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The Olympic Village Newspaper8 February 2014
C r o s s-i n t e r v i e w D i s c o v e r y
Ed i t o r’s w o r d
24 h o u r s...
2nd day of the games
Let the Games begin!
The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games are the mo...
w o r l d w i d e PA R T N ER S
«OLVdaily» Published by the Organizing Committee of the XXII Ol...
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The Olympic Village Newspaper


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One of 28-th daily newspapers of the Olympic Villages Sochi 2014. Sochi 2014 newspapers of the Olympic Villages were named by IOC as best village neswpapers ever.

Published in: News & Politics, Sports
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The Olympic Village Newspaper

  1. 1. HOT. COOL. YOURS. The Olympic Village Newspaper8 February 2014 2ND DAY OF THE GAMES ”I DECLARE THE XXII OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES OPEN!” VLADIMIR PUTIN Last night the incredible opening ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Games kicked off the Olympics in style. Let the Games begin! 20:14
  2. 2. C r o s s-i n t e r v i e w D i s c o v e r y Ed i t o r’s w o r d 2 1 Exploit 2 Music 3 Diet 4 Idol 5 Hockey 24 h o u r s w i t h… B a r o n P i e r r e d e C o u b e r t i n OLV daily 8 February 2014 1 I was world champion in 2012 and I won the World Cup in 2006/07 and 2007/08. 2 I listen to many styles of music. It depends on my mood. At the moment my favorite song is ”Farm Girl Strong.“ 3 I try to focus on meat and vegeta- bles. I live on a farm with cows so I eat high quality meat. This is really great. 4 My father, Ted Uhlaender, played major league baseball. He participated in the 1972 World Series with the Cin- cinnati Reds, but he played the majority of his career with the Minnesota Twins. 5 I am with the USA at full speed. Yeah! I am a patriot! 1 I was third in the World Cup in 2012/13 and 2013/14. 2 My favourite song is ”Ich komme zurück.” It is a Swiss song. Yes, there is an English version, but this one is Swiss German. 3 I have to eat chicken nuggets! They are very good, only joking. In fact, my favourite food is spaghetti with tomato sauce. 4 My idol is Kai Mahler. He is right next to me. He is very famous in Swit- zerland. He is a true professional. He is even sponsored by Red Bull! 5 I am convinced that Switzerland will win the gold medal. The Swiss will be Olympic champions! Katy Uhlaender U.S. Skeleton team Fabian Boesch Switzerland freestyle ski team Dear readers! After the awesome Opening Ceremony, uniting the key aspects of Russian history; the voice of Anna Netrebko, the swift movements of Diana Vishneva, and music from the first ball of Natasha Rostova. The Olympic Winter Games are finally of- ficially open! After the sports constellations were highlighted in the ”Fisht“ stadium, the stars fell beautifully right there in the arena. Everyone could make a wish and after the Sochi skyline was illuminated with a beautiful fire- work display. Today the light shifts to the competition venues! Karina Amangalieva The Olympic rings Everyone knows them and they can be seen every- where in Sochi. We can’t begin to count the number of pictures taken in front of them as a souvenir. The Olympic rings were born in 1913. And their cre- ator was none other than Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who used them for the first time in the header of a letter written by his own hand. In an excerpt from the Olympic Review, he explained that ”These five rings represent the five parts of the world that have now acquired Olympism and are willing to accept its fertile rivalries. The six colours combined reproduce those of all nations in the Olympics without exception.“ The Rings thus express the activity of the Olympic Movement and represent the union of the five conti- nents that meet to provide the whole world’s athletes at the Olympics. Oringinally though, Coubertin did not think they representated the continents. He thought the five colours associated with the white of the flag represented all of the colours present in the countries competing in the Olympics without exception. ”151 years! I’m not getting any younger ... as I am not of this world anymore, I still continue to look down, as I did throughout my life , at my creation: the Olympics. In all honesty, I am very proud of what I achieved. I did not think at the time that my vision of sport and Games would transform this event into one of the most im- portant cultural events in our his- tory, affecting billions of people on earth and inviting the Olympic spirit into almost every house- hold on the planet. 119 years after I created the International Olympic Committee, it seems stronger and more stable than ever. The Olympic Rings I drew all those years ago are still there too. They’re everywhere, at the opening and closing ceremonies, the oath of the athletes and the Olympic Museum ceremonies. But what I ‘m most proud of is undoubtedly the Olympic Charter that I wrote to state the Olympic values that still exist today. It has changed somewhat since then, but the non-discrimination, equal- ity between men and women and sustainable development are val- ues ​​that will never die. In Sochi, 117 years after the first Games in Athens , it seems that the Games have gotten even closer to the event and ideals I dreamt of: billions of people are now in- terested in sport , thousands of operations in Russia were held to promote sport, and more young people than ever are get- ting involved in sport. The Winter Games have changed since 1924 in Chamonix now bobsledding, downhill skiing, short track, slope- style, halfpipe, and lots more events take place. These new dis- ciplines are exciting ... but I regret that there isn’t Olympic marching anymore! I suppose that’s not very fun though! Here’s a little secret: if I follow all the competi- tions very carefully, but I am re- ally passionate about biathlon, because I was the French shoot- ing champion many moons ago.“ ”And these Games will no doubt be the most extraordinary that anyone has ever seen. Incred- ible sports venues, a magnified region, transport infrastructure for moving quickly to all competi- tions, protected and highly moti- vated athletes to compete to the best of their abilities. Everything seems ready for it to be a great show and to promote sport. My motto truly has become the Olympic Games, and is respected to the letter: Citius, Altius, Fortius.
