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Axonim presentation 2016

AXONIM Devices is the innovative expert in design, architecture and development of the embedded electronics on Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), digital electronics processor devices, digital circuits, enterprise hardware & software solutions, distributing systems.

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Axonim presentation 2016

  1. 1. 2Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» About AXONIM AXONIM Devices – is a high-tech company focused on providing services in the field of electronics design all over the world. We provide high quality services on development of unique hardware and software solutions for your business.
  2. 2. 3Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» Our services Full cycle of electronic design – from an idea to the ready product Development of the product concept Electronic & PCB layout design FPGA & CLPD code development Firmware/Software design Mechanical engineering Prototyping idea product launch
  3. 3. Our Technology Partners 4Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» AXONIM is member of EtherCAT Technology Group. The EtherCAT protocol is used for hard and soft real-time requirements in automation technology, in test and measurement and many other applications. Participant of 3 rd party developers program. Analog Devices highly appreciate our abilities in software and electronics development. Member of TI Design Network, expertize at ARM-Based Processor Platforms, Digital Signal Processors, Microcontrollers (MCU), OMAP Applications Processors, Wireless Connectivity AXONIM is an accredited partner of Intel Corp. in the design of devices based on Intel processors.
  4. 4. Partial List of Customers 5Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» A subsidiary of the Russian corporation Gazprom. Our regular customer in the development and maintenance of SCADA system in the field of gas transportation. AXONIM has developed the hardware and software part of data acquisition system. The International manufacturer of high quality hunting&outdoors optics. Our customer in area of development optical equipment (firmware and hardware) with digital signal processing (night vision devices, IR-devices etc.) One of Europe's leading manufacturers of automation system. By request of Lenze we developed hardware of the industrial PLC and full range of software for this device. One of the leaders in the field of system solutions for automation tasks. Our customer in the development and maintenance of software for industrial automation devices. A leading Russian developer computing systems and supercomputers. AXONIM was involved in the development of microprocessor control and diagnostics system of powerful computer complexes. We have developed a hardware and software of the system. The global leader in the field of Wireless Systems for different critical applications. Laird uses our WinCE BSP in their devices. The US start-up company promoting gadgets for smart devices (glasses, smartphones etc.). We have developed devices offered by the company in the US market including hardware, software and housing.
  5. 5. 6Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» Architecture ARM MIPS X86 TI DSP ADI Blackfin ADI DSP PowerPC AVR32 MSP430 SuperH Technology Map Operating systems Embedded Linux Android eCOS QNX FreeRTOS ADI VDK DSP/BIOS Wireless technologies IrDA Bluetooth WiFi GPRS/GSM/3G/HSPA/ LTE/LTE Advanced ZigBee GPS Communication Interfaces USB Host/Client/OTG SPI/SSP I2C LVDS UART/RS232/485/422 LCD HDMI DVI SD/SDHC/MMC/CF/ PCMCIA ATA/PATA SATA Ethernet PoE PCI/PCIe 1-Wire uWire S/PDIF CAN AC97 Programming languages C/C++ (incl STL/ATL) TCL CDL Java (J2ME) MatLab Mathematica VHDL/Verilog ASM XML XAML Multimedia MPEG2 MPEG4/H.264 WMV8 MP3 WMA JPEG/JPEG2000 Motion JPEG OGG Vorbis G.722/G.726 ADPCM Speex
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITY to save your time and money! There is no need to keep large staff of developers. We can solve difficult technical problems in the shortest terms. OPPORTUNITY to protect from the inevitable risk! All risks arising in the design process (financial, technical, temporal), we take upon ourselves. What We Offer Our Clients 7Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» OPPORTUNITY to launch quickly a new product at the market! Our experience in the development and manufacture of electronics minimizes the time to market for new devices. OPPORTUNITY to create a really innovative product! We work closely with the leading manufacturers of solutions and components. This allows us to create competitive modern devices
  7. 7. 8Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» AXONIM Devices – Processor modules AX-SOM-XC7Z020 – Xilinx XC7Z020-Based Processor module AX-SOM-BF609 - Analog Devices ADSP-BF609-Based Processor module MTAX-SOM-AM335x – TI Sitara AM335x-Based Processor module AXSY-SOM-SAMA5D3x – Atmel SAMA5D3x-Based Processor module A solution for video and audio data processing systems development and for the systems with specialized algorithms of the digital processing of signals Optimal compromise between power consumption, performance and cost. Industrial protocols supported (EtherCAT, ProfiBUS, ProfiNet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, CanOpen, Ethernet Powerlink, Sercos. Combining the performance of two-core ARM® Cortex-A9 and the flexibility and programmability of 7th generation FPGA Optimal solution for the devices with minimum power consumption and extended peripherals AX-SOM-CL335x – Processor module for handheld devices based on TI Sitara AM335x It was developed to replace CompuLab EM-X270 module on the ground of a modern electronic components.
