Visual Rhetoric, October 14, 2013


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Visual Rhetoric, October 14, 2013

  1. 1. TODAY 1) 2) 3) 4) The reading: “About Face” Activity– what are YOUR keys to the brochure Work time Homework
  2. 2. The reading For today, I had you read a piece from Computers & Composition entitled “ About Face.” It was written collaboratively by a group of folks I studied with at Michigan State.
  3. 3. I know it’s a little dense So for this first pass at it (we’ll look at this again when we start talking about the PW website, our large web project), I’m going to pull out some key ideas I want you to think through and try to apply to this brochure project.
  4. 4. Key point 1: “The web sites we visited, generally, do not portray the expertise we know is theorized, researched, and practiced daily by the individuals comprising our field.” From page 4 of the PDF.
  5. 5. Key point 2: There’s a lack of student presence in these sorts of documents. From page 5 of the PDF.
  6. 6. Key point 3: They’re sort of ugly. From page 5 of the PDF.
  7. 7. Key point 4: “What we have labeled a cultural lens relates to the control exercised over the shape of departments based on institutional cultures and power dynamics; this exercise of power can be read, in part, by presences and absences…” From page 5 of the PDF.
  8. 8. Key point 5: “Sites should engage users’ senses and the ways users might make meaning through them. …a focus on the user’s senses can bring a more user-centered and human-centered approach to design, to the representation of information, to interaction, and to usability.” From page 11 of the PDF.
  9. 9. So… based on that… Look over your current plans. How can those five things guide you to make choices for the best possible brochure design?
  10. 10. Let’s spend the rest of class working in your teams. Remember, we need to be making progress. I’d like to see something that looks like a starting design next week.
  11. 11. We had more design task confusion. Task six is due this Friday. th October 18 . Task seven is due the next week.
  12. 12. On Wednesday We will talk about your first set of design tasks and look at a few, then we’ll work. No reading (the ones on the syllabus are going to move)