Visual Rhetoric: Worlds Collide


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Visual Rhetoric: Worlds Collide

  1. 1. What we need to doThe next several slides contain the info we’ll needto focus on as we revise the ACE materials.What I’d like to do is give you an overview and aproposed plan of attack, then we’ll see if that willwork/make adjustments.If you have questions along the way, stop me atany point and we can explore further.
  2. 2. First off… … one of our major problems is one of clarity of understanding. So let me put this forward: 1.No one applies to ACE 2.ACE is a vehicle to get from not accepted to accepted 3.They want it pretty much phrased like that, even if that lacks elegance.
  3. 3. Big things…The numbers (any numbers) need to all beconsistent. There is a whole wide range ofnumerical variance in our documents.The URL, should beon EVERY SINGLE THING. The fact that it isn’t sortof confused me. I did a double take when Dr.Porter asked about it.
  4. 4. Another major problem… … is that somewhere along the way some of you may have misunderstood the project. Some of your documents have EXACTLY the same text as the ones they gave us, including the one we specifically talked about being too wordy. We need to copy-edit and rework so that these documents read well and we don’t replicate previous errors, such as casting things in negatives instead of positives. If there’s confusion on this point, please ask. It was a little disheartening to see people copying, word-for- word, stuff that we critiqued as a class.
  5. 5. So we need to……refocus on “conditional admission” in a numberof places, and publicize Miami over ACE.This won’t be particularly difficult, but it will takea bit of finesse.Let’s talk colors and logos first.
  6. 6. ACE liked 3 logos And made some tweak suggestions for each one. What we will do is send them high quality PSD and PNG files of the three altered logos, and we will leave the logo spaces on the documents we send to them blank so that they can insert what they settle on.
  7. 7. ACE was fond ofthis logo, but theydid notlike the letters being“jagged” on theside. They’verequested a slightrevision with theletters in a verticalcolumn.
  8. 8. ACE really liked this logo,but Dr. Porter and I agreethat there’s some potentialfor reading it “CACE.” Tocorrect this, ACE would liketo see the swoosh extendeda bit, the book on top of theswoosh at the bottom, andthe words moved over justa touch so they sit in thethick part of the curve. Just also realized we mightbe able to center is so theswoop is on the real C. Thatcould work.
  9. 9. ACE also liked this logo,though we (Dr. Porterand myself) share thefear that while it isstriking, it might bedifficult for brandingsince it doesn’t screamACE. Still, they’d like aversion of it, as well aspotentially a version withthe white space closedin.
  10. 10. This is the color palette they liked(not so much the yellow) assumingthe red is the correct Miami red(which I believe it is).
  11. 11. Onto specific documentsDr. Porter really liked one of the pre-postdata sheets more than the others. It appearson the next slide.
  12. 12. They were very pleased with the overall look ofthis, with the red and blue contrasts, with thesolid color bars, etc.It’s not without some problems, of course. AndI’ll address those in the next few slides. Butthree big ones, which are design points, here:1)Centering = bad on paperwork like this2)Less ACE at the top, more Miami (maybe asmall picture… I actually have an idea)3)The block M and the bottom bar are differentshades of red– that just drives ME crazy (notsure if Dr. Porter mentioned it or not, but itlooks bad on my screen right now)So far, easy fixes. :)
  13. 13. Other things for the pre-admission/post-admission sheet • better introduction by wrapping in some material from later in the piece • less words overall—lean and mean • Will also incorporate some of the information from pages 22-23 (see next slide) • Will make sure there is a better differentiation between pre-and-post- admission, though visually the two forms will remain stylistically identical
  14. 14. Another big no-no……was with some of our images. Two things:1)No photos of all Asian students2)Some of the photos are still crazy grainyAlso generally they’d like to see morephotos. So we might have to go get some,now that the campus isn’t snowy and ugly.
  15. 15. Some other stuff they loved They LOVED seeing rankings. One group used the logo from one of the magazines. They ATE that up! They liked a number of the post cards, though no one design was definitively “it” due to some image quality issues. But these are some of the “close” designs:
  16. 16. Dr. Porter liked theinformation andgeneral blockinghere, though there’ssome textweirdness on thefront that wouldneed to be fixed, ofcourse. And that’sone of our pixel-troubled photos.
  17. 17. Dr. Porter liked thelayout here, too,though we have tobe careful withphrases like this, asthey’re sort ofidiomatic and mightnot resonate withinternationalstudents.
  18. 18. Dr. Porter alsoreally liked thelook of this, otherthan the lack oftext, and thegrainy photoproblem again(same photo)
  19. 19. So I said…We will rework a set of postcards basedprimarily on the idea of a single image withsome flair and a URL on the front and infoon the back. We will target 4 similar designswith slightly different sets of information.We will make fliers to match (either a set oftwo with multiple images or four fliers withroughly the same info but layouts to matchthe postcards).
  20. 20. And…We will generate a new invitation format.While Dr. Porter didn’t specifically chooseone—or point out flaws—I personally don’tthink we did so great with that part of theproject.
  21. 21. So we need1. The 3 logos in PNG and highest possible resolution PSD format2. The pre-admission and post admission sheet, in InDesign file format, based on the slides here with tweaked information3. 4 total post cards, with good photos, in indesign format4. Fliers to match the post cards, essentially, with the URL and key info or dates, also in indesign format5. A new invitation that matches all of this stuff and doesn’t look rushed (sorry, folks, but all of them kind of do look like you left them for last)6. We need to find, or otherwise take, a number of good photos. Let’s look at the ones Bizzie shot again. Some of them look great (Dr. Porter loved the one of the students around the computer)
  22. 22. Do you folks like this? I tossed it togetheras potential Miami flair for the paperwork
  23. 23. Your task:Divide up the labor. Choose tasks. Form teams. Forgealliances.Then TELL ME YOUR PLANS via EMAIL.Before we break, I want to have names of peopleresponsible for pieces and assurances that on the 19thI will have said pieces in my mailbox.Let me know how I can help. I’m an able body here inthe room, if we need to get some stuff pulledtogether.
  24. 24. Now, then, the video… Knowing what we know now, I think we need to sort of reshape the video plans. I also think we have a lot of wheel spinning happening. So let’s reframe that process just a bit, shall we?
  25. 25. Let’s envision…… the video not being based on the interviewmaterial.Instead, let’s build the video from photos, voiceovers, and carefully constructed titles that mimicand compliment our print materials.Think of the interview footage as fringe– it’ll begreat to punch this thing up.
  26. 26. We need to think, though… …about how we can use still images, titles and voice-over to make the key elements of ACE clear and easy-to-follow. Remember the keys of what ACE wants…
  27. 27. 1. Stress Miami and conditional admissionfirst2. Don’t talk about ACE as something oneapplies to… it’s something that helps withconditional admission3. Stress what ACE can do for thestudents/the curriculum, but don’t worryabout crazy detail.4. Stress the reputation of the school, withawards and numbers.5. stress that the students get a fullsemester of credit6. Stress that 98% of them go on to full
  28. 28. Do not, I repeat, do not:1. Try to sell ACE as a thing. It onlyhappens to students who don’t havegood enough TOEFL scores. There isno ACE recruiting.2. Over-stress China3. Worry about using too much of theinterview video. It’s just not going tomesh with the message. Use smallbursts to humanize.
  29. 29. Next meeting…… we need to have close-to-final videos.We’ll spend some time working on them inclass, but it’s about that time.Make sure to do the reading, which haschanged since last week due to WordPressmaking a change in their codex.The clock is ticking. *ticktickticktick*