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Business model storyteller


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Creating a business model is important but telling your business story is the key to success!

Learn how to create a great story based on your business model.

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Business model storyteller

  2. 2. TRIGGER THE 3 EMOTIONAL LEVELS OF A GOOD STORY Inspire (Why) What is your purpose, your belief in doing this business? Delight (How) What makes you special, what is your know-how? Desire (What) What is your product or service, what do you sell?
  3. 3. 4 DOMAINS OF A BUSINESS MODEL Demand Define the structure of the demand in your market (Who is my client, How can I reach him/her, What is (s)he ready to pay for my product/service,…?) Supply How are you going to address the need of your customers, what is your solution, what resources do you need? Ecosystem Assess the external factors influencing your business. What is the competition doing? What are the barriers to entry? What is the bargaining power of my clients/suppliers? What are the main trends of my market? Story Summary of the 3 previous domains explaning how you are positionning your business in the ecosystem to address a demanding market
  4. 4. 12 STEPS TOWARD SUCCESS STORY Step by step you will understand how each step is contributing to the following and how the 3 levels need to be addressed in order to touch your target audience on desire, delight and inspiration. Understanding the connections enables you to make a clear story for you audience
  6. 6. 12 STEPS TOWARD SUCCESS STORY Step Input User Need/Pain User quote Activity Step Input Activity UX Story Persona Step Input Activity Describe how you are going to interact with your persona (acquisition and relationship Market process) Payment is also an interaction Delight UX Persona What is your real market ? How big is it ? What resources or skills becomes an issue when growing ? How can you solve this ? (Check potential partners) This may generate additional costs Context/Situation Definition of the problem Source of the problem Consequence of the problem Persona Demographics? How is (s)he concerned? User Need/Pain Like/Dislike? -> Delight Goal? Solution Describe solution by explaining how does it solve Persona's issue User Need/Pain What feature will make Persona like Resource & Skill Skill Persona your app ? How your solution is helping Persona to reach is goal ? Solution UX Describe what type of resource and skill you need in order to build the solution and Scalability interact with your persona This is the base of your cost structure Resources & Skill Market Market Forces Competition Which company is proposing a solution solving the similar problem? Solution Market forces How are they solving it ? User Need/Pain What is aking with their solution ? What brings delight in their solution ? Persona Solution Resources & Skills Competition UX What forces are shaping competition ? Customers Suppliers Competition, Substitution Product Resources & Skills, barriers Market Describe what will change in todays Market forces market? Scalability Describe how each force may change ? Desire Make a story of your persona's journey Persona User Need/Pain and how your solution can help them Delight Solution in a unique way to overcome his/her Competition problem (Story board ?) Desire Market Forces Describe your unfair advantage/what UX makes you different ? How is your solution Inspire Resource & being provided ? Skill Trends Desire Delight Trends Market Scalability Describe why your are doing this business and where you want to be
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