Production of RDR


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Production of RDR

  1. 1. ProductionHow RDR is made, and by who. 
  2. 2. Parent Take Two =Horizontal IntegrationCompany =Vertical IntegrationPublisher RockstarDeveloper Rockstar Euphoria RAGE Game Engine San Diego Take Two interactive is the boss of all the other companies. Essentially, they put the most money into the game, they ask Rockstar to make a game, who in turn assign it to a certain division of Rockstar. In this case it wasDistributor Ditan Rockstar San Diego that made Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar San Diego’s job is to make the game, and then make sure it gets distributed. So, in order to make the game they use a game engine, Euphoria (By Natural Motion). This is horizontal integration. Then to distribute the game, they used a distribution company named Ditan. Ditan distributes the game to warehouses so the game can be sold in actual shops or over the internet. 
  3. 3. What is natural motion? As part of the horizontal integration that Rockstar San Diego utilizes, it uses Euphoria, a Game Engine. The game engine is essentially a blank canvas for the game developers to use (Rockstar San Diego) As you can see from the video, the Euphoria engine is different from a ragdoll engine, it’s more realistic. The reason Rockstar San Diego would want to use this engine is because of this fact, therefore the game can be linked more with the medium of films, as films feature real people, thus being far more realistic game. They remedied this slightly by using [probably] the most realistic game engine money can buy. Red Dead Redemption uses cross-media synergy very often in the game, linking itself to Western movies. That’s why it was important for Rockstar to use an engine that can also be linked to Western movies.The euphoria game engine is propriety software,therefore it’s held under license by Rockstar. 
  4. 4. Who is Rockstar San Diego? Rockstar San Diego, formerly called Angel Studios. Rockstar San Diego produced the (lesser known) prequel to Red Dead Redemption. This was Red Dead Revolver. This is probably why they were chosen to produce the game, as they had already worked with the prequel. 
  5. 5. Who is Take Two Interactive? Take Two completely owns Rockstar, they ask Rockstar to make a game, who in turn delegate the game making process to one of it’s many divisions. [Recently though, it was found that Rockstar’s contract with T2 is about to end]They employ over 2000 people in their international They are a global company,headquarters located in places such as Windsor. Their main this company’s an exampleheadquarters is located in New York. of globalisation
  6. 6. RockstarThe subsidiary of Take Two Interactive How a game is produced/ the production hierarchy Etc... 
  7. 7. What is Red Dead Redemption available on?Xbox 360 :D Playstation 3 The Xbox and PS3 are aimed towards teenagers and adult audiences. Usually, hardcore gamer fans, not casual gamers. The reason therefore why RDR was produced on these consoles is the fact that Rockstar marketed towards hardcore gamers