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AVOapp - the most convenient alternative to mobile roaming


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AVO allows you to take calls to your regular number without paying for the roaming. In order to make or accept a call, you have to use local SIM card with 3G/4G connection or connect to the internet using free Wi-Fi at your hotel or cafe. Invest deck.

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AVOapp - the most convenient alternative to mobile roaming

  1. 1. Capitalize AVO
  2. 2. Even with Skype, Viber and WhatsApp, mobile customers still spend billions on roaming charges for data and calls abroad. Why is that?
  3. 3. Key reasons q  Creating a local VoIP number for a call re-direct is possible(e.g. though services such as Vonage or Skype), but too time consuming/expensive and di!cult for most consumers; q  Only 15% of consumers can correctly identify mobile roaming charges and changes to EU legislation (which only impacts the EU, from 2017 onwards) are described as ‘half-backed’ and won’t solve the q  problem of higher roaming costs q  VoIP services, such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp can’t receive inbound calls made to customers mobile number;
  4. 4. Some (around 25%) more frequent travellers attempt to use other solutions: q  Restricted to calling home only when they have Wi-Fi access, which depending where you are traveling isn’t always reliable or o"ers enough bandwidth for a VoIP call. q  Carrying two phones. One for cheap local Internet, the other to receive inbound calls, but those calls from home are only returned when the customer has Wi-Fi access. Alternatives people use q  Buy a local SIM/phone for cheap local Internet access. However, this doesn’t solve the inbound call cost problem or reducing roaming charges if they use their phone from home
  5. 5. None of these solutions are ideal. Despite technology advancing, there’s no simple way customers can receive calls from home without the expense of roaming or inconvenience of depending on local Wi-Fi.
  6. 6. Market Size Every year, over 600 million mobile subscribers incur $70 billion worth of mobile roaming costs. AVO is the solution. u u u
  7. 7. Solution by AVO With AVO, customers can: •  Communicate (call and message) for free with other AVO users; •  Make low-cost calls locally and internationally, wherever they are in the world; •  Accept calls from home, without incurring high roaming costs; AVO users get to keep their mobile number abroad without worrying about high roaming costs.
  8. 8. Design
  9. 9. Competitors Direct: •  Roamer App •  YouRoam Indirect: •  VoIP services: Skype, Viber, Whatsapp •  Tourist SIM cards/devices Unlike direct competitors, AVO is using a unique scheme of connection, which allow us to one connection point for all users in the country. Thankful to this, our operational spends are much more lower.
  10. 10. Business Models Prepaid plans Subscription plans Bundle plans •  Premium plan – low per minute rates •  Basic plan– higher per minute rates •  Unlimited incoming calls – $15-75 per year depends on the regions •  Unlimited outgoing calls to 52 countries – $20 per week •  Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls – $30 per month or $150 for six months Users can order a SIM with a data plan for country/region of their travel destination. The SIM will be delivered to their home or hotel at the destination, and will receive credit on AVO account. Pay for outgoing minutes (Pay as You Go), depends on the price plan:
  11. 11. Key metrics
  12. 12. Key metrics
  13. 13. Key metrics
  14. 14. Geographic footprint
  15. 15. Next Generation Platform and why we now need investment We have done signi#cant research and now command the technologies and have partnership under way to fundamentally change our technology in such a way, that we can cover the globe and eliminate the need for a partnership per country. It is our estimate, that this is ~  four months of development time to #nalise our next generation platform. Further we will enhance our user capabilities so it will be possible as well to improve user experience by eliminate necessity of any setups from user side and also will provide not just voice but also SMS service. We are convinced, that this will be so attractive in the market, that we can increase our market penetration and reach eventually millions of users. This can be individuals signing up, as well as companies with many travelling employees, as the savings are substantial. This opportunity, in order to accelerate fast, will need investments both for the development, but as well for an e"ective launch and marketing campaign.
  16. 16. Geographic footprint
  17. 17. Goals 100 500 User Acquisition (‘000) 1000 Jun 2016 Dec 2016 Jun 2017 •  100 B2B sales •  10,000 SIM sales •  1000 distribution partners •  Partnership with major Telecom •  Presence in US, EU, Asia •  Close next round •  $50,000 Monthly revenue •  Presence in Australia, Africa •  Registered #rst MVNO •  Partnership with Telegram •  $150,000 Monthly revenue •  Presence in South America •  5 registered MVNO
  18. 18. Current Partners •  Continental Group – telecom connections for Moscow and St. Petersburg •  Runexis – telecom connections for other Russian regions •  NextTell – calls termination for Russia and CSI region •  Flowroute – telecom connection for USA •  Lanktelecom – calls termination worldwide • – calls termination worldwide Telecom Other • – SIM cards with dataplans for EU • – SIM cards with dataplans for US, Canada and Mexico • – distribution partner • – distribution partner
  19. 19. AVO Team
  20. 20. Contacts: +7 925 985-77-83