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MBsummit Milan 2018: How to build links that will bring you traffic


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Each and every digital marketer that is involved in the process of building links knows that acquiring quality and relevant links isn't a piece of cake. But what if you want to build quality and relevant links that will bring you referral traffic? This task might look like nearly impossible. But if you know the right approach than everything becomes much easier and that's the reason why I decided to deliver this talk and show how exactly I'm building links that bring to my clients not only long-term wins like growing their organic traffic but also short-term - referral visitors.

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MBsummit Milan 2018: How to build links that will bring you traffic

  1. 1. Over 30k referring domains
  2. 2. How many referring domains generate traffic?
  3. 3. 238k vs. 1783 Ref. domains vs. the sites which are actually sending referral visitors 391k vs. 1745 1M vs. 1840 455k vs. 1460
  4. 4. Why? • Those links are allocated on pages that don’t rank in Google • Users don’t really interact with the content (e.g. scrolling instead of reading and clicking) • Customers don’t care about referral traffic
  5. 5. Revealing the sources of referral traffic How to find sites that will most likely bring you traffic 3 tips that will speed up the process of acquiring links
  6. 6. The sources of referral traffic 1. An engaged community 2. Referral traffic through organic search
  7. 7. An engaged community 1. Comments 2. SMM engagement
  8. 8. Tip On average that’s small and mid-sized sites that are owned by the industry experts.
  9. 9. Receiving referral traffic through organic
  10. 10. Receiving referral traffic through organic
  11. 11. What posts can be updated with a link? 1. List-based posts 2. Resources pages 3. Posts on experts’ private blogs 4. Content on corporate blogs
  12. 12. Guest posts is no-no
  13. 13. How to find sites? 1. Get a list of sites that are bringing actual referral traffic to your rivals/industry leaders (SEMrush/SimilarWeb/Nacho Analytics) 2. Find out particular pages that have links and check whether they’re bringing in traffic because of ranking well in Google or an engaged community
  14. 14. Find pages that bring links
  15. 15. Check those pages
  16. 16. Use to find email adresses Always personalize your emails Give them a reason to link back to you 3 Tips
  17. 17. Thank you! @AlexTachalova