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March 2016 WAA by Szajowski


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March 2016 WAA by Szajowski

  1. 1. | 312.627.1300 Be Healthy. Be Proud. Be Fit. WELLNESSAWARENESS In the wise words of the Greek Philosopher Theophrastus, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” As our civilization developed, our time has shifted to a more work-oriented culture; leaving us with less time to focus on our health & well-being, family & friends and recreational hobbies & activities. Work-Life Balance is a concept that includes prioritizing “work”, which includes career & ambition; and “lifestyle”, which includes health, pleasure, leisure, family, & spiritual development. The right balance is individual and personal and changes over time. Balance when you are single is very different than when you are married with children. Prioritizing needs and desires, requires ranking what is most important. LifeStart’s Call to Action LifeStart’s RD’s can help with time saving menu planning and food preparation ideas. Or check out the RITUAL app for LifeStart approved meals delivered to your office. A personal trainer can provide an efficient 30 minute workout during your lunch hour, saving time for an evening walk with the family. Remember, the key to Work-Life balance potential is to not getting so busy making a living that you forget to make a life! AVOID BURNOUT You cannot devote 100% of yourself in everything you want to, like attending all your child’s sporting events or after-work get-togethers. Instead, use your new found personal time to enjoy the weather or read a book. Make use of the extra 30 minutes in the morning to get a good sweat session or 30 minutes in the evening of coloring in an adult coloring book as a meditation practice. If you do not find pockets of time for yourself, you will become too burned out to fully appreciate the many elements of life. B A L A N C E March 2016 FIND BALANCE & MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL • Reduce extraneous time-robbers like cleaning your living-space by hiring a cleaning-service or delegating chores to family members. • If you can work from home a few times of week, try it out to save travel-time. • Create daily to-do lists with no more than 5 items. • Trade making dinners with your spouse or meal prep on the weekends to free up a few extra hours during the week. • Avoid bringing “work” home with you. The more attention you give to work on off-hours, the less valuable your personal time becomes. • Limit technology. With communication at our fingertips it is easy to ignore current company or miss memorable moments. • Say “no” more and “yes” less to avoid over-committing yourself. Never do something out of guilt or shame; it’s okay to put your priorities first.