Sex in the Media: Television Shows and Movies -- Religion C.P.T.


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Sex in the Media: Television Shows and Movies -- Religion C.P.T.

  1. 1. Sex in the Media: Television Shows Sexand Movies in the Films
  2. 2. Let us begin today with the universal sign of our faith In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen
  3. 3. Facing LifeLIGHTHelp me, Lord, to be a light to this world, sothat my life may radiate your message of COMMITMENTlove, hope, and joy. Lord, on this "commencement" day, letMay I be the beacon leading to You those who there be a beginning of my life. In theseek truth. days of darkness, be my light, so that in turn I can radiate your truth and yourSALT message of love, hope, and joy. In theLord, may I be the salt that takes away the days of blandness and of blahs, Lord, beblandness in the routine of living, that prevents my Salt, so that in turn I can fend off thethe rottenness of hatred and greed from corruption, the staleness, the mediocrityexpanding around me, that brings compassionate around me. In the days when I am flat onhealing to anguished souls I encounter. my back or fall flat on my face, Lord, be LEAVEN my Leaven, so that not only can I riseYou expect that we use the talents you gave us again, but also raise the downhearted toas the leaven to this world. Teach me, Lord the celebration of your Love. AndJesus, that alone I am insignificant, but mixed Lord, thank You, for the school years, forwith the talents of my brothers and sisters, Ican lift this world out of its insipid mediocrity. the talents I received.May I be a bit of leaven in the Bread of Life, and Amen.a sign of Your celebration in this life and lifeeternal.
  4. 4. Exodus 32: The Golden CalfA reading from the book of Exodus.The word of the LordThanks be to God
  5. 5. General IntercessionsWe pray for those who have felt the pressure to engage in pre- marital sex due to the corrupt messages of the media … Lord hear our prayer.We pray for those who idolize the false gods of the world of entertainment, and pray that they may one day find their way back to God and be accepted by Him ... Lord hear our prayer.We pray for those who have fallen victim to the media by engaging in illegitimate sex and have suffered the consequences ... Lord hear our prayer.
  6. 6. Whoa is MeWhoa is meIm so whoaSee me decked out from myhead to my toeWhoa is meIm so whoaEverywhere I go Im a one manshow
  7. 7. I feel like a HollywoodstarHand full of pills, allblack carRock guitar and 10shots of whiskeyGot a chain on my neckand a massive hickeyYou say youre a bigdeal, big dealIve been a big dealever since big wheels
  8. 8. Shits real, I feelLike a supermodel who justskipped a mealI like to party and spend mydoughAnd when I go to rehab Imputting on a showAnd its so spectacularwhenever I rap to youIm re-enacting my feelings tocapturethe moment like a Nikon, andwhen the mic’s on, Im a star baby, Im your iconI put on the light, I shine, I glowWhoa is me, Im so whoa
  9. 9. Say whoa (whoa)The more I feed it (whoa)The more I need it (whoa)You say whoaWhoa is meIm so whoaThe more I feed it (whoa)The more I need it (whoa)You say whoaWhoa is meIm so whoa
  10. 10. Im surrounded bypeople, Im coolEveryones so see-through, not youI know you think Idont hustle, I doUsed to get up forthe busNow I fly to, drive byyou,Ill buy you outright, and Ill biteyour style
  11. 11. I try to act like a childBorn yesterday but born to bewildI cheated to get what I gotStepped all over yourself for myspotI bet you Im winningI bet that youre notI bet you dont sinAnd I bet you get caughtYou just leave the talking to meIm dope and Im hot on my feetIm the S to the H, I to the TWhat you dont knowYou just gotta believe
  12. 12. Say whoa (whoa)The more I feed it (whoa)The more I need it (whoa)You say whoaWhoa is meIm so whoaThe more I feed it (whoa)The more I need it (whoa)You say whoaWhoa is meIm so whoa
  13. 13. Its quiet,Right before the stormIm eyeingEveryone I see,Im silentSo damn flyIm a pilotNo Im a giantHope that youre readywhen I set off the riotSee my band,See my clothesBe my fanSee my showSee my plan is to be so dopeThat you like me and me likewhoa
  14. 14. Say whoa (whoa)The more I feed it (whoa)The more I need it (whoa)You say whoaWhoa is meIm so whoaThe more I feed it (whoa)The more I need it (whoa)You say whoaWhoa is meIm so whoa
  15. 15. PRAYER FOR SOCIAL JUSTICELord Jesus, Carpenter and King, supreme Sovereign of all men, look with tendermercy upon the multitudes of our day who bear the indignities of injusticeeverywhere. Raise up leaders in every land dedicated to Your standards oforder, equity, and justice. Grant unto us, Lord Jesus, the grace to be worthymembers of Your Mystical Body, laboring unceasingly to fulfill our vocation in thesocial apostolate of Your Church. Sharpen our intellects to pierce the pettiness ofprejudice; to perceive the beauty of true human brotherhood. Guide our minds toa meaningful understanding of the problems of the poor, of the oppressed, of theunemployed, of all in need of assistance anywhere. Guide our hearts against thesubtle lure of earthly things and undue regard for those who possess them. Maywe hunger and thirst after justice always. Amen
  16. 16. We Conclude with the Sign of Our Faith In the name of the father, Of the Son, And of the Holy Spirit, Amen