  3. 3. 2nd day of the games F I E L D OF P L AY 3 Let the Games begin! The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games are the most anticipated events not only for the athletes and guests, but also for millions of viewers around the world. Traditionally, all Ceremonies’ details are kept a secret and are revealed to the public only during the event. The organizers of every Games strive to make the Opening and Closing Ceremonies unforgettable experiences, and the Games in Sochi are no exception! The Opening Ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi was held in the ”Fisht“ Olympic Stadium on 7 February 2014. More than 3,000 young talents from schools, as well as professional artistic groups, took part in many of the scenes, which include professional dance, ballet, acrobatic and circus performances. 2,000 Sochi 2014 volunteers helped in the organization of the Ceremonies both on stage, behind the scenes and within the grounds of the Olympic Park. More than 6000 costumes have been made for the participants of the show. Representatives of 88 national delegations took in the Parade of Nations. In total, more than 12,000 people were be involved in the staging of the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games of one of the most technologically innovative ceremonies ever, which was crowned with a massive firework display.
  4. 4. w o r l d w i d e PA R T N ER S G E N ER A L PA R T N ER S «OLVdaily» Published by the Organizing Committee of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi, 354340, Triumphalniy st., 1, Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russia, +7 (8622) 62 32 00. The newspaper is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications. Media registration certificate PI № TU23-01247 Editor-in-chief  K.A. Amangalieva. Printed by «SochiPress» 354395, Vinogadniy side-st., 1, Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russia, +7 (8622) 96-08-08. Order №______ Circulation 3000 copies, distributed free of charge. 4 OLV daily 8 February 2014 2nd day of the Games N.B. C h i r p IO C C o l u m n W e at h e r #OLV d a i lyP o-r u ss k i Post Messages To The Good Luck Wall Anyone can wish you good luck in Sochi by posting a message to the video Good Luck Walls in the IOC Spaces in each Olympic Village. Encourage your friends and family to write or send photos to, then watch for their messages to appear on the big screen. In t h e c l u b B u l l e t i n b o a r d @EllenViviani92 What a nice day for the #OpeningCeremony! Are you #ready for the #Olympics ??? @RyanTHarnden Excited to walk in Opening Ceremony with all the amazing Canadian athletes. #WeAreWinter#Sochi2014@ CDNOlympicTeam @ShelleyRudman Another spectacular day and view from the athlete village this morning! Today In the Clubs At OLV — ALL Olympic Villages BROADCAST Of the COMPETITIONS Olympic Games in Sochi Поехали! [poekhali!] Let’s go! Allons-y! (fr.) The words of Yuriy Gagarin, the first astronaught, before his flight to space in 1961. You’ll hear it today in the Olympic Park for sure. Mountain Cluster -3–+2о с Coastal Cluster 9–14о с 4–7 m/s 5–8 m/s Do you love the pillows here in the Olympic village but find there are not enough bananas at breakfast? Is the athlete lounge far more than you had expected but the signs on how to get there confusing? Then let the Interna­ tional Olympic Committee (IOC) know! The IOC will be conducting both surveys and focus group sessions to learn more about your Olympic Games experience. The surveys aimed at the athletes and officials staying in the Olympic Village are in the form of an electronic question- naire carried out by professional survey- ors. A Chefs de Mission (CdM) question- naire will also be handed out to all Na- tional Olympic Committees (NOCs) via their pigeon holes at the NOCs services centre (electronic version also available on NOCnet). The survey runs from 9 to 22 February and can be done in English, French, Ger- man or Russian. The questions cover a wide range of subjects from the quality of the food in the restaurant to how you found the transportation system and will allow the IOC to make recom- mendations to future Organising Com- mittees on what services should be im- proved or altered for the next editions of the Games. In addition, the IOC will also be organis- ing Focus Groups for athletes which should provide a qualitative perspective on your athletes’ experiences and com- plement the quantitative information collected via the survey. More informa- tion will be shared with your Chef de Mission regarding the time and place of these focus groups during the Games. There will be group discussions conduct- ed in English and in Russian. Every athlete and official is encouraged to share his or her experiences. So let us know what you think! Tell Us What You Think About Your Olympic Experience! OLV’s photographers are ready to make a photoshoot of you and your team. Free of charge, of course. Just write to IOC/JasonEvans