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Scand ltd-brochure


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Scand ltd-brochure

  1. 1. Scand Ltd.Innovations behind your successSoftware development in Minsk, Belarus12+ years in IT, 300+ projects, 160+ engineers © 2000–2012 Scand Ltd.
  2. 2. Company ProfileKey DataName: ScandType:Industry: Privately held IT services, Why Scand? software development outsourcing Success StoryYear of Foundation: 2000 Our differentiators are successfully developed products and solutionsNumber of Employees (2012): 160+ with complex functionality in the area of Web‐based applications. Our products are used by NASA, IBM, Cisco, FedEx, Bank of America,Services: Custom software development Dresdner Bank, Reuters, Yahoo!, Siemens, Merrill Lynch and many other Design, redesign, support, integration famous companies. and maintenance of custom software Software testing During our 12 years in IT we have successfully completed over 300 Information technology consulting projects. We have earned a reputation for delivering top quality Writing technical documentation solutions on time and within budget, resulting in long-term customer Custom web‐design and original artwork relationships. Since its establishment in 2000 Scand has constantly grown and expanded. Today our staff comprises over 160 proficientLocation: Minsk, Belarus engineers.Website: www.scand.comContact Information: Tel/Fax: +375 (17) 256-07-76 Price and Quality Equilibrium E-Mail:, We offer high‐quality and cost‐effective software development services. Also find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Delivering offshore software development services recognized by the LinkedIn, Google+ best quality, timeliness and creativity at prices considerably lower than those onshore or nearshore, we help our clients to extremely reduce the costs of IT-development. Easy Communication and Convenient Time Zone We are easy to communicate with: all our specialists have good command of written and spoken English. Another benefit is our time zone which is very close to European time and convenient to work with for American companies. 2
  3. 3. 160+History 120+These 12 years of history are the most convincingevidence of Scands stability and quality of our services, 120 engineersbut we are looking for more opportunities in the future, We releasedpossibly with you as our new client. We offer you our a range 100 employeesvaluable experience in technology and outsourcing area of our ownalong with the professionalism and talent of our employees softwareaccumulated during the decade within the IT. products: Phoebius (PHP framework), SkyRemote, SVG for Indesign and some more Web 2.0 application resembling web-OS using Ajax and dynamic html .Net and Java; Agile and Scrum methodology; WPF, Silverlight, Groovy, Grails for Java and Python 20 employees Intensive10 people use of .NET PHPJava and C++2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Custom software Development of our Mobile softwate System drivers Development for Cloud computing Residentdevelopment own products development development iPhone mobile platform of Hi-Tech Park 3
  4. 4. ServicesCustom software developmentWe comply with the latest development and technology standards,apply cutting edge software engineering methodologies and integrationprocedures adjusted to every specific case.Design, redesign, support, integration and maintenanceof custom softwareWe are ready to go an extra mile to be always at hand when support,maintenance or our creative activity to perform design or redesignis required.Software testingWe provide our customers with the important information about thequality of their software or our product that is planned to be used fortheir purposes. Our usage of advanced testing procedures ensures Scand predominantly specializes in developing software based on Java,software positive performance. .NET, PHP, C++ technologies. However, we have accumulated experience in a wide range of other technologies like Objective C, driverInformation technology consulting development, Python.To make offshore software development efficient and reduce therelated costs our customers often request process and technology While working on the projects we get in close touch with theconsulting that prove to be of considerable use to them while building corresponding professional sphere and scrutinize its every aspecta productive model of software development outsource. specific for the software under development. That is why, Scand possesses deep knowledge and broad practical experience in suchWriting technical documentation industries as printing, eCommerce, product life cycleWe also offer compiling technical documentation for the software we management (PLM), postal services, banking sector, etc.develop. Software documentation serves as a detailed explanation ofthe application functions. We welcome every opportunity to be helpful to our customers in everything regarding software development. Working with everyCustom web‐design and original artwork single client we apply the latest development standards and innovativeSupplying our clients with custom web design services we help them technologies and offer various methods of work. Sure, well be ableindividualize their business and make it stand out of the crowd. to work out the model suitable for you! 4
