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Feb 26th RPG PowerPoint for IMS 211


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Published in: Education
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Feb 26th RPG PowerPoint for IMS 211

  1. 1. Today Four Definitions of RPG Tests, arguments, discussions, bargaining A definition emerges Stress testing
  2. 2. From Archmage at An RPG must: 1) Have a statistical setup that describes certain aspects of the character 2) Some method of increasing those statistics 3) Menu driven combat system that uses those stats
  3. 3. Test it on:
  4. 4. Vince at Iron Tower “Playing a role in the CRPG context means making decisions fitting your character.”
  5. 5. Test it on:
  6. 6. The Angry DM “You are presented with a situation and you (the player) decide how your character reacts to the situation. The action is resolved, creating a new situation, and then you start over. The point is that almost all RP occurs inside the heads of the various players. The act of visualizing the situation, understanding the character, and deciding on an appropriate course of acting is 90% of role-playing. The remaining 10% is about presenting that decision to the other participants. And honestly, if you want to get meta about it, that last 10% is more about helping others role-play than about your own RP. ”
  7. 7. Test it on:
  8. 8. Andrew Rilstone “A role-playing game is a formalized verbal interaction between a referee and a player or players, with the intention of producing a narrative. This interaction is such that the fictional character (controlled by the player) has complete or nearly complete freedom of choice within the fictional world (controlled by the referee).”
  9. 9. Test it on:
  10. 10. And now… Group up with anyone you’d like (teams, pairs, new teams… whoever you’d like to work with. No more than 5 per group). Write up your definition of an RPG. Then you must stress test it against the six games on the next slide.
  11. 11. For Monday There is a collection of readings listed on the schedule (check there for links). We will discuss, very quickly, the history of video games.