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Make Love, Not Links: How to Build Links Through Relationships


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Technically, link-building is the method of being creative enough--and smart enough--to put your links in the right places. However, those links are useless, because they've never been able to promote your brand like a real person would. They've never shared a post on Facebook about how wonderful it was to use this brand, or how they fell in love with the taste of a product. They will never recommend something while chatting with their friends. This is why my session is entirely dedicated to proven techniques with regard to building relationships that will bring links.

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Make Love, Not Links: How to Build Links Through Relationships

  1. 1. Build love, not links: How to build links through relationships
  2. 2. 5 years ago… @Alextachalova
  3. 3. Getting Links @Alextachalova
  4. 4. Russians are very direct @Alextachalova
  5. 5. What was the deal? @Alextachalova
  6. 6. Links are still links @Alextachalova
  7. 7. SEO Links @Alextachalova • SEO traffic boost • Tiny referral traffic and Social Media traffic Relationship Links • Social approval for the brand • Referral traffic and Social Traffic (strong!) • Establishment as an authority in the industry • Expanded audience • SEO boost
  8. 8. System • Make a list of influencers • Start a conversation & provide value at each step • Get & Measure results @Alextachalova
  9. 9. Tools to use @Alextachalova
  10. 10. There’s no action without reaction. Paul Madden
  11. 11. Start a conversation? @Alextachalova
  12. 12. My thoughts… @Alextachalova
  13. 13. Make them notice you Share their content Follow them on SMM channels Comment their blog posts @Alextachalova
  14. 14. Set a goal of a communication @Alextachalova
  15. 15. Do research about the person @Alextachalova
  16. 16. Taylor a personalized(!) message @Alextachalova
  17. 17. Example @Alextachalova
  18. 18. No response? @Alextachalova
  19. 19. Track your emails @Alextachalova
  20. 20. Email Tracking Plugins for Gmail @Alextachalova
  21. 21. Measure you results like a Boss! @Alextachalova
  22. 22. My toolbox @Alextachalova
  23. 23. SEMrush vs Searchmetrics @Alextachalova
  24. 24. @Alextachalova
  25. 25. Thanks for attention! @AlexTachalova