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Tips to choose the right content marketing platform

Despite the bewildering choice of software services to improve content management of strategy, creation, distribution and digital media, adopting the right content operations platform will help you increase productivity whilst ensuring brand voice, tone and strategy is not sacrificed. Discover the key aspects to take into consideration when looking for a marketing operations platform and how to pick the right one for you.

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Tips to choose the right content marketing platform

  1. 1. READY FOR 2020...? TIPS TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CONTENT MARKETING PLATFORM Your customers will buy differently in 2020.
  2. 2. What is Content Marketing? First of all... Content Marketing is a new marketing discipline that has evolved to respond better to the new way customers buy in the digital era. What is a Content Marketing Platform? A Content Marketing Platform is a software application that helps to manage the content marketing process. Most Content Marketing Platforms help to manage at least four main areas: Content Strategy Content Production Content Distribution Content Analytics
  3. 3. Collab Space Central Pitch Deck How to choose the right Content Marketing Platform for you? We have prepared a comprehensive table that compares the features of the top content marketing platforms.
  4. 4. MULTINATIONALS: YOUR BUDGET Thepriceoftheplatformisusuallyassociatedwiththelevelofcomplexityitcanhandle. Platforms like Kapost, Contently, Percolate or Newscred are the best and cost anywhere between $2,000 to $10.000 per month. Platforms like forMarketer, DivvyHQ, Contentools or Coschedule fit perfectly and can cost from $40 to $1,500 per month. SMALL AND MID-SIZE BUSINESS (SMB)
  5. 5. Your Content Strategy How big is your content team? If your content team is smaller than 30 people, an SMB- level platform should work fine for you. Do you handle different projects? Projects are a very useful way to divide your content operations by language, team or market. Do you create campaigns? Campaigns are a very useful way to plan, group, organize and measure content operations.
  6. 6. Your content production workflow Do you need version control? Version control systems are useful if several people participate in the production of the same content piece. If you want to use a version control system, forMarketer or Contentools are ready for them. DivvyHQ and Coschedule are not.
  7. 7. Your Content Distribution Channels
  8. 8. Your Content Experience Are you showing the right content to the right people? Do you want to use Account-Based Marketing (ABM)? Do you want to provide content that helps your sales team close deals? (Sales Enablement) Do you want to provide content to help your customer success department? (Customer loyalty) Do you want to provide content to other departments in your company?
  9. 9. Your content analytics 100 75 50 25 0
  10. 10. Integrations: the possibility to scale your content marketing platform Other features: Customer support, Success agent, Advanced learning
  11. 11. Location and advisory board The location of a company and the quality of its advisory board can be relevant factors when considering which content marketing platform to purchase. forMarketer is a global company located in San Francisco (California) and Spain. It has a U.S. advisory board formed by high-level marketing professionals (VPs of Marketing and CMOs) that serve in some of the top-50 Fortune companies and some of the top startups of Silicon Valley. forMarketer is creating a network of partners all over the world. DivvyHQ is located in Kansas City (Missouri). It has an advisory board with relevant professionals, among them is the CSO of the Content Marketing Institute. Contentools is located in Florianapolis (Brazil) and in San Francisco (California). Coschedule is located in Bismarck (North Dakota).
  12. 12. 1 2 3 4 5 6 From the content chaos to a systematic and organized content creation process From uncontrolled distribution channels, to automated distribution and programmed on all channels with a single click of a button From incomplete metrics, to full-cycle impact, productivity and strategy metrics From ineffective content to being able to present only relevant content for each individual user From an array of multiple and very different expensive tools, to all-in-one integrated, low cost and intuitive platforms From conflicts with sales, to working aligned and demonstrating the value the marketing department contributes SOLUTIONS THAT A CONTENT MARKETING PLATFORM CAN APPORT
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