Secondary Two History - Chapter Three


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This was produced by Temasek Secondary School.

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Secondary Two History - Chapter Three

  1. 1. This presentation was produced by the History department ofTemasek Secondary School. Redistribution or reproduction ofthis resource is prohibited by copyright regulations.
  2. 2. What part did theWhat part did thedifferent immigrantdifferent immigrantcommunities play incommunities play inSingaporeSingapore’’ssdevelopment?development?Chapter 3
  3. 3. Can you spot / identify the differentraces?
  4. 4. In this chapter, you will learn about:
  5. 5. Different Groups of Early Immigrants Read your textbook page 42 and fill in thefigure below with the 6 key places from whichthe early immigrants came.
  6. 6. Characteristics of Early Immigrants
  7. 7. Reasons for Coming to Singapore What are some examples of push factors?- War, natural disasters, lack of jobs What are some examples of pull factors?- Peace, many job opportunities
  8. 8. Where did the immigrants settle? They initially settled mainly near the mouth of theSingapore River. However, it was very disorganised and messy, so theBritish drew up the Singapore Town Plan in 1822.
  9. 9. Singapore Town Plan, 1822
  10. 10. Singapore Town Plan, 1822
  11. 11. Singapore Town Plan, 1822
  12. 12. Singapore Town Plan, 1822 How is this housing policydifferent than the housingpolicy today?This housing policy stressesracial / ethnic segregationwhile today’s housing policystresses racial / ethnicintegration.
  13. 13. Contributions of the EarlyImmigrants Read pg 47 of your textbook. What are agency houses?Companies acting as agents for companies in England whichexported British manufactured goods. They would buy these goodsin bulk, repackage them and export to other places. What is this type of trade called?Entrepot trade
  14. 14. Contributions of the EarlyImmigrants What are coolies?Coolies provided unskilled labour, usually at docks andconstruction sites.
  15. 15. Contributions of the EarlyImmigrants
  16. 16. Contributions of the EarlyImmigrants
  17. 17. Social ImpactNegative Social ImpactBrought diseases such asmalaria, typhoid and tuberculosisHigh fatality combined with lack ofproper burial – led to even morediseasesHigh poverty – many beggarsHigh crime – coolie abuse,secret societies, prostitutionand opium smoking How do you think thisaffected Singapore?People did not reallyconsider it as an attractiveplace to trade and live in.
  18. 18. Social ImpactPositive Social ImpactProvision of social services suchas hospitals and schoolsHigh philanthropic contributions tohelp fellow immigrantsPlayed a critical role in helpingSingapore prosper during its earlyyears What were some important social institutions established byphilantrophic immigrants?Paupers’ Hospital, Thong Chai Medical Institution, St.Margaret’s School
  19. 19. Recap Questions Where did the early immigrants originate from? What was the Singapore Town Plan? How did the different groups of immigrants contribute toSingapore? What was the social impact of the early immigrants?