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The 7                                                        People Make When

    DEADLY         Mistakes
Not Using Links Properly
Links are the currency of the web.
They are ultimately one of most             ...
Not Using Quotes, Or Using Them The Wrong Way
                                      Quotes are an essent...
DEADLY MISTAKE #3                                                     THERE ARE PLENTY OF
Not Using Images                ...
SERIOUSLY...                                                                     Use Short Paragraphs
Not Using Keywords in Your Title and Summary
One of the primary purposes of submitting press releases on...
DEADLY MISTAKE #6                                                               SOME EXAMPLES OF
Not Having a Newsworthy A...
Not Promoting the Press Release Once It’s Submitted
                          Publishing your press rele...
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7 Deadly Press-Release Mistakes


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7 common mistakes about pres-releases in digital era. For educational purposes only. All rights belong to their respective owners.

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7 Deadly Press-Release Mistakes

  1. 1. The 7 People Make When DEADLY Mistakes Submitting Press Releases ...And How YOU Can Avoid Them Avoid Pitfalls and Learn How to Write Press Releases That Rock! PRESS RELEASES ARE A POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL... When you Avoid These 7 Deadly Mistakes... As the publisher of a press release that encourages readers to click submission website, we have the through. opportunity to see all sorts of press releases submitted by all sorts of By applying just a few simple people. changes, these so-so press releases could be converted into real We also have the opportunity to powerhouse press releases. see which of those press releases are more effective compared with We want to help you create the all the others. most effective online press releases possible. To accomplish this, we've Approximately 83% of the press created a list of the 7 most releases submitted are not as common 'deadly' mistakes that Written and distributed effective as they could be – either people make when submitting correctly, your press can be in terms of search engine press releases online and show you seen and enjoyed by your target audience, world-wide. optimization, or in terms of exactly how to avoid them. providing a compelling message [1]
  2. 2. DEADLY MISTAKE #1 Not Using Links Properly Links are the currency of the web. They are ultimately one of most Search engines are not important parts of an online press humans, they can't use release… yet most people aren’t human judgment to using them anywhere near as decide if a site is valuable effectively as they could be. or not. Instead, they rely on algorithms to An simulate human Example of Linking for Increased Smart Linking Conversion judgment. with Anchor If your press release is well-written, it Backlinks (or, links back Text! should entice people to click An anchor text link is the to your site from other through to your website to read type of link that is embedded sources) are a critical factor in this more about your company or into a word, (this is an example of judgment process. In simple terms, explore your offer. Though most anchor text.) Search engines the more sites that link back to your people place a link to their site in 'assume' that the word used to link site, the greater 'value' a search the contact info of their press to the site must be relevant to the engine understands the site to release, it's a good idea to place site's topic. have. one to three links in the body as well – especially if you're referring to This is why it is critical to turn your What You Must Know About target keywords into anchor text a particular offer or product. Backlinks... links. This way, search engines will Not all backlinks are created Linking for Search Engine have a better understanding of the equally… while URL links are Optimization topic of your site – and will important (the kind that look like therefore know to show your site There's an equally critical reason to this, anchor when searchers browse for your include links in your press releases – text has far more value in terms of target keywords. search engine optimization. search engine optimization. A Good Rule to Follow Choosing Anchor Text Linking to Pages Did you know… some press It’s best to use about 3 anchor It’s a smart idea to link to your release submission sites and text links in your press release. To homepage in your press other online content publication many links will make your PR release, but don’t forget to link sites do not convert the URL to a look ‘spammy.’ It’s a good idea to some internal pages as well. live link unless you add the to choose 1-2 high competition If your press release talks about http:// prefix! As a rule of thumb, keywords and 1-2 ‘longtail’ a specific product or event. be always add the http:// to any keywords as your anchor text sure to link to the specific page URLs you publish online. links. about the topic. [2]
