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  1. 1. April KelleyMary OberliesBehind the ScenesTips +Taps: IntegratingiOS Apps into theResearch Process
  2. 2. InspirationI love my newiPhone, whatcan I do onthis thing?iPad = Besttoy ever!Kitten:
  3. 3. Identified• Looked up some apps of interest• Research what other libraries are doing with mobile technologyPlayed• Figured out what apps did, how they’d be helpful, easy of use, cost, shareableFirst Round Decisions• Identified winning apps from first selectionSurveyed• Would people even take this workshop?Step by Step
  4. 4. 24 apps selected for trial based on first sweep.8 were cut for not meeting our criteria:Ease of UseShareabilityCostFunctionalityIncluded FeaturesSynchronizationReviewsPracticalityPlaying Judge and JuryImage from:
  5. 5. 12 question survey• To determine the technology used for research purposes and how Masonstudents and faculty interact with libraries via social media.• Gauge student interest in an apps-focused workshop.Primary focus on Arlington students and facultySurvey ran from January 14 – February 2853 respondentsSurveyImage from:
  6. 6. Survey sent out on listservs, library blog, Twitter andFacebook, S-CAR research portal, NING, andThis Week atArlington NewsletterSigns and bookmarks aroundthe ACL, Hazel Hall,Founder’s Halland the Truland BuildingGetting the News OutImage from:
  7. 7. Image from: says….
  8. 8. 4562 0Arlington Fairfax PrinceWilliamDistanceEduCampus Location3294 4 40MasonAffiliationDemographics
  9. 9. FacebookTwitterBlogsTumblrLinkedInNING OtherSocial Media Site PreferencesSummary:• Facebook: 48• Twitter: 29• Blogs: 23• Tumblr: 6• LinkedIN: 4• NING: 3• Pinterest: 2• FourSquare: 1• Instagram: 1• Youtube: 1• Sharepoint: 1Social Hangouts
  10. 10. 0 1 2 3 4 5eReaders KindleKindle FireNook HD231911313215212210 5 10 15 20 25 30 35TabletsLaptopDesktopPhoneOther Blackberry Droid Windows AppleDevices Used for Research
  11. 11. 433313108776653111LibrariesWebsiteEmailLibrariansProfessorsSigns/PostersWord of MouthPhoneACL BlogResearch PortalsGoogleTwitterFen FacebookIM RefNoneI get library information from…
  12. 12. Demands of the PeopleSendmoreemailsI’m notsureI have nointerest in theArlingtoncampusA monthly ACL html emailnewsletter would bewonderful to keep us up todateI don’t knowI don’t differentiatelibraries by location atGMU, therefore I’d liketo get all info fromlibrary websiteGMU library mobileapplication or build asection into themobile Mason Bb appRedesign librarywebsite, it’soutdated andcomplicated to useMake an app thatsends out librarynews, book duedates, and accountinformation
  13. 13. All about workshopsYes53%No47%Knowledge ofWorkshopsYes51%No49%Know where to find workshopschedule
  14. 14. Yes68%No24%N/A8%Would attend an AppWorkshopYes36%No64%Have attended a workshopMore on Workshops
  15. 15. 34264331ProductivitySharing/StorageResearchNoneZoteroAreas of App Interest
  16. 16. Explored• Other options? Udemy courseSecond Round Decisions• Selected apps from Udemy course, located related apps fromreviews and added to first round draft.Selecting the Winners• Pared down list of apps to most useful• Research, Read,Write categoriesAnd then…
  17. 17. 54-lecture online course by Nicole Hennig.Sections:• E-Reading• Productivity• Research and Reference• Multimedia• Keeping UpApps4Librarians
  18. 18. Kindle Mobile appsLibrary books on mobile devicesGoodReader appReading on E-Book devices: the userexperienceDropboxEvernoteInstapaperQuickOffice, Google Docs, and KeynoteiPad Accessories – keyboardJotnotDragon Dictation and Dragon GoGoogle Search, Duck Duck Go, Google MapsDictionary, Articles, Wolfram AlphaFeedlyPulse, Flipboard, BBC News, NPR, LifeLanguage learning, translations, flash cardsBarcode Scanning appsJailbreakingBamboo PaperSound HoundComic BookArt, Art Envi Deluxe, LouvreThumbjamBeBotKaleidoscope XiTunes UApple’s Podcast appKeeping up with apps and app reviewsLectures we found useful
  19. 19. There are a lot of apps out there!Image from: we learned….
  20. 20. Many apps do the same thing, so reviews are vital.Even fun apps can be useful for education.• Thumbjam might help with a music project• KaleidoscopeX could be useful for a graphic design studentCost shouldn’t determine selection.• Instapaper vs. Pocket• Supernote Free vs. SupernoteWhat we really learned
  21. 21. Best in Show
  22. 22. Ease of UseShareabilityCostFunctionalityIncluded FeaturesSynchronizationReviewsPracticalityRecap:What Makes a Good App
  23. 23. ResearchDictionary.comSSRNWorldcat MobileFlipboardHonorable MentionsRedLazerm.gmu.eduCongressional RecordBlackboardReadPocketBlueFireGoodReaderEvernoteWriteMindmeisterCloudOnFinal CutImage from:,375x360.png
  24. 24. Be able to download and install apps to mobile device usingiTunes StoreBe able to identify iOS apps that are useful forcollaboration, brainstorming, and research.Be able to locate resources that recommend and review iOSapps that assist research and productivityLearning Outcomes
  25. 25. Congressional Record more popular than we thoughtHigh interest in eBooksOther places to get app reviews• MacLife, iLounge, Engadget,AppadviceLearning: ATwo Way Street
  26. 26. Survey• Launch sooner? Later in semester?• More specific questions in regard to apps of interest, rather than broad categories• Should have asked more demographic questions• Needed to clarify some questionsHindsight
  27. 27. It’s better to have the workshop focused on onetopic, rather than have broader coverage.More workshops!Professional Development AppseBooks WorkshopSocial Media CampaignIncrease awareness of library presenceUdemy – courses to learn more about apps and iOSstuff…Host informal instruction sessions…. “Appy Hour”Thoughts for the Future