VentureConnect Programs 2012


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A short, yet insightful presentation of the programs designed by the VentureConnect Foundation.

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VentureConnect Programs 2012

  1. 1. Ventur eConn ectEntrepreneurs meet your investors!
  2. 2. Agend ao Target Insightso Outline of VentureConnecto Programs for 2012o Press Clippingso Thank you!
  3. 3. Why VentureConnect inRomania?
  4. 4. SME Overview Romanian SMEs represent 97% of the number of active companies. [2011] 50,24 % of Romania’s gross added value is represented by SMEs input [2011] SME distribution: 468.000 small and medium companies, 1.518 large companies out of which 89.3% micro- enterprises, 1,7% medium enterprises, 9,0 % small enterprises In 2011, 184.099 Romanian SMEs are specialized in services, with 15.832 SMEs focused on IT&C and Telecommunications. The average annual revenue in the software and IT service is EUR 400 millions. National distribution: 24% of Romanian SMEs are located in Bucharest – Ilfov area, the smallest number of national companies is the South and South-West part of the country (only 7%).
  5. 5. Demogphic Profile (I)oITprofessionals are mostly males,aged 25-35 y.o., with a highereducation and income above averageoBetween 2007 – 2011, the number ofyoung entrepreneurs – ages 18 – 24y.o – increased by 5%.o67,03% of entrepreneurs started anew business thanks to marketopportunities, 31,01% out ofnecessity.
  6. 6. Demographic Profile (II)• IT professionals are mostly males (70%), aged 25-35 (59%), with high education (97%) andincome (62%); Education100% High 3575% Mid50% 35 97 Low25% 30 0% 13 All Urban IT Professionals
  7. 7. Average Media Day Relaxing/ Morning at home/ doing paperwork quick breakfast TV Newspaper Online Radio Online Magazines Newspaper Mobile Dinner time Way to job TV Radio Radio OOH Mobile "Coffee break":reading/ watching TV Online TV Job Newspaper Online Radio Going out with friends Newspaper Magazines OOH Radio Mobile Way back home Newspaper Magazines Radio OOH In-store Mobile
  8. 8. Outline ofVentureConnect
  9. 9. VentureConnectA bi-annual meeting which brings together Eastern-European entrepreneurswith potential investors from Romania and South-East Europe interested inthe IT, Online, Technology areas. Venture Connect is an opportunity to: o pitch projects to potential investors for a seed or venture investment o network with relevant people from the business market o get to know good practices for a joint venture o mobilize / raise financial resources for your start-up o receive exceptional business consultation for your project’s development o attend training sessions
  10. 10. Beginning: 2010VentureConnect started as an initiativeto bring together entrepreneurs withpotential investors interested in the IT,Online, Technology areas, a match-making event. In 2012, it has become asupport platform for entrepreneurs andinvestors in the region. Ana Maria Dan Visoiu Andronic (Biris (Biris Goran) Goran)The project was endorsed by renownedRomanian businessmen, gainingcredibility and offering sustainable VentureConnprograms for start-ups and middle to ect Boardlarge businesses. Radu Georgescu Marius Ghenea (GECAD Group) (Business Angel)The first VentureConnect meeting washeld in June 2010 and it paved the wayfor further development: two ventureinvestments, 70 pitching start-up, 240 Orlando Nicoara Dragos Rouainvestors and over 1500 participants (Mediafax Peter Barta (onlineclose to the start-up community. Group) (Foundation entrepreneur) Post Privatization)
  11. 11. In 2011Two VentureConnect events in Bucharestand first local meetings in Cluj Napoca andTimisoara. Success story: -- online recruiting platform for international job offers received a EUR 500.000 investment from 3 venture capitalists.
  12. 12. In 2012Success story: BITTNET Systems –leading project in the Network Trainingmarket in Romania received asubstantial investment from RăzvanCăpăţînă (Romanian business-angel).  February – registered as Venture Connect Foundation to assure the sustainability of the project  March – start of the monthly Venture Mentoring meetings  31st May – the 5th VentureConnect event Bucharest  October – launching Angel Connect, a dedicated platform for investors.
  13. 13. Programs for 2012
  14. 14. VentureConnect With each edition, VentureConnect brings projects fromStart-ups Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Croatia and United States with a total of over 40 submissions and 14 pre-selected businesses. Each VentureConnect sessions welcomes businessInvestors Angels from Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, France and Great Britain. In the first 3 months of 2012, with 145 articles in printCoverage and online media, both national and international, VentureConnect become one of the most important pitching and networking events dedicated to entrepreneurs in CEE. VentureConnect is becoming an investment hub forExpansion Eastern Europe, with Venture Mentoring Sofia scheduled for 7th February 2013.
  15. 15. Venture MentoringWhat A monthly mentoring session. Five sessions so far with over 60 companies that have attended.Why To assist start-ups in becoming scalable businesses and market their product or service at a global level. Entrepreneurs with on-going projects who need advice andWho concrete solutions for the challenges they face in their business.Host VentureConnect Board members and other well established guests who use their experience and expertise to provide full feedback on the business plan presented.
  16. 16. Angel ConnectWhat An index of business angels grouped by field interest and desire to potentially invest in Romanian IT startups. Official release – first week of October 2012.Who Business angels and Venture Capitalist from Romania and Eastern Europe, affiliated to European Business Angels Association ( An ever growing data base of possible investorsWhy interested in the IT and Technology sectors.
  17. 17. Press Clippingsfor January-May 2012
  18. 18. Press Clippings (I) “At the event I met and interviews (see video) with VentureConnect, an initiative to maximize investors’ and entrepreneurs interaction and kick- start the scene there. They put on one-day events consisting of two sessions, with the first involving pre- selected entrepreneurs pitching before the attending investors, and the second creating one-on-one discussions.” (Mike Butcher,
  19. 19. Press Clippings (II) Goal Europe Moitepari BulgariaGeorgios Gatos, Greek Blogger How to Web
  20. 20. Press Clippings (III)5 articles in Ziarul Financiar, both print and online
  21. 21. Press Clippings (IV)
  22. 22. Press Clippings (V) 15 article in the Active Soft network 22 articles on Wall-
  23. 23. Overview May 2012Entrepreneurso70 projects present in the VentureConnect pitching sessiono264 startups sending in their application form coming from Romania, Bulgaria,Macedonia, United States, United Kingdom.InvestorsoOver 40 investors for each VentureConnect session from Romania, Bulgaria,Poland, Hungary, France, United Kingdom.Presso4,000 mentions of VentureConnect and Biris Goran law firm in the last 2 yearso147 articles in the national and international press in the last 3 months (February –June 2012)VentureConnect Foundationo6 VentureConnect sessions, a Venture Mentoring training program and AngelConnect – Index on BAs & VCs.
  24. 24. Overview May 2012
  25. 25. Overview May 2012
  26. 26. Overview May 2012
  27. 27. Overview May 2012
  28. 28. Venture Connect Foundation is asupport organization for Romanianentrepreneurs and all those interestedin becoming familiar with theTechnology, Online and IT businessscene. The Foundation’s programs are:Venture Connect, Venture Mentoringand Angel Connect.Contact us…Alexandra DumitruProject Manager 729 003 956