  5. 5. Core CompetenciesScand provides software development outsourcing services. During ourmore than 12 years of being in operation we have been involvedin projects dealing with many areas of IT, however, the best resultsachieved by us lie within the following spheres:Web application developmentSince 2000 we have used Java, PHP, ASP, and now we also utilize .NET,Python, Ruby to implement server‐side functionality and have beenworking really keen with such technologies as LAMP, Ajax, J2EE, Spring,Struts, Hibernate, WPF, Symfony, Grails, RoR, jQuery, ExtJS, etc.Custom software development for Windows, Mac OS and UnixIn this sphere we have managed to aggregate knowledge andexperience at practically all levels – from low‐level softwaredevelopment (for example drivers for Windows and Linux) todeveloping user interfaces with .NET, Objective C, Qt.Database design, development and managementWe have gained an extraordinarily rich experience working with suchwell‐known databases as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgresql,MS Access. We have lately worked a lot also with the so-called NoSQLengines like MongoDB, CoachDB.Mobile software developmentOur specialists have developed dozens of applications for iPhone,Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and we arecontinuously expanding our client list in this field. 5
  6. 6. Experience Technologies and Programming Languages Java Web and LAMP• JDK, J2SE, J2ME, JavaFX, Groovy, • PHP (including PEAR, Propel, AWT, Swing, Applets, Java Beans, Symfony, Yii frameworks) JNDI, JCE, JavaMail, JMF, JAXP, • JavaScript and DHTML, CSS 1-3 JiBX, OC4J, JNI, RMI and CSS selectors, AJAX• Spring (all modules) • Python, Perl, shell, awk, sed, tcl/tk,• Struts 1 and 2, JSF, SpringMVC, AJAX (including prototype.js, dojo, Grails, Cocoon, Velocity, ExtJS, jQuery, YUI, mootools and Tapestry, JSTL, JoSSO, Axis 1.x, original frameworks), Axis 2.x • REST, Cold Fusion• ORM: JPA, Hibernate, TopLink, • WebDAV, SSL, HTTPS, TLS, OpenSSL, JDO, GORM • Adobe Flash / Flex / AIR• JMS, JMX, JTA, JAAS, JDBC, JCO • Apache modules, CGI, fastCGI• Servlets, JSP, J2EE, JavaEE5, EJB• Adapters, Connectors, JCA, .NET Neco/XHTML • .NET Framework (1.0–4.5) Desktops and C++ • CORBA / DCOM / SOAP• JavaCC, SableCC • NET Compact Framework • UNIX: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, • LDAP• Java WebStart • ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, Reliant UNIX, AIX • Driver development for Linux,• XSLT/XSL‐FO Entity, MVC • IBM: OS390, AS400 Solaris, Windows• Ant, Maven, xUnit, CruiseControl, • LINQ, Azure, WPF, SilverLight • Mac OS X (NT 4–Windows 2008) Continuum, Bamboo, Lucene, Solr • Windows Forms, C# and J#, XML • C/C++ Jenkins/Hudson and Web services • Visual Basic / VBScript / VBA Mobile devices • ASP VBScript and JScript, CGI • COBOL, RPG, Prolog and • iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, XML • Infragistics NetAdvantage FORTRAN Symbian, BlackBerry, Pocket PC• XML / XSL / XSLT, DOM, SAX, • Microsoft Sharepoint • YACC / LEX • Driver development for XSL-FO, SVG, FOP, Batik, Saxon • BizTalk 2003+ • Encryption: RSA, MD5/SHA Windows CE / Windows Mobile • Azure Blowfish/Twofish, IDEA, RC2/RC4, GOST, elliptic curves, etc.; 6
  7. 7. ERP/CRM, Integration and Databases Cloud computing Application /Web Servers• Amazon EC2 Cloud, RackSpace, • Apache and modules Amazon S3, Cloud Front • MS Internet Information Server• Computational and HA clusters, • Resin Map/Rediuce clusters • nginx• Tomcat clusters and session • Lotus Domino (from version 5.0.1) replication • Macromedia ColdFusion• MySQL Master-Slave • Microsoft MTS and Master-Master replication • BM WebSphere and MQSeries• Oracle Real Application Clusters • Oracle Application Server• WebSphere clusters • Interprise Application Server• WebLogic clusters • Reuters Triarch• JBoss clusters • BEA WebLogic • JBoss Databases • JOnAS• PL/SQL, T-SQL, SQL, • Apache Tomcat ODBC / JDBC, ADO, BDE, DAO, • Jetty OCI, PL/SQL, OLAP, ETL, BI, • GlassFish Data integration• ORM – Object‐Relational ERP systems Methodologies and Mathematics Mapping, Oracle 6, 7, 8, 9i, 10g • SAP R/3• IBM DB/2 7.1+ • CICS Methodologies Mathematical algorithms• MS SQL Server • ESSBASE • Rapid Application Development • Neural Networks, image (6, 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012) • MS GreatPlains and MS Navision • Agile (Scrum, Extreme recognition, cluster analysis• Informix 7 • IBM IMS (including z/OS) Programming, Retrospection, • Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT),• Sybase Continuous Integration, Computer Based Training (CBT)• Interbase, Paradox, xBase Test Driven Development) • Text and Speech Recognition• MySQL (4.x, 5.x) e‐Commerce • Object-oriented Programming, • Mathematical Modelling• PostgreSQL (7.x, 8.x) • Interchange Architecture, Design and Aspects• Mongo DB • oscommerce • Rational Unified Process • Intershop • Microsoft Solutions Framework CMS • MIVA Merchant • Oracle CASE*Method• Drupal • MS e‐Commerce Server • Fusebox• Joomla • CyberCash CashRegister • EMF, UML, 4GL• WordPress • Magento 7
