Visual Rhetoric, Feb 11, 2013


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Type, type, type.

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Visual Rhetoric, Feb 11, 2013

  1. 1. Today1) Icebreaker2) Some video? A plan.3) Some videos on typography4) So where do we find cool stuff?5) Some work time6) Homework
  2. 2. Icebreaker1) Name2) What’s your favorite magazine?
  3. 3. ACE: Some thoughts…As I mentioned in my email, I’ve been thinking a bit aboutthe needs that ACE has for some video media for theirwebsite/to distribute.I am interested in us producing that video. However, weneed to talk about what it would mean.
  4. 4. Question One: Are weinterested?We need to start at that.Are we, as a group, interested in doing videowork?
  5. 5. Assuming we are…Assuming we’d like to create video, I visualize us having threepotential video options.1. They NEED student testimonials. They just flat out have tohave that. I don’t know why they don’t. These wouldn’t bedifficult to produce, but one of our major considerations wouldhave to be how to design them so they are visually striking andappealing
  6. 6. Two2. There’s no reason why theinformation we’re compiling for theprint media couldn’t be turned into aninformational video. So… that’d besomething to do, too.
  7. 7. Three…3. It would be nice to show off the studentsin their classes/around campus (and toshow off campus a bit).
  8. 8. If we take it on…I think this could be an invaluable project,useful for the folks in ACE and educational forall of us.It would require us to jostle the schedule,though, and shift around some readings. I amtotally willing to do that, but we’d need to allnegotiate a change to the syllabus.
  9. 9. Type: some videos to get usstartedI want to start us out today with a few videos to give us alittle bit of a transition into talking about fonts andtypography.
  10. 10. Some Font FunAnd here are some fun sites we can tinkeraround with just a bit, to show you that type,like life, can be fun times.
  11. 11. How to get nifty fontsYou might notice that most computers– eventhe ones here in the super-slick design-mindedlabs– don’t have a huge selection of fonts.This can put you at a disadvantage as a creator.But not to worry. Fonts are out there.Let me show you a few cool places to visit.
  12. 12. Activity: Choosing the proper typeIn one of your readings, you saw firsthand how to look ata tree logo and, from it, determine the right typeface forthe accompanying text.One of our charges here for ACE is to create a logo andcolor scheme; we want to think about how both of thoseare going to reflect upon their program and upon theuniversity. We want to make choices that are a good fit.
  13. 13. Your design homework forthis week…will be to pick font(s) for your ACEdocuments and to explain your choices.But I wanted to give us some real-lifepractice. I also have a task I need tocomplete, and since I wanted us tohave the client experience….
  14. 14. The day Dr. Phill wentmetaYou all know me, at least a bit, by now. I’m a professor ofprofessional writing and rhetoric, here at Miami, I’m 36-years-old, I study digital collaboration, social media and video gamesas well as digital identity and cultural rhetorics.I have an office, upstairs.I have a phone number, email address, and a website address.
  15. 15. I need to make new businesscardsBut I don’t want to literally say to you “hey,make me a business card.” Plus, that’s notgood practice.What I’d also like, though, is a “hype” card, soto speak, for my website. An 8.5 x 5.5 with art, aset color scheme, and the incorporation of thetrademark/logo from my website.
  16. 16. In your teams……I want you to make that card. Thelogo is on the next slide, but it’s also onthe course website under the PPT. Iwant you to develop a color scheme(you can change the colors of the logo—I just used red to contrast the blackso you could see the shapes. We maywell play with this again next week).
  17. 17. Think of this…as a time constrained, low-stress version of the print projectassignment.And while you’re working on this, you can also update yourplans and coordinate as a group. I’ll float around to answerquestions, ask questions, and generally offer any advice I can.
  18. 18. Here’s the new logoI designed. You arewelcome, if yourgroup hates it, topropose a new oneto me (I made itquickly so we coulduse it in class).To choose type togo with it, rememberyour readings.
  19. 19. HomeworkFor next Monday, have some materials ready forworkshopping. Read about color:Read for class: Williams non-designers designbook Chapter 7, Kimball & Hawkins Chapter 8,Golombisky & Hagen Chapter 9, “Tips for Designing forColor Blind Users” and read around on/tinker with Colorson the Web