  8. 8. AXONIM Devices – Performed Projects 9Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» VoIP gateway VoIP Module is designed to provide "voice over IP" (hereinafter VoIP) functions for the system of voice communications of air traffic controllers, according to ED-136 standard requirements and ED-137A / B EUROCAE. VoIP Module is designed as the base plate with a set of up to 8 interface assembled boards. Interface boards have several variants, depending on the supported interfaces. VoIP module can be installed in the working unit dispatcher and / or radio gateway unit. GSM gateway. GSM-gate is designed for mobile subscribers switching. The external device communication channels are Internet and GSM. This device has distributed architecture. As part of the allocated base module with 32 GSM modems and GSM module connected through the Internet with the 128th SIM-cards. Implemented and adapted: -SIP server for the organization of VoIP telephony, interfacing with external devices such as SoftSwitch and organization of incoming calls; -OpenVPN to establish connection; -RTP and SRTP protocols for data exchange; -Encoding and decoding of audio streams in the format G.729, G.711, and Opus.
  9. 9. 2D and 3D laser scanning Sensors are designed for common applications in quality control, production processing and automation, e.g. for the automotive industry, for welding and joining applications. AXONIM specialists have developed a processor board, a CMOS sensor board and software. They have developed, tested and ported to DSP processors of Texas Instruments C64x+, Analog Devices BlackFin, FPGA Xilinx Spartan 6 and Altera Cyclone 3 algorithms for image filtering, detecting the useful signal for future processing and calculating the scan profile of laser system. AXONIM Devices – Performed Projects 10Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» Machine Vision System. This system is applied for technological processes quality optical control. There is hardware and software parts for a machine vision camera. As the main computer SoC OMAP3530 is used. As the optical sensorLUPA-300 with 250 Hz frame rate is used.
  10. 10. Telemetry Controllers and Humidity Indicators. AXONIM experts developed telemetry controllers and humidity indicators that are used by integrator company as a part of microclimate system in vegetable stores. The main computer is microcontroller MSP430 of TI. AXONIM Devices – Performed Projects 11Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» These controllers get data from temperature indicators DS1820 and humidity indicators with 1Wire-compatible interface which is a part of MSP430 controller program and manage ventilation system valves. The controllers are operated via special SCADA system developed by the customer and they provide for the right microclimate in stores and for the food storage technological process. LED-RGB Screen Controller. This controller is used in inquiry systems and it helps display effective data and media content. The main compute core of the controller is dual core SoC OMAP-L138. ARM core has OS Linux and Windows Embedded CE 6.0. For video file decryption framework Gstreamer and video codecs(MPEG4, MPEG2 and H.264) for DSP, of Texas Instruments are used. As the video controller FPGA Xilinx Spartan 6 is applied to implement a proprietary serial interface.
