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  1. 1. Bill Boyd Club/ Coach Development Officer and Matthew Peleszok Chairperson Northamptonshire Athletics Network
  2. 2. Session By the end of this session you should be able to: Have a greater understand of the process behind planning Have gone through a review the principles of training Plan objective based activities for endurance development Awareness of the issues relating to early specialisation Met new Coaching Assistants/ LIRFS/ Network Reps
  3. 3. • Where is the athlete now? Athlete Profile • Where do they need to get to? Goals • What does the athlete need to do? Focussed training • What do I need to do? Plan, Do, Review • How will we know if we have got there? Monitor progress. Planning Process
  4. 4. Movement Skills Lifestyle and Support Strength and Conditioning Technical and Tactical Psycho - Behavioural Factors that influence performance
  5. 5. Training Load is a result of the combination of Volume and Intensity Principles: Overload Recovery and Adaptation Specificity FIT factors: Frequency Intensity Time/duration Training Principles
  6. 6. S M A R T E R Specific Measurable Agreed Realistic Time phased Exciting Recorded. SMART goals
  7. 7. Types of Goal • Process Goals – Are how outcome goals are reached – Focus on the “doing” not the result – Always in control and owned by athlete • Outcome Goals – Performance related – Very measurable but not always in control – Motivational – double edged sword.
  8. 8. Endurance for Foundation Stage Athletes • 10-30 minutes duration • Learning how to pace • Steady activity at between 60-80% MHR • Ten minutes constant paced steady state run within HR zone • Being able to run at different paces for periods of time/distance • Executing good technique throughout • Enjoyable.
  9. 9. • In groups plan a 15 min unit to develop your aspect of running for 4 mixed ability athletes. Detail required • Set a session goal and coaching goal • Create an activity that will address the session goal • Detail the training loads • Detail the coaching points • Detail the organisational factors • Detail what equipment you need • Establish how you will monitor the unit throughout and evaluate afterwards • Devise a specific warm up to prepare them for their unit • Note The group is of mixed ability and this will need to be taken into account. Endurance Planning Task
  10. 10. • Conservative progressive amounts of impact helps stimulate bone density in youngsters • Too much or inappropriate progression or too little recovery between exposures/sessions may lead to stress fractures • Once athletes are fully mature high volume running strategies can be used – e.g. Performance Stage Athletes. Endurance Specialisation
  11. 11. England Athletics National & Regional Awards 2013 Development Club of the Year Athletics Network of the Year Community Partner of The Year Services to Coaching Development Coach of the Year Services to Athletics Young Volunteer of the Year Services To Volunteering (age 25+) Official of the Year Services To Officiating Run England: Group Leader of the Year Group of the Year Project of the Year Wednesday 21 August: Closing Date for Awards nominations
  12. 12. Where now for you as a coach? What support do you need? What courses are available for you? What can your club do better? What can England Athletics do better?