Ovarian Cancer  Infograph
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Mammalian reproductive physiology: REPRODUCTIVE DYSFUNCTIONS: ANATOMICAL, END...Mammalian reproductive physiology: REPRODUCTIVE DYSFUNCTIONS: ANATOMICAL, END...
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Ovarian Cancer Infograph

  1. Symptoms  Bloating  Gas  Pelvic, back, or abdominal pain  Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly  Frequent or increase urination  Shortness of breath  Menstrual changes are diagnosed each year In the United States Every 24 minutes 1IN 72 There are over 30 types of ovarian cancer, below are the top 3 Epithelial: Most common affects the surface layer of the ovary Germ Cell: Develops in the cells that creates you eggs Stromal: Develops within the cells that holds the ovaries together and make female hormones Leading cause of cancer death amongst will survive longer than 5yrs if diagnosed early deaths are expected in 2016 90% 14,240 5th And break the silence Created by Alexandra DeNise East Carolina University