Personal Reflection and Purpose Statement


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My simple personal reflection and purpose statement presentation for my first University of Phoenix PHL/700R residency.

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  • Hello, my name is Alexandria Velez and this is my personal reflection and purpose presentation.
  • I am currently taking courses to obtain my doctorate in management with a concentration in IS & Technology. After I obtain my degree, I want to become a professor in information technology.
  • When did I realize I needed a career change?I first realized that I wanted to teach when I was a help desk consultant and I helped one of the professors I was stationed to help.Teaching as a possibility?I have been helping people with technology my entire life. It makes sense to me to become a professor.What have I done with my life so far?I have taken the opportunities I have been given and learned from them to further my career and life.
  • Steve JobsThe first person is a well-known professional whose name is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs (2011) brought innovation and took risks in technology. Steve WozniakIn terms of scholarly influences, Steve Wozniak (2012) is one of the people who created Apple computers. He also holds three honorary doctorates in engineering. Steve Wozniak contributes most of his time as a speaker at different conferences and schools promoting innovation and creative thought.
  • KevinMitnickAnother well-known professional in the technology industry is Kevin Mitnick (2012). He is the world’s most famous social engineer in technical history. His goals are to help others and learn more about technology. “For Dummies” series of booksI admire the simplicity of the “For Dummies” series of books (John Wiley & Sons, 2012). This series promotes technical learning into simple terminology. This series of books was the first of many who provided both intuitive pictures and literature for practically anyone.
  • My studies teach me about theories and scenarios that I could incorporate into my current position as a web product manager. For example, the leadership theories so far have allowed meto analyze leadership types and see where I fit in. By learning about my leadership styles, I can communicate more efficiently with my staff.
  • I have worked in the web development industry for a long time. I started in 1999 and I’m still in the web development field. I have worked in mobile and in colleges as technical support but I have been in web development for the longest.
  • I have been involved with technology ever since I was a kid. I started by dismantling and assembling VCRs and worked my way up to computers.
  • I hope to learn advanced theories and eventually get my doctoral degree to become a professor.
  • I understand that the school allows us the ability to communicate with the doctoral faculty to learn from experience and methodologies.
  • By allowing me to attend the school, I will be able toLearn advanced theories and techniquesUnderstand more about leadership and researchObtain a doctoral degreeBecome a professorContinue the learning journey
  • Personal Reflection and Purpose Statement

    1. 1. PersonalReflectionand PurposeStatementAlexandria VelezUniversity of Phoenix
    2. 2. Personal Reflection and Purpose StatementDegree & Purpose Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Information Systems and Technology End result: To become a professor in IT
    3. 3. Leading FactorsPursuing the Degree  When did I realize I needed a career change?  Teaching as a possibility?  What have I done with my life so far?
    4. 4. Leading FactorsAcademic Influences Professional Scholarly
    5. 5. Leading FactorsAcademic Influencescontinues… Professional Books Kevin Mitnick “For Dummies” series
    6. 6. Preparing for the FutureStudy implications Theories and scenarios in the workplace
    7. 7. Preparing for the FutureProfessional andpersonal contexts  14+ years in the web development industry
    8. 8. Preparing for the FutureIdentity 17+ years in the technology field Since childhood, I have been involved with technology.
    9. 9. The degree programAspirations, refinements,and scholarship  Learn advanced theories  Obtain a doctoral degree  Teach as a professor
    10. 10. The degree programMission statement Communicating with the doctoral faculty to learn and understand more about how to be a professor
    11. 11. Personal Reflection and Purpose StatementLife beyond the program Learn advanced theories and techniques Understand more about leadership and research Obtain a doctoral degree Become a professor Continue the learning journey
    12. 12. Personal Reflection and Purpose StatementThank you! Questions? Comments?