  11. 11. BSP eCos 3.0. BSP RTOS eCos 3.0 was developed for AT91SAM9x25 and Xilinx Microblaze platforms. There are drivers for networks, NAND FLASH memory drivers were implemented to integrate with FIS RedBoot. Also PROFINET stack of SIEMENS was ported. AXONIM Devices – Performed Projects 12Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» ASICs Test Module. To solve this problem FPGA Xilinx Virtex-5 XC5VFX70T was used. Software & hardware were developed. The test module has power supply tension monitoring and consumed current control ASIC systems on the basis of a DC/DC converter with PMBus 1.0 interface. To make debugging more comfortable the board has module JTAG. A set of standard FPGA-implemented interfaces helps test all ASIC capabilities. DSP algorithms for automatic sorting of veneer sheets. Implemented digital image processing algorithm finds any possible defects of veneer sheets (holes, dark stains, uneven edges etc.). On the basis of defect types and frequency veneer sheets are sorted on the line.
  12. 12. AXONIM Devices – Performed Projects 13Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» -camera resolution 80x60 or 160x120. -detection distance to 200 meters. -temperature detection accuracy of 0.5С Portative Thermal Imager - Third Eye It serves for monitoring objects via infrared emission. It helps, for instance, monitor the wildlife at night or evaluate the effectiveness of thermal insulators, it also has many other useful applications. The device has an aluminum casing that can be mounted on Smart-glasses or a smart phone. The imager has its own battery and the ability to connect a smart phone via Wi-Fi. To make the IR-imaging perception more convenient special software overlays imager’s signal on the smart phone camera pictures. Presented by ROUNDCONCEPT Mobile Laser Rangefinder The key is in connecting the LRF to the phone with a rigid structure and the Bluetooth interconnection that makes it one system. Now the phones screen is a viewfinder and all its processing power is ready to work on the distance data fed life by the LRF. The possibilities are endless. Presented by ROUNDCONCEPT
  13. 13. AXONIM Devices – Performed Projects 14Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» Protected Computer. We developed a portable computer for a wide range of tasks related to data processing, transmission, receive and storage and the protection of soft- and hardware parts from an unauthorized access. This device based on an Intel Atom microprocessor. The computer has the implemented function of the casing integrity control preventing any unauthorized access to the inner parts of the computer. The remote data reading via peripheral slots of the computer is also eliminated due to the appropriate construction solutions. Observer Location System via Video Sequence. AXONIM specialists developed an algorithm of an observer location via video sequence. The algorithm is based on Lukas-Kanade algorithm of tracking the specific features of imaging and 3D-modeling on the basis of several images. This algorithm is used as extra to position unmanned aerial vehicles in the air. This algorithm is adapted for a customer’s platform based on SoC DM3730. The algorithm works via DSP-core of SoC and exchanges data with ARM via DSP link mechanism.
  14. 14. 15Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» SDR-Based Radar Systems Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio system that involves software for radio signal modulation/demodulation. In SDR almost all the signal processing is done by software run by a computer or FPGA. This approach aims at creating a flexible and effective system that may receive and transmit almost any radio signal via software. A Passive Radar The passive radar (5) works on the basis of Doppler effect. The source of radio signals can be from a Wi-Fi router (2) of 2.4/5 GHz frequency. The radar consists of two aerials (3, 4). The first (3) receives the signals of a Wi-Fi nearby and the 2nd (4) receives the signals reflected by the object. The software compares the data obtained from the two aerials and identifies e presence in the Wi-Fi moving objects (1), as well as the direction and the speed of their movement. Since the device does not emit signals, but only receives them, it can’t be detected by common methods. An Active Radar It works on the basis of the same physical effects. The main difference is that as the main signal source an array of directed aerials emitting signals between 5.46-7.25 GHz is used. The receiver catches the reflection of these signals from people and calculates the distance to them by measuring the delay of the reflected signal. An object is positioned with 8-17 cm accuracy. This solution can also detect the breath and heart rate of the monitored objects. AXONIM Devices – Advanced Developments The passive radar advantages: - portability, - difficulty of detection, - reference signal(Wi-Fi routers, GSM- retranslators etc.) everywhere.
  15. 15. 16Minsk, 2016. LLC «AXONIM» AXONIM, LLC Room 12, office 502, house 1, Gintovta str., 220125, Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Tel/Fax.: +375-17-336-40-81 +375-17-336-40-82 +375-17-336-40-84 Email: