaddiction issues. situation. As he screamed for help, a what is not lady took his hand and asked him to thoughtAs the years went by he would listen think of peanuts while she tappedintently to his customers complain of possible. his hand. Chris was thinking “Youtheir various troubles curious as to silly cow! I can’t breathe get a Through all ofwhether they could be fixed. As his bloody Dr. Quick!” But in no time at hisobsession grew, he decided to find all, his breathing had come back achievements,out if he could do anything about it. and his swelling had gone down. Chris remainsSo he started by studying She had saved his life with an a very downHypnotherapy and Reiki healing. He energy psychology technique called to earthwent on to do a 4-year course in Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Chris person with aCounselling, Advanced studied TFT so much that he great sense ofHypnotherapy and Psychological became the number one trainer and humour.Perspectives. Determined to learn eventually the President of the world Together with his incrediblewhat he could to fix people he wide Thought Field Therapy knowledge, skill and caringcontinued his studies in Association (ATFT). personality, he helps makes eachPsychological Studies where he course an exciting and enjoyablelearnt NLP and became as master In 2007, Chris broke away from the adventure.practitioner. ATFT and became an independent We’d love you to join us.
  13. 13. Success StoriesFollowing an unhealthy relationship, John suffered from anxiety,Rachel’s periods had stopped and depression and impotence. Aftershe hadn’t had a period for over 12 three sessions, his depression andmonths. The doctors were unable to anxiety lightened and his impotencyhelp. After just one session, some of cleared enabling him to be intimatethe relationship issues were with his girlfriend once more.uncovered and resolved and the Michelle could not see hernext day her period arrived. grandchild through falling out withDebbie was a keen runner who one her daughter. She was furious withday found herself unable to yawn her daughter’s attitude and how sheand take in deep breaths. This was bringing up her grandchild. Thestopped her from running and angry mother wanted to change herenjoying life. As a result of this, she daughter. “If you heal yourself yourbecame constipated and her skin daughter will immediately changedeveloped a bad rash. Despite too.” Within two days Michellevisiting doctors and specialists, received a bunch of flowers and ahaving scans and ECG’s the doctors card at the door asking whether theywere none the wiser. She was could meet. Unprompted. Withinprescribed steroids for asthma and three days children and grandmaeczema despite being told that she were reunited. This was after 11didn’t have either. After one session, months of separation withoutshe was yawning and breathing contact.normally again and was running An RR graduate is a dog trainer andagain a few days later. she heard a client’s puppies were ill.
  14. 14. She rushed to the vet with the client cleared more specific personal issuesand the vet said the puppies should enabling her to come off herbe put down, as there was a very high medications. She now uses some Referral bonusrisk they would be dead by morning. basic RR to keep herself in check and For every person youBefore agreeing to the vet’s advice, is now working again. recommend onto one of ourshe tried some distant RR healing Sarah was pregnant in her first training courses, you receiveovernight first. The next morning the trimester and was terrified of giving 10% of the course rang in astonishment: all the birth and lived in denial of childbirth. Ask about our affiliate schemepuppies were running around playing Over a number of sessions through by calling 0845 539 0109 or byperfectly well. out her pregnancy, she resolved all emailing was on high medication with her childbirth and pregnancy fears tosensory overload: she would get have a natural birth at home.sounds, colours & feelings muddled Shona had depression and anxiety. Book your place nowup. She was highly anxious and found She was on antidepressants and hadit difficult to relax and sleep. Margaret been confined to her sofa during thedescribed her experience “I have day and at bed at night for somemany internal voices constantly telling Call 0845 539 0109 weeks. Also, her dog had not eatenme all the things I have to do. I have for 3 days, had no strength in its backwritten words like subtitles going or legs and had recently been to see theacross my mind. I have images racing vet. Within a few minutes of her firstthrough my mind like locomotive email session she couldn’t remember what trains of all the things I need to it was like to be depressed, why shedo as well with a constant thumping was depressed and she couldn’t evenfeeling in my head.” After one session say the word depressed. Interestingly,we had created sufficient head space the dog immediately got up ranto enable her to sleep for 14 hours around, nudged his food bowl andthat night. Subsequent sessions started eating when fed.
  15. 15. The art of clearing head trash & creating head space “Two years ago, we bought a house The clear out was a huge task and it at auction. I spotted it one day felt like it went on forever. But walking down the street and even eventually, we reached a point where though it looked a bit sorry for itself, I we got a real sense of what we had could see it had loads of potential: it and what we could create. By the end had wonderful large rooms with high of the renovation, there wasn’t a ceilings and still had a few period surface left in the house that we didn’t features. Sadly, it had been know intimately. By being so familiar neglected and was looking a bit tired with our home, we know where the and dirty. vulnerable cracks are, and we know The first thing we did when we got where not to hang large heavy the keys was to have a clear out. The mirrors. carpets, the old pieces of furniture, Our hard work means that we now the doors and the old musty have a space that we’ve created and curtains... they all had to go. You call home. A home where we can could hardly breathe for the dirt and retreat and recharge, and just be.” dust. It was really hard to imagine the Alexia sort of space we wanted to create while it still had all this old energy in. “Knowing what to clear out, and what to do with what’s left is an art: the art of creating space”Image courtesy of