  8. 8. Industry Focuses Main Industry Focuses We have developed and implemented successful solutions for an extended range of industries including:• High‐Tech• Banking• Accounting• Insurance• Automotive• Energy• Recruiting We also develop custom software for businesses involved in numerous industries:• energy carrier production and consumption. Such solutions are directed at both manufacturers and consumers of energy carriers;• architecture and construction; Customer Geography• publishing; Despite of the fact that our customers are located globally - in Germany,• providing information safety and secure banking services access; Sweden, Norway, Finland, the USA, Luxemburg, Switzerland,• advertising; the Netherlands, Japan, Latvia, the Russian Federation - we are able to• postal services; maintain flawless communication and keep in touch during• production efficiency control; the negotiation, development and support stages.• production management as concerns product life cycle management (OPI project is an innovation web platform for PLM system creation, We focus on individual approach to each customer within EQM (product quality management) and GSM (delivery management) the framework of every single project, taking all possible endeavors modules). to ensure successful solution development. To start working with us is easy - just send us an e-mail describing your requirements to the software product you need. 8
  9. 9. People 1. Core Competence 2. Experience 10+ years – 15%People are Scands greatest value and asset. Our major concern is our JAVA – 40% .NET – 25% 1–3 years – 25%customers and our employees success.At Scand we put a strong emphasis on personal and professionalprogress.Our staff members are provided with top quality work environment,challenging yet amicable and encouraging atmosphere and the best 3–5 years – 30%opportunities to advance in theoretical knowledge and hands-onexperience. LAMP – 20% C++ and .NET – 15% 5–10 years – 30%Training sessions for new employees, regular refresher programs forthe experienced personnel and continual English language upgrade 3. Education 4. Foreign Language Competenceare always available. We are happy to help our people cultivate their % %manifold talent through continuing professional training in software 100 100development technologies, methodologies, project management 80 80and other spheres. 60 60Intelligence and TalentScands location in Minsk being the home for the best Belarusian 40 40universities and the place inhabited by superior IT companies and brilliant specialists is the reason for high concentration of software 20 20development intelligence and talent which is close to the maximum 0 0allowable. University graduates EnglishWe welcome and strongly support the desire of our selected experts University undergraduates Germanto learn and grow both personally and professionally. College graduates Spanish Post-graduates Japanese 9
  10. 10. How to StartFrequently Asked Questions CommunicationHow to start?Just send us an email with any questions that might be interesting or When a company needs to outsource some of its tasks to anothernot clear to you. Or, if everything is clear and you wish to work with us, company, probably the most important and critical factor of successplease send us a short description of your needs (probably a concept for this process is how well communication between these twoor specification of your project); a time plan required, if any; or the companies is organized. Most books about organizing outsourcingnumber of people you want to work for you and their required skills. processes place emphasis on the quality of communication as the key to success.We will analyze your request and answer you ASAP and send you ourproposal and a time and costs estimation on completion of the job as To avoid a bundle of problems we do our utmost to keep tightwell as resumes of our recommended employees. communication with our customers during the entire development period.Also, we will offer you to create a free initial prototype of your project.If you like it, we will continue working together and charge you for Achieving a decent level of communication in the Internet age isthe following tasks only. Your feedback is always welcome! incredibly easy and the variety of communication methods is impressive:I am interested in establishing a partnership with Scand.Is it possible? • E-mail and post (serves for more or less formal messages or documentWe have established relationships with several companies reselling exchange);our services onshore. By employing just a few software engineers, small • Instant Messengers (Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo!);companies are able to obtain and to develop large projects by reselling • Project Management Systems (JIRA, dotProject, etc.);our services. Charging normal or lower onshore price and outsourcing • Versioning Systems (Subversion, git, Mercurial,some jobs to us, you can achieve huge competitive advantage and even CVS - whatever you like);benefit using price difference. • Bug Tracking Systems (Bugzilla, etc.); • Reporting Systems (for keeping track on whats going on andWhere is Belarus located? What city are you in? for billing purposes);Belarus is located in Eastern Europe, between Poland and Russia. Its • Regular phone/Skype calls and visits.population amounts to 10 million. Our office is located in downtownMinsk, the capital of Belarus. We normally use a visiting scheme where both the customer and our engineers meet each other several times during the project life cycle. 10
