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Tnt success story qlik view


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Tnt success story qlik view

  1. 1. QlikView | Customer Success Story | TNTTNT consolidates Solution Overviewmonthly management TNT Global supplier of postal and express services. Largest private employer inreports using QlikView the Netherlands Industry“ Transportation & Logistics As we have more insight into our data, we are better Function Finance, Human Resources able to detect deviations from the planning, and hence, ” improve the efficiency of the audit process. Geography The Netherlands Marcel Smit, Senior Audit Manager, Challenges TNT Corporate Audit Services • Consolidate decentralized data • Focus on analyses rather than audits • Present KPIs in a flexible and transparent mannerTNT N.V. supplies a host of postal tent structure and uniformity,” saysand express services to businesses and Marcel Smit, Senior Audit Manager at Solutionconsumers worldwide. Headquartered TNT Corporate Audit Services. “Every- TNT deployed QlikView to five employeesin Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, the body had his or her own method, which in less than six weeks.company is active in over 200 countries complicated the data-merging process With QlikView, TNT Corporate Audit Services now analyzes the reliabilityand employs around 159,000 people. and the compilation of one departmental of financial and time-registration data,With 68,000 employees in the Nether- report. On top of that, everything was as well as its custom-defined KPIs - alllands alone, TNT is the largest private done manually, which took a lot of time. focused on driving corporate profitability.employer in the Netherlands, second Every manager had to fill in a 50-page This gives the management access toonly to the Dutch government. In 2006, reporting model by hand, month after up-to-date management informationAEX-listed TNT generated sales of month – a real drag!” at a glance, anytime.€10.1 billion and recorded an operating Benefitsresult of €1.276 billion. That’s why Corporate Audit Services • Achieved substantial time savings of started looking for an alternative solu- almost a full week per month tion at the end of 2005. The department • Gained real-time management of compiled a Statement of Requirements information that detailed the criteria the solution • Increased business agility with highly had to meet. “First, it had to simplify flexible system the consolidation of the decentralized • Improved data understanding through an intuitive and attractive user interface data,” explains Smit. “Second, it had to accelerate the auditing of data Data Source Systems reliability, so we could spend more Application: Computron, Timewatch, time on analyzing our custom-defined SAP KPIs. Third, it had to be able to present DW/BI: Hyperion those KPIs in a flexible and transparent Database: Excel Hardware: Microsoft Office/ manner. For example, the data upon Windows Server which our reports are based comes from two systems: a time registration system (Timewatch) to keep track of plannedBefore: reporting “a real drag” and actual hours, and a financial ap-The Corporate Audit Services Depart- plication (formerly a combination ofment is responsible for internal audits Hyperion and Computron; now SAP) toworldwide. Its staff of 45 is spread over record travel expenses, hotel costs, andtwo locations; 40 work at the head other expenses. In the past, that dataoffice in Hoofddorp, and five work in was made available manually. We pre-Singapore. Each month, three senior ferred a solution that would eliminatemanagers compiled reports for the head all the manual operations and enable usof the department – a real resource to retrieve the required data with onedrain. “Those reports lacked a consis- push of a button.”
  2. 2. QlikView | Customer Success Story | TNTNow: flexibility, accuracy, days by staff member’. For each KPI, weaccountability had to decide what data we needed from“We looked at both internal and which sources. That was quite a job andexternal solutions that would meet our it took more than six months. But, mak-criteria,” Smit says. “Internally, we ing the technical link to the data andinvestigated the option of developing a from the data to QlikView was fairly 6 weeks tocustom-made application based upon simple. All in all, this took only one toLotus Notes. Externally, we focused two months. In January 2007, develop applicationson two solutions: an application by we started the trial runs and afterCube-ICT, which is a mix of Micro- correcting some flaws that showed upsoft Access and Crystal Reports, and as a result of QlikView’s transparency,QlikView from QlikTech. After careful the system went live in May 2007.”consideration, we opted for QlikViewin the spring of 2006 primarily because Change in cultureof its high flexibility, which enabled us Corporate Audit Services is now mak-to make changes to our KPIs relatively ing up for the lost time. Currently, fiveeasily. Another important reason for people are using the BI application: Returnselecting QlikView was its ability to three senior managers (including Smit),link the application to various sources. one data miner (Liem) and one chief 80% reduction in reportingTogether, those two benefits clinched internal officer. Smit sums it up: “In the and administrative time downour decision.” The choice of QlikView past, five of us each spent one whole day from 8 hours to 1.5 hourswas particularly remarkable because on the monthly reports. QlikView has per person per monthso many Cognos products were already helped us to reduce this to approximatelybeing used at TNT. Building upon these an hour and a half per person – a gain Investmentproducts would have been more cost- of 6.5 hours per person, saving a totaleffective. “However, as that solution of 32.5 hours. In addition, every seniordidn’t offer the flexibility we were manager had a separate meeting withlooking for, we didn’t consider it,” the head of the department to discussexplains Smit. his report. These meetings lasted, on ment. “As we have more insight into average, two hours per person, or six our data, we are better able to detect“In the summer of 2006, we started hours in total. Now, we have one col- deviations from the planning and hence,the preparations for the implementa- lective meeting of two hours, saving yet improve the efficiency of the audittion,” adds Smit’s data-miner colleague another four hours. This makes a total process. In the near future, we willJoengkie Liem. “Unfortunately, we ran gain of 36.5 hours – one full working also deploy QlikView as an input toolinto a setback: the translation of the week per month! Additionally, we can for our annual audit plans – which weKPIs to the data in the source systems now consult the data anytime. This have high hopes for,” says Smit. “Theproved more time-consuming than we option is not used too much yet, but roll-out of QlikView will not be limitedhad anticipated – a typical example of that will soon change. It will, however, to the managers who are using it rightunderestimation. We had defined 25 require a change in culture to get now. The rest of the management teamKPIs, ranging from audit-related KPIs, people used to having ‘real-time’ will start using it in the first quarter ofsuch as ‘percentage of audits reported in access.” 2008. What will happen next, I cannottime’ and ‘actual auditing costs versus foresee. Other departments, such as mar-budget’, to staff-related KPIs, such as The information produced by QlikView keting, are showing a keen interest in the‘productivity by auditor’ and ‘training is used mostly for managing the depart- BI application, so just wait and see.” “ In the past, five of us each spent one whole day on the monthly reports. QlikView has helped us ” to reduce this, saving a total of 32.5 hours. Marcel Smit, Senior Audit Manager, TNT Corporate Audit Services© 2007 QlikTech International AB. All rights reserved. QlikTech, QlikView, Qlik, Q, Simplifying Analysis for Everyone, Power of Simplicity, New Rules, The Uncontrollable Smile andother QlikTech products and services as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of QlikTech International AB. All other company names, products andservices used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. www.qlikview.comThe information published herein is subject to change without notice. This publication is for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and QlikTechshall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to this publication. The only warranties for QlikTech products and services are those that are set forth in the express warrantystatements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting any additional warranty.