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Failure as an opportunity


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How I decided to offer strategic management consultant services on an international scale and for different industries.

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Failure as an opportunity

  1. 1. @aparuschke FAILURE AS AN OPPORTUNITY It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ― Charles Darwin
  2. 2. Since I was a child, I always wanted to become a commercial airline pilot Unfortunately, at the age of 18, I failed to enter the LUFTHANSA Training Programm… @aparuschke
  3. 3. Nevertheless, today, I hold a Private Pilot License PPL(A) …and fly around with my friends and family in my spare-time… @aparuschke
  4. 4. Instead of aviation, I studied Business Administration And gained several international experiences through Internships, Masters, Courses and Seminars @aparuschke
  5. 5. @aparuschke My first work experience was in international management consulting I gained expertise and experiences by lining up for another consulting firm throughout several years
  6. 6. @aparuschke A headhunter asked me to propose my CV to a Spanish conglomerate and they hired me as their Sales and Marketing Director As a member of the executive committee, I was responsible for transversal sales and marketing for three different business units: Real Estate, Insurance Broker and Funeral Services
  7. 7. In 2007, within a scratch of time, I was laid off as a consequence of severe differences with my company’s management board about our global sales strategy I was thrown back into reality: “What a failure…and maybe…what an opportunity for me..!?!?” @aparuschke
  8. 8. @aparuschke A moment of extreme low self-esteem, confusion and personal doubts ended with a profound reflection about my strengths and about the activity I would have liked to realize during the next years.
  9. 9. @aparuschke I have always admired people who were able to create their own business reality, implementing new business models. Almost since university, I felt an attraction for helping companies in the process of achieving their business goals. Assisting them with my expertise and adding value to their business models would have felt like the right option.
  10. 10. 2007 2017 What happened over the last decade was a stony way of apprenticeship and personal evolvement and transformation @aparuschke I decided to set up my own professional service firm and defined a service portfolio to sell in international markets
  11. 11. @aparuschke As an entrepreneur you have to navigate between risk and opportunity. In management consultancy, it takes time to establish yourself as somebody who is able to add value to others. During that process, again, I’ve had millions of hopeless moments full of resignation and doubts…but also others full of gratitude, joy and satisfaction.
  12. 12. @aparuschke 02 03 04 05 06 Be core Be friendly and show proximity Be digital Be tangible and authentic Be transparent and expensive 6 lessons about professional services I had the privilege to learn throughout the past decade, working with clients from different countries and various markets and industries. My professional services evolved over the years, due to changing market conditions and personal growth 01 Be constant and disciplined
  13. 13. @aparuschke 01 Be constant and disciplined Always be respectful and humble. Focus on healthy nutrition and eat mostly plant based food. Always make sure to have time for some physical activity and work outs. Get up early and save some time for meditation or personal concentration.
  14. 14. 02 Be core Determine service packages for your market niche and stipulate different methodologies of how providing them to clients. Be very passionate about your core-field and adjust your services to your personal evolution. Each process of personal growth should be reflected in your service portfolio. Challenge and surround yourself with smart people with different backgrounds. Be always updated in your field and live a process of constant natural research. @aparuschke
  15. 15. 03 Be friendly and show proximity Always be friendly, transmit a positive attitude and a balanced mindfulness. It will help to generate trust and a pleasant atmosphere. Be empathic with clients’ employees and stakeholders and involve them in any bottom-up transformation process is a key factor to success. @aparuschke
  16. 16. 04 Be digital Use technological advances for work and promotion, but always establish a connection to the “classic” analog world – otherwise it is difficult to retain your clients’ attention and you risk loosing acceptance and credibility. Be able to guide your clients on your digital journey and explain the added value of using them. @aparuschke
  17. 17. 05 Be tangible and authentic Speak your clients’ language by identifying what is important for them and focus on developing it. Define some tangible service packages which fits your expertise and are easy to understand. Guide your clients step by step on the way of discovering their needs – too often they aren’t able to define them until it is written on a piece a paper. @aparuschke
  18. 18. 06 Be transparent and expensive Providing professional services always is a trust and confidence based activity – you have to put yourself in play and demonstrate that you are able to deliver by adding tangible value to your clients’ business activities. If you are able to satisfy the agreed goals, your clients will turn into your best salesmen for your service portfolio. Professional service firms with light structures, have to build up diversified client portfolios, not depending their sources of income on one big client. @aparuschke
  19. 19. Contact Details apcore is an international firm with projects all over Europe, but formally based in Germany and Spain. You can contact us at our offices in Munich and Madrid, or via phone, email or social media. Our wide and versatile network of professionals adds value to our clients’ portfolios across various markets and industries. We at apcore are proud to be associated with dedicated, highly skilled and gifted professionals from numerous countries capable of working flexibly on any project. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein “It’s tough when markets change and your people within the company don’t.” ― Harvard Business Review Alexander Paruschke @aparuschke D +49 171 93 00 528 ESP +34 619 110 400