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Likeable pitch-1


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Likeable pitch.

Published in: Technology
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Likeable pitch-1

  1. 1. Your favorite hair or tattoo artist is probably near you. We are living in a different era and we should embrace it. Back then were just the products, then evolved to product and services. After 2000’s this transformed into customer centric type of products. Now it’s the relationship centric era.
  2. 2. 01.Problems - The current platforms are complex, not really built for with a focus on a relationship between the customer and the professional. - Most platforms act like a online catalog, you look through a lot of listings and choose something probably based on reviews which can be done by almost anyone, so there is no real credibility. - If you are a bussines(and not just a business), how can you easily find talent nearby? You have to manually browse by clicking a lot through dozens of professionals. - There is no platform where you can find inspiration, offer a networking possibility between professionals, a place where salons can find talent to hire, a place where you can book a professional at your home, or where potential clients can receive one-on-one personalized advice. - All the platforms are focused on professional finding potential clients, which is somehow curios because our research showed that most of the clients are not looking for new professionals becuase they already have someone where they regularly go, because once you find a good hair stylists you stick with him.
  3. 3. 02.Solution -An app(iOS/Android) that helps connect beauty creatives between them (tatto, hair, makeup, esteticians...) or clients and recruiters. This can grow exponentially by adding other industries like dentists, esteticians, carpenters and many more industries that are in context with this product. -Creatives get local exposure, clients get one-to-one personailzed advices and recruiters find talent to hire. It’s not only about inspiration and finding the right professional. -The possibility to book a professional at your home. -To not forget, all of these features in a very easy and fun way to use product. The interface and functionality it’s already tested on a massive number of users and it’s already working, of course, in a slightly different context.
  4. 4. 03.Market validation $39.9M+ raised $73mil+ raised And more...
  5. 5. 04.Market size 1mil+ Very very minimimum that can be reached online. Professionals just for beauty and tattoo. Probably most of the users with internet acces. Clients
  6. 6. 05.Product Discover and get inspired. Get personalized advice. Choose what you want to see.
  7. 7. 06.Business Model We have the in-app purchase model where the professional will pay 1.99$ for a monthly subscription. 1mil+ potential buyers 250k reacheable Minimum number of professionals reachable online, just for tattoo and hair industry Minimum number of professionals reachable through social media, just for tattoo and hair industry 1% engagement Minimum number of professionals that are paying for the subscription which means 2500 people.
  8. 8. 07.User adoption Salons for professionals - contact as many salons as possible through various ways. Social Media for professionals and clients - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Google Related blogs for professionals and clients - specific blogs and communities which are related to tattoo and hair industries.
  9. 9. 08.Competition Few details 35$/month. Focused more on proffesionals as a tool to manage the appointments. Feels very robotic, rigid, almost zero interaction between you and the professional. 30$/month, 20% booking fee A platform containing lists of salons from various cities, basically a catalog with various services from various cities. Again, a robotic experience, nothing to engage with. Tons of features, salon management tools, emails and so on. You see this kind of platforms EVERYWHERE. ?$/month This is indeed more user oriented, but the experience it’s like ordering a taxi to come pick you up. I think I said alot. ?$/month The same thing as and
  10. 10. 09.Competitive advantages Ease of use Easily find and engage with professionals/ clients around you. Fun to use. Lowest fee 1.99$ monthly subcription for professionals. Personalized advices Get real. One on one personalized advices from professionals. Many use cases It can be used also as a collaboration tool between professionals, as a talent search for salons. Different review system Instead of the classic review system which often doesn’t work, we thought about “what better review than a friend reccomendation?” Flexibility It is suitable for dentists, carpenters, esteticians, lawyers and a lot more... All in one All the competitive products features are implemented here but in a relationship centric way. And more…
  11. 11. 10.Financial For the first round of financing we are looking to build an MVP(iOS) which will allow us to have a beta version. We already have 50% of the development done. Also we will need promotion to reach users and beta test the product. Development costs for iOS 2000$+ Marketing costs for users adoption for beta version. 1000$+ Legal, licensing and hosting costs. 1500$+