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Alexander Welbo Portfolio


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My Skills:
Front End: HTML5 (Jade), CSS, JS, Node.js, WordPress.
JS Libraries, Frameworks and Tools: jQuery, React, Gulp, Webpack, Babel.

Design: UX, UI, Product Design, Lettering, Branding, Calligraphy.

I have a big experience in Front-End Developing and in working for Design-Projects (from logotypes and UI to magazines).
I have an eye for details and will never leave a job finished until it is perfect.
I am focused on giving best services to my clients and partners. I manage the most challenging projects and bring them to success!

I love to create smart, clean and beautiful web projects and
have enthusiasm to find the best communication design solutions. My passions are Web-sites, UI and Graphic design with big attention to typography and colors.

Published in: Design
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