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Integrated Marketing Communications - Weisman Art Museum


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Integrated Marketing Communications - Weisman Art Museum

  1. 1. Flash Forward ConsultingIntegrated Marketing Communications<br />Alexandra Heide<br />Jessica Forseth<br />Brittany Genelin<br />Agathe Georgeon<br />Weisman Art Museum<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Background Information<br />Research and Analysis <br />Overall Objectives<br />Recommendations<br />Measuring Effectiveness<br />
  3. 3. Background Information<br />Current building was completed in 1993<br />Frank Gehry and Gehry Partners LLP were the original designers and architects <br />Only 1% of the WAM’s total collection is currently on view<br />After the expansion, twice as much of the collection will be on view<br />New gallery will include local and University artists<br />Member retention rates are high and they remain members for long periods of time<br />Traditional member profile: Caucasian female, white, over the age of 60<br />Current promotions do very well (online advertising, radio spots, social media, print media, print and earned media)<br />Museum events generally sell out<br />
  4. 4. Research and Analysis<br />Interviews<br />60-70% member retention rate <br />Members tend to renew membership for many years<br />Currently about 1,000 members <br />50% of members are from campus and 50% are from the community at large<br />Web resources <br />Weisman Art Museum <br />Gehry Partners LLP<br />Museum visits<br />Experiences from museum programming <br />
  5. 5. Overall Objectives<br />Members help WAM thrive<br />Members’ donations and ongoing support are a huge benefit to the museum<br />Retain current members<br />Encourage those with low-tier memberships to upgrade upon expansion completion<br />Attract more art and culture enthusiasts through special events<br />Use the following Principles of Influence, among others:<br />Authority<br />Reciprocity<br />Consensus<br />Consistency<br />
  6. 6. Enhance Weisman Expansion Website<br />Recommendation 1<br />Influence Principle: Authority<br />The “trappings” of authority are present<br />Frank Gehry and his celebrity status as an architect are currently underutilized<br />WAM is one of Gehry’s most popular works, alongside the Guggenheim Museum<br />Influence Principle: Scarcity<br />Not a major influence principle<br />Can be utilized through the WAMCam!<br />The nature of the expansion makes the museum rare and appealing through its unavailability <br />
  7. 7. Implementation<br />‘frank says’<br />Promotion<br />Drive traffic to new Weisman Expansion section<br />Promote throughout the closing<br />Use current Twitter and Facebook accounts <br />Use existing electronic and print newsletters to reach current members <br />
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  11. 11. New Benefits for Current Members<br />Influence Principle: Consistency<br />Reaffirms members' commitment to WAM<br />Commitmentto WAM is public<br />Commitmentto WAM is voluntary (related directly to their personal interests and hobbies)<br />Recommendation 2<br />Influence Principle: Reciprocity<br />Opening ‘Art Mob’ events to lower-tier members encourages them to explore membership upgrades<br />Personalization and significance will both be apparent in implementation<br />
  12. 12. Implementation<br />Personalized Correspondence<br />Art Mob and Joint Exhibitions<br />Art Mob is currently open to members of ‘Collector’ status and above <br />Open to three levels below to encourage a membership upgrade during construction<br />Joint exhibits with area museums<br />Dual benefits: attract new members and give back to current members <br />Dear ______,<br /> You have been a significant supporter of the Weisman Art Museum for ___ years and your continued relationship with our museum has been meaningful to us. We understand that closing the museum for an entire year is an unexpected inconvenience; however, the added benefits of the expansion will be worth the wait. Currently we are only able to show fewer than 100 pieces at a time out of a collection of 20,000. Our expansion will complete Frank Gehry’s true vision for the museum and will double the space available for exhibits so we will be able to show you many pieces from our collection that haven’t been on display. Thank you for your patience and continued support.<br />
  13. 13. Bring WAM Concert Series Outdoors<br />Influence Principle: Consistency<br />Active and voluntary commitment occurs online when ordering tickets<br />Use of labeling through post concert, follow-up correspondence<br />Recommendation 3<br />Influence Principle: Reciprocity<br />Gift of free tickets to current members will be meaningful, significant, and unexpected<br />This will be a welcomed surprise for current members familiar with the concert series<br />
  14. 14. Implementation<br />Theme Each Concert in Series <br />Promotion<br />Current methods of promotion are very successful<br />Most WAM events sell out<br />Make sure members are aware of free ticket offer<br />Promote the ‘extras’ that are included with this concert series<br />American Modernism<br />Juxtaposing old American jazz music with modern art<br />Asiatic Art<br />Korean art (furniture collection) and Asiatic music<br />Evolution<br />Focusing on the future of WAM<br />Contrast the old with the new – classical music with contemporary art<br />
  15. 15. Use Display Stands Featuring Members<br />Influence Principle: Consensus<br />Multiple & similar signs<br />Members & their stories—emotions elicited from fond memories are universal<br />Recommendation 4<br />Influence Principle: Liking<br />Association—signs are a tangible, positive association of museum members<br />Similarity—they all share a mutual love for the WAM<br />Appreciation—shows members the WAM cares<br />
  16. 16. Implementation<br />Gather Information<br />Create and Display Stands<br />Versatile & customizable—poster inserts can be changed to match target customer or area demographic<br />Potential locations:<br />Washington Avenue Bridge<br />Nicollet Mall<br />Loring Park<br />Lake Calhoun <br />Contact current WAM members to collect their stories<br />Test exposure of displays via new member survey at the bottom of the registration form <br />
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  18. 18. Measuring Effectiveness<br />Recommendation 1<br />Website hits<br />Comment boxes on website<br />Recommendation 3<br />Combine Northrup ticket services data with membership records<br />New member survey questions<br />Recommendation 2<br />Track reservations for Art Mob events<br />Use data to see which members upgrade, cancel, or maintain their membership <br />Recommendation 4<br />“How did you hear about us?” questionnaire<br />Concerts?<br />Website?<br />Display stands?<br />
  19. 19. Flash Forward Consulting<br />Thank you!<br />