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#deathofadland: 5 Indicators AdLand is Dead


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#deathofadland: 5 Indicators AdLand is Dead - Two Perspectives on 5 Topics

#deathofadland: 5 Indicators AdLand is Dead

  1. 1. 5 Indicators: AdLand is Dead & Social is Alive #deathofadland
  2. 2. Be Social You are part of a discussion about a paradigm shift as great as the introduction of the television. This is the second SlideShare focusing on this thought. Please comment on it and share it on. If you would like to contribute articles or thoughts to a larger collective, simply hashtag them with: #deathofadland.
  3. 3. 11 result result 5 5 messag ng messag ng 2 2 bud et bud et 3 3 strat gy strat gy 4 4 ide ide Two diverging viewpoints on the same topics.
  4. 4. AdLand Says: Unless this brief is fantastic (unlikely), we’ll have to cram at least several thoughts into one ad. 1 messag ng
  5. 5. Social Says: Every shareable must be single-minded. But we can have lots of them – so it’s easy to say many things. <3 1 messag ng
  6. 6. AdLand Says: We need time and money to make this happen. Preferably, lots of both. 2 bud et
  7. 7. Social Says: With a bit of planning, shareables can be created quickly. In fact, we’re shooting them right now – on our phones. 2 bud et
  8. 8. AdLand Says: Someone complained about our TVC? Hah! We don’t care what they think anyway. 3 strat gy
  9. 9. Social Says: We love instant feedback. And since you can’t switch people off, we’ll never be done, even though our campaign might be. 3 strat gy
  10. 10. AdLand Says: We have three ideas for our campaign – more than enough. Hey, can you guys help us push them through? ide 4
  11. 11. Social Says: For the dialogue to carry on, it must be have depth. If it’s not sustainable, it doesn’t work. ide 4
  12. 12. AdLand Says: We’ll fabricate the strategy, retrofit it to the idea, and then use it as a selling tool. 5 result
  13. 13. Social Says: We want meaningful insights so we can really connect with people. 5 result
  14. 14. Speak Your Mind What is your perspective? Please do comment on this discussion and share it on. After all, it’s good to share.
  15. 15. 5 Indicators: AdLand is Dead & Social is Alive #deathofadland written by: alexander patterson the empty box: twitter: @alexanderjpatt