  11. 11. WorkflowThe variety of projects has brought about a wide range of engagement Methodologiesmodels, working schemes and types of workflow. At Scand we provideeach project with individual workflow – everything works in the way We endeavor to apply fundamental yet personalized approach to everymost convenient to you. We are flexible and have enough experience customer and their project. For example, we use a long-reputableto implement almost any kind of workflow preferred by the client. Waterfall method of software development as well as cutting-edge Agile, Scrum and Kanban methodologies.Examples of workflow schemes Waterfall development method is ideal for projects with clear taskRPF formalization and fixed scope of work, i.e. for small and medium-size Analysis Estimation & Proposal Budget Architecture projects. Waterfall methodology comprises the following steps: • working out system requirements, drawing up and approving the New Versions Support Success QA Development specification; • design and prototyping; • development;Consulting Request • delivery; • support. Real Production Analysis Proposals Agile, Scrum, Kanban, etc. methodologies have their own distinctive features: Success QA Development • speeding up software system commissioning; • minimizing development iteration cycles;Redesign/Re-engineering Request • reduced periods of feedback between market/user requirements and Analysis Proposals Budget functions implementation; • iteration-based approach and adaptive production methods; • retrospective procedures allow to fix defects promptly and enhance Support Success Deployment QA Development productivity and quality. 11
  12. 12. LocationWe are located in Belarus, a country in the heart of Europe bordering onRussia, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. A former post-sovietRepublic, Belarus established its independence in 1991 and over its twodecades of sovereignty has managed to preserve its most prominentproduction and technological infrastructure, educational establishmentsand highly‐qualified specialists and enhance its international presencethrough economic development. Today Belarus is a stable economyshowing gradual yet steady growth.Belarus is a perfect option for software development outsource forseveral reasons: first, high educational level and prominent academicand technological basis have been inherited from the USSR whereBelarus was a major research and development centre; secondly,educational continuity and comparatively low IT brain drain to othercountries, which allows to conduct successful offshore softwaredevelopment in Belarus; finally, salary rates are considerably lowerthan those in Europe.Scand Ltd. is located in Minsk, the capital and high-tech core ofBelarus. Minsk has long been a top-notch industrial and besttechnologically and economically developed city in Belarus. It is thehost site for supreme Belarusian universities, including BSUIR –the leading Belarusian IT university. The most advanced IT work forceand leading software development companies are also concentratedin Minsk. 12
  13. 13. ProductsApart from being engaged in offshore software development projectsand outsourcing IT services for our global customers we succeed infinding time and resources to develop our own products and takepleasure in making them highly competitive, valuable and innovative.We endeavor to implement our creativity and technological ideas inour own products, some of which are open source. TrafficPanel – network traffic management. Full web traffic TreeTable – light-weight Java applet to display hierarchical management flows in company network through a gateway. grids: editable, sortable, XML-driven, JavaScript-enabled with useful event handlers and dynamic loading. SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite – direct support of SVG format for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. JTree – use this high-performance Java applet to represent your hierachically organized data. Phoebius – a truly object-oriented PHP5 framework for complex applications. Vault – this Java applet provides multiple file upload and download capabilities along with related file manipulation SkyHistory – Extra/Addon for Skype that stores and manages routines. It lets you create robust and powerful file upload the chat history regardless of the Skype client settings. system that can be available right from your web browser. SkyRemote – easy Share Your Desktop with any Skype User Urfin – is the Wizard of Filez. It is a tool that turns an old who has installed SkyRemote as you have. dream of many people into reality: to find any file located in local area network just per a single mouse click - without Smart Feed Reader – Smart & Organized. Full-featured RSS, installing any software – just using your favorite browser. ATOM Reader for iPhone and iPod touch. JNDI2R – is a JNDI service provider to Windows registry. It Outlook4Gmail – easily synchronize the contacts from the provides JNDI API and supports serialized Java classes in Address Book between Outlook and Gmail Accounts. registry. 13
  14. 14. Contact InformationTel: +375 (17) 256‐07-76E-Mail:, marketing@scand.comWebsite: www.scand.comAlso find us on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Address Scand Ltd. 8b/1‐520 Fabritsiusa str. 220007 Minsk, Belarus Tel./ Fax: +375 (17) 256‐07‐76 14