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Alexander Wagner Microsoft Referenz ATM


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Alexander Wagner Microsoft Referenz ATM

  1. 1. Internship @ Microsoft, August –September 2014 Feedback standard form Intern: AlexanderWagner ATM: Noemi Fogarasi Soft skillscompetencies:  ADAPTABILITY Your comments:  Alex isa proactive person,showingalotof interestintechystuff.He is notdisturbedby changingcircumstancesandmakes the mostout of eachsituation.He isa verydirectperson and that isrefreshingattimes.  COLLABORATION COLLABORATION Drivesalignmentandteamworkwithinateam, department,oracross organizational boundaries. Combinesresourcesandjoinseffortstoachieve company-wide goals. Your comments:  His activitywithinthe teamwasverywelcome.He wassortof the bigbrotherfor everyone in the team,whichwas reallynice tosee.Hiscollaborationskillsare verygood,isapproaches people withease andtalksfluentRomaniandespitehavinggrownup inGermany.He isa resourceful guy,andhada protective attitude towardthe team, while alsomainliningavery constructive attitude,andtakingonmultiple difficulttechnical tasks.  DRIVE FOR RESULTS DRIVE FOR RESULTS ADAPTABILITY Demonstratescuriosityandactivelyexploresoptions.Respondsefficientlyto changingdemandsand circumstances.Functionseffectivelyinambiguoussituations.Maintainsaconstructive attitude in timesof stress.
  2. 2. Tenaciouslypursuespositive outcomes,usingeffectiveapproachestosolve problems.Deliverson commitmentsandseeksincreasinglychallengingwork. Takesresponsibilityandholdsothers accountable foractions,decisions,andgoals. Your comments:  Alexanderisresults-oriented,he putsalotof effortandgetsinvolvedinthe thingshe does.He likeschallengingtasksandtookquite a lotof initiative withinthe team.  JUDGMENT JUDGMENT Effectivelyscopesproblems.Buildsandappliesajob-relevantknowledgebase.Makesdecisions with conviction. Your comments: He isable to use hispreviousjobexperience in the currentsituation,he ishighlymotivatedand hasthe technical backgroundtohelpwithtroubleshootingscenarios.Hisdecisionmakingprocesscanbe at some pointbe influencedbyhisimpulsive character. Technical feedback:  Passionfortechnology Your comments:  His passionfortechnologyisone of the greatplussesIsee.  He can take on challengingtasks,likestoplayaroundwiththe techwe have andhas both software andhardware interests.  Involvementinthe teamproject Your comments:  He wasin charge of quite a lotof the projecttasksand helpedhis colleaguestocomplete their tasks  He askedrelevantquestionsandtestedquite a lotof functionalities  Wentthe extramile withsome of the implementation,because he likeditandenjoyed implementingthat.  Feedbackfromshadowing Your comments:  n/a
  3. 3.  Otherrelevantcomments Your comments:  Verymotivatedandreallywantsa jobat Microsoft. Strongpoints:  Native Germanspeaker  Technicallysavvy  PreviousrelevantjobexperienceinIT To be improved:  Presentationskills/publicspeaking->practice more  Attitude:needtobe a bitmore diplomaticincertainsituationsandnotso impulsive.  Technically,indepth.