Analysis of Play: Final Exam Review


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Review suggestions for our final exam.

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Analysis of Play: Final Exam Review

  1. 1. FINAL EXAM REVIEW IMS 211 Summer 14
  2. 2. Tips 1) Know what you know, focus on reviewing what you don’t. 2) You can consult with anything during your 3 hours. But once that timer starts for the exam, nothing stops it. 3) Don’t over-think situations. I ask you to think critically in places, but none of the questions are tricks. 4) The big thing: be specific. I want you to show me what you learned with the essay questions. So “show” me!
  3. 3. Things to review: overall 1)Anything Dr. Phill posted. 2)Presentations! 3)Questions of the Day 4)Examples offered in weekly assignments 5)The games we played 6)Things that were said about those games
  4. 4. You’re likely to see… 1) Questions about our readings (best know them all) 2) Questions based on things you’ve have learned in- game. 3) Questions that require you to build a case for you response.
  5. 5. Things to review: Week 1 1)The readings 2)In particular, you want to know what a “narratologist” is and what a “ludologist” is. 3)You’re going to want a working definition of “game” 4)Make sure you looked at my sample presentation.
  6. 6. Things to review: Week 2 1) The readings. In particular, know your D&D basics and what Chainmail is. 2) Know the presentations from this week 3) Make sure you remember playing Hearthstone. There might be a question about it.
  7. 7. Things to review: Week 3 1)The readings 2)In particular, remember the “proteus effect” and think about virtual worlds. Expect to see the names of some of those authors. 3)Remember Second Life 4)Make sure to look at the supplemental stuff from week 3 (the posts on the course site)
  8. 8. Things to review: Week 4 1) Game history basics: know some Atari and some Nintendo. 2) Know the presentations from this week 3) Know about arcades, the various stages of the console wars, etc.
  9. 9. Things to review: Week 5 1)The readings: race and gender stuff will come up 2)Know the presentations from this week. 3)Be ready to think critically about issues of gender, race, class. One of the daily questions touched on this and didn’t include the level of critical thinking I expect from all of you.
  10. 10. Things to review: Week 6 1) Know who Gee and Bogost are. 2) Know the presentation 3) Understand what an MMORPG is.
  11. 11. Pro Tips: 1)The big things to think through are the theory moments from the readings that we then applied. 2) The questions I’ve asked you so far should give you a sense of what I tend to ask/how I tend to think 3)If you see something that looks “funny” on the exam, it’s probably meant to be funny.
  12. 12. GOOD LUCK! If there’s anything that’s confused you or that you want to know more about from the readings or activities, this would be the time to ask!