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Presentation Think Tank, Things I learnt and participation


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Presentation Think Tank, Things I learnt and participation

  1. 1. The Think Tank in Hotel Lutetia Paris onApril 27th 2012 was a final aggregation of all the important Web Marketing subjectswe have talked about in Digital Marketing class with Ms. Craig, taken further.
  2. 2. HERE ARE SOME NEW THINGSI LEARNT From Mr. Mark Rainford from De Care Systems Ireland, I retained important things that were New to me: the ways to attract and target in a more sufficient way the Online Travel buyer. The new apps that integrate the Intelligent Content Delivery (ICD) - approach enables you to deliver content targeted to the customers who need it when they need it in the given area, in the format they want, and for the situation in which they will use it like for Example : Travel BEE – new coming app for smart phones, where the hotel detains full customer information profile in order to propose and plan the customers’ travel itinerary.
  3. 3.  Creation of Personal website for example, for a wedding, for funerals, etc (with the personal 6-digits codes on the card invitation that invites you to download the application)HERE ARE SOME NEW THINGSI LEARNT
  4. 4. NFC (New / Near Field Connection) Technology (I was impressed!): NFC is certain set of standards for the smart phones and other similar devices to establish connection with each other by touching or by bringing them closer; the distance should specifically be of few centimeters to enable the data transfer. It is basically a chip that helps in transferring the information wirelessly. The NFC technology is not a new thing in the world; it has been around for about 20 years. But it was not implemented in a practical and commercial way such that the consumers could use them. Apple will be entering into a partnership with MasterCard- the world leading provider of payment processing, to cater the Near Field Connection technology in iPhone 5.
  5. 5.  By default the NFC chip will store the information of your credit card or debit card in the iPhone and you will be able to make your credit card transition from your iPhone itself. Just place the iPhone over the point of sale terminal of the machine (which must be NFC enabled) and all your transitions will be performed. If you are a business personal and you have to receive payments from some customers you can collect them through your iPhone via your credit card. The most convenient thing being you don’t have to carry cash or multiple credit cards with you; your iPhone will become your credit card. NFC transitions are even considered to be safer than other card payment methods!NFC (New / Near FieldConnection) Technology (I wasimpressed!):
  6. 6.  "Google - A Marketing Partner for Hoteliers" which was presented by Emilie Alba of Oneglobe Network Team, gave me ideas on How to get the 1st position the Google Search for a Hotel Using social media, share articles on your blog. LobbyFriend! Excellent example of a hotel App, or hotel social network, aimito engage the customers into hotel extra activities.HERE ARE SOME NEW THINGSI LEARNT
  7. 7. I like very much the Easy Lift Service App of Sanjarbek and Alexandra, may be one day use this intelligent creation in Vietnam, said one of the studentsParticipation
  8. 8. Participation