  3. 3. DEADLY MISTAKE #2 Not Using Quotes, Or Using Them The Wrong Way Quotes are an essential part of a too much like an HOW TO USE QUOTES press release, yet most people don't advertisement. WISELY WHEN USING A include them! While the majority of Several online press release PULL QUOTE FEATURE a press release is meant to be submission sites like PR Web factual, the quote is your chance to and Online PR News offer pull quotes designed to help Make sure that your present your opinion. Plus, quotes you hook your readers and quotes can stand alone – if are interesting! draw them into your your quote was pulled out of Some people don't use message. A pull quote is the press release, would it quotes at all in their press large, stylized text that is make sense? releases. On the other hand, pulled out of the main body some people flat out abuse content – you've probably Write quotes that are them! seen this technique used quite often in magazines. compelling – that either give How to Abuse Quotes When using this feature on a the 'gist' of the entire purpose press release site, any text of the press release, or that Some press releases that we within double quotes will be see submitted to Online PR randomly displayed in the offer some sort of mystique or News are written as one pull quote box. intrigue that makes readers gigantic quote. Every want to dig in and read the paragraph is a quote, With something as powerful concluded by "said so and as a pull quote in your bag- rest of the press release. so," or "explained so and so." o-tricks, it amazes me that For one, this is just not the some people either don't Preview your press release right format for a press include a quote at all, or with the pull quote before release. Second, it just reads write quotes that don't offer a compelling message! you publish to make sure the formatting looks great. You don't want to use a quote that is so long that it scrolls Here’s an right on past the body of the example of a press release. great quote! Don't put anything in double quotes that you don't want pulled out! For example, if you want to 'emphasize' a term by putting quotes around it (like I just did with the word 'emphasize'), use single quotes. [3]
  4. 4. DEADLY MISTAKE #3 THERE ARE PLENTY OF Not Using Images OPTIONS FOR IMAGES TO USE IN YOUR PRESS Pictures are a RELEASE: As visual creatures, we are attracted to images. I'll bet that if marketing tool that Your logo you were looking at a webpage, online businesses the image would be one of the Your product image shouldn’t treat lightly. very first things you looked at After all, connecting Website screenshot after, or perhaps before the headline. with your buyers and Your headshot prospects is exactly You'd be surprised at how many people don't include an image what you should be when they submit to Online PR doing and using MANY PRESS RELEASE News – even though images are pictures is another SUBMISSION SITES free! (On sites like PR Web, you ALLOW YOU TO ALSO have to pay a $140 upgrade fee way you can do it. INCLUDE A SUMMARY in order to inset an image into --InvespBlog BELOW THE PHOTO. IN your press release!) THIS PRIME REAL ESTATE YOU CAN USE: Great Uses of A concise sentence Images! that explains the gist of your news message Your press release summary A quote from you or someone in your company A description of the photo The name and position of the person featured in the photo [4]
  5. 5. SERIOUSLY... Use Short Paragraphs Most of us are already WHICH ARE YOU MORE LIKELY TO READ? suffering from information overload. We have too much to do, and too little time to get it done. When reading online, we need to skim. If we see a huge block of text that goes on and on and on…. We're likely to just ignore it – right? A Well Formatted PR Is More Likely to be Read! Use Line Breaks Between Paragraphs While some people get the short paragraph concept, they completely destroy the logic behind it by not using line breaks between the paragraphs. DEADLY MISTAKE #4 Poor Formatting Formatting is not just a formality. Formatting plays a all in caps is as offensive as HAVING SOMEONE YELL IN bigger role than most people realize in the chance YOUR FACE. that your message will actually be read by real readers or journalists. I prefer title case. I think it makes headlines and subheadings stand out from the rest of the document. Write Headlines in Title Case Your title and subheads are important, and using title case sends an almost subliminal message of that There is some debate among word nerds about whether to use title case (where most words are importance. capitalized) for titles, but most people generally seem If you're unsure about the 'rule' of title case, it's to prefer title case. Some press release submission sites won't even accept a press release if it's not entered in become generally accept to capitalize the first letter of all words. Or… title case. Many, many people submit press releases with titles in You can highlight your text in Word and, in the menu bar, select "Tools" "Change Case" and select Title sentence case (where only the first letter of the first word is capitalized). But that's not as big a deadly Case. Or… mistake as a title WRITTEN ALL IN CAPS. Online, writing You can try this handy Title Case Converter Tool. [5]
  6. 6. DEADLY MISTAKE #5 Not Using Keywords in Your Title and Summary One of the primary purposes of submitting press releases online is to achieve online visibility for your keywords. The title and summary are perhaps the most important places to use the keywords, aside from your anchor text links. Why? In a well-optimized online press release submission site, the title of your press release often becomes the title tag of the page on which your press release is published. The title tag is Keywords are one of the most influential parts of any web page in terms of critical! search engine optimization. Not only does the title tag tell the search engines about the context of the page, the title tag most often becomes the big bold link on the search engine results page. For example – the title of a press release… Becomes the title tag on the page... Becomes the link you see on Google when you search for “fish cutlery” This isn't always the case – it Optimizing Your depends on what the visitor LESSON: Summary searches for. Sometimes the Use keywords in your title, in You may also notice in the search engine will pull a snippet your summary, and throughout above example that the of text from within the body of your press release! summary of the press release is the press release that contains also the summary shown in the the keywords the user entered search engine results. in the search. [6]
  7. 7. DEADLY MISTAKE #6 SOME EXAMPLES OF Not Having a Newsworthy Angle PRESS RELEASE Some people use our press release site to submit content that is clearly TOPICS: an article. I'm not sure if they know the difference between an article and a press release and are just hoping no one will notice, or if they really New product or think the article is a press release. service Either way, I always feel dejected when I have to send a submission back New hire or promotion to the submitter because it is blatantly self-promotional and written like an article. Limited time sale or Promotion Here are some examples of article type stories Contest (not press releases) How To… Business donation or partnership with a 3 Ways To… charity Comparisons of 3 or more different products/solutions 3 Things to Consider Before… Reaction to news 4 Reasons Why… topic A Unique Solution for… A Guide to… New business X vs. Y: Which is Right for You? partnership or client Award or A Press Release is Not an Article! accolade received A press release talks about something that is timely, and most often, Event or speaking something that is new and current. engagement In order for press release sites to keep their reputation as a provider of quality press releases, they need to submit press A Press releases that have some newsworthy Release Announces value. Something New and Timely! It doesn't need to be earth-shattering news that will be picked up by the New York Times. It just has to offer something new and timely. There are armies of bloggers and website publishers that are constantly on the lookout for new things to post about in their niche! [7]
  8. 8. DEADLY MISTAKE #7 Not Promoting the Press Release Once It’s Submitted Publishing your press release online is just one step in your promotional PLACES TO PROMOTE campaign. YOUR PRESS RELEASE: There are so many ways to easily promote your press release online such as: Create a "news" section on your website and posting your headlines and summaries with a link back to the full published press release. Bookmark your press release on your favorite social networking sites such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, or add to social business sites like Ryze and FastPitch Networking. Send a tweet out on Twitter with a link to your press release. Send an email to the editors at a handful of niche-specific magazines, trade journals, and websites to make them aware of your press release. When you do, never send an attachment. Instead, either copy the press release text into the body of the email or provide the title and summary with a link back to the published press release. You can either spend a lot of money on newswire services that send your press releases out blindly to thousands of publishers, or do a bit of simple (and kind of fun) promotional activities. If you're the business owner, doing this part yourself is time well spent. And that's because no one is as vested in getting the word out about your business as you are! You’ve spent time, energy and passion creating news - now tell the world about it! On that note... If you enjoyed this e- book, be sure to tell others to download their free copy at! [8]