High school never ends2


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High school never ends2

  1. 1. High School Never EndsClick to edit Master subtitle style
  2. 2. Low tolerance§§ Gregory- represents a student, that is gay ( thus a part of the LGBT society) . People are not aware that other than sexuality he’s just like them, so they are not accepting him and Greg is being tortured, laughed at etc. We have portrayed the problems Gregory faces by showing his interactions with other students. We have chosen this particular public issue, because at ACS, even though we are more accepting, still there’s room for improvement.§
  3. 3. Internal homophobia, bullying§ Victor-has internal homophobia, which leads to his bullying of gay guys. However, he has developed internal homophobia, because in his everyday life he sees gays being bullied, thus, his phobia is something like a defense mechanism. We showed Victor’s internal problems by showing his interactions with “Faggory”. This issue was chosen due to the fact that we wanted to show why sometimes boys develop internal homophobia and another reason why LGBT people are bullied.§
  4. 4. Parents and Drugs§ David (Da Weed)- representative of kids with problems with their parents, who have decided to take drugs, so that they no longer care or at least think about that. Furthermore, he has decided that he needs to take his life into his own hands, so he has started an easy business, which could provide him with a lot of easy and fast money. We have decided to show this public issue in particular, because in ACS the problem of drug usage is a really developed and actual problem, from which a lot of students suffer.§
  5. 5. Society and substance usage§ Boriana- represents a rebel, meaning that what she doesn’t like, she doesn’t do. Furthermore, she is considered to be an outsider, because she doesn’t want to be shallow and she has more profound thoughts which lead to her not wanting to have any connection with the “high class” students. Because of all these disagreements she faces, she just like Da weed, wants to escape in some way from these problems. We have showed this by showing her interaction with other students and usage of drugs and alcohol. We showed this problems as another reason why student decide to take drugs.
  6. 6. The Social Push§ Vanessa- represents a student who has been pushed from society to do pertain things like psychological bullying in order to fit in the society. We showed in our movie this, by showing her behavior before and after she had enough of all of these activities that she does not enjoy and agree with. We chose this problem, because in Acs many student pretend to be someone else just to fit in and may harm themselves and a lot of other people while doing this.§§§
  7. 7. The Social Push 2§ Mia-represents again a student that has been pushed by society to do some things such as starving, doing diets etc. Moreover, the other girls have smashed so much her self- confidence that she wants to hook up with several different boys, so that she can prove to herself that she is actually a great person. However, this leads to her getting pregnant. We showed this problem by showing her eating problems and pregnancy. The choosing of this problem was due to the fact that many girls at ACS do diets and hook up almost randomly with guys.§
  8. 8. Old-fashioned beliefs§ Nicky- represents a student, that has been brought up with extremely right beliefs and thus, has low tolerance for minorities. Due to that, she is teasing them. We have showed her behavior by representing various chats she has with or for those groups. This public issue was chosen by us, because of the same reason we chose the homophobia towards Greg. We decided, that we want to explain why homophobia and bad treatment as a whole of minorities occur.§
  9. 9. Racism§ Omar is our representative of the ACS’s internationals, and their problems with the majorities of society. Omar is being tortured for his beliefs and ethnicity. Furthermore, he’s being bullied. We showed this issue form his physical and psychical interactions. We included this public issue due to the low tolerance of majorities towards minorities.
  10. 10. Credits§ Simona and Ani filmed.§ Ani builded up the whole thing§ Alex made most of the presentation.§ Alex, Chris, Polly, Panny, Milly and other people acted in the movie.§ The script was a group effort, especially in that class when we revised it, but most was done by Polly and Simona.§ Polly and Simona made the script§ Polly, Chris, Simona, Milena, Alex, Siyana, Pany made helped for editing of the script§ Special thanks to: Rosen, Omar, Terry, LINA and others 