English 111, November 1, 2012


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Lessig and remix and Grey Albums and stuff

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English 111, November 1, 2012

  1. 1. ENGLISH ONE ELEVEN:Lessig, Owning Culture, and Mashing stuff up
  2. 2. Today1. Upload time2. Remix, in my words3. Let me tell you ‘bout Larry Lessig4. Let’s talk about the Grey Album5. Let’s do some homework
  3. 3. Memo timeLet’s take the next five minutes to type up your reflective memos for inquiry 3. When you finish the memo, upload it and your project via the Niihka drop box. Remember to name your two uploads lastnameMemo3 and lastname3. Also remember it needs to be a .doc, .rtf, or .txt file.
  4. 4. Remix is Like…Remix is the act of taking one or more culturalartifacts-- visual, video, audio, and/oralphabetic texts- and deliberately mixingelements together to create something newthat often specifically mimics one or more ofthe sources. Many remixes are meant to besatirical or overtly political, though satire isnot essential.
  5. 5. They Put me in the RemixOne of the things I’d like us to consider ishow we can remix/remediate classroomspace.On April 9th, we will meet entirely online,in an ANGEL chat room. If you don’t ownyour own computer, please talk to meafter class so we can find a good placefor you to be during class.
  6. 6. A quick lead-in: Lessig on IP law• Lessig declares that he has the following position: – He is anti-piracy – He is anti-war (meaning law vs. creators here) – He is anti-lawyer and anti-lobbyist (he includes himself here, so he’s anti-Lessig, too)
  7. 7. Lessig video here (if you’d like to watch later)
  8. 8. Lessig is like,• “We need to hear less from lawyers and lobbyists and more from artists [about who owns culture].”• " This is a relationship between technology and ownership, which is translated to digital technology and copyright.”
  9. 9. Pirate Technologiesplayer piano – “pirated” sheet musicradio– “pirated” recordscable TV– “pirated” network TVbetamax– “pirated” TV and moviesBut as these were regulated, the lawalways waited to see “the potentialof the technology.”
  10. 10. We Didn’t Start the Fire…• “...this is not the first time radical new technologies have appeared and changed the way that culture gets made and distributed. This is a constant theme...”• But… The law favored the pirate in those old cases. It is now "fit the technology to the law" and not "fit the law to the technology."
  11. 11. "This architecture demands... the right to remix culture."Enter DJ Danger Mouse. He felt that the Beatles’White Album and Jay-Z’s black album went together.So he created“the Grey Album”which you can DL here:http://www.illegal-art.org/audio/grey.htmlbut don’t, because it’stotally illegal. *wink*Or is it?Or… should it be?
  12. 12. RemixRemix Remix is the act of taking one or more cultural artifacts-- visual, video, audio, and/orRemix is the act of taking one or more culturalartifacts-- in this caseand deliberately mixing alphabetic texts- visual, though video, elements together to create something newaudio, and alphabetic texts are regularlyremixed-- and specifically mimics elements that often deliberately mixing one or more oftogether to create something new that oftento be the sources. Many remixes are meantspecifically mimics onepolitical, of the sources.is satirical or overtly or more though satireMany remixes are meant to be satirical or not essential.overtly political, though satire is not essential tothe genre.
  13. 13. Remix+ =
  14. 14. Remix =+
  15. 15. If you’re offended by profanity, plug your ears right about now Whose song is this? Whose song is this ?
  16. 16. Another Example• The New Yorker ran a piece on Danger Mouse and the idea of mash-ups. You might recognize it. • “Mashups find new uses for current digital technology, a new iteration of the cause-and- effect relationship behind almost every change in pop-music aesthetics: the gear changes, and then the music does.”• So… whose song is this?
  17. 17. A Stroke of Genius “In October of 2001, a d.j. named Roy Kerr, calling himself the Freelance Hellraiser, sent Temple- Morris [a mash-up show duo] a mashup called “A Stroke of Genius,” laying Christina Aguilera’s vocal from “Genie in a Bottle,” a lubricious pop song, over the music from the Strokes’ “Hard to Explain,” a brittle, honking guitar song. “
  18. 18. A few more remixes• Shine• Brokeback
  19. 19. back to the visual while still looking at music…• Is it “okay” for Nas to do this?• Is it okay for FOX to depict Nas in the ways that they have?
  20. 20. HomewerkzForum 11: Find a remix online– post it.Unlike usual, this is due before-next-class.Read: This and skim Bolter and Grusin(excerpt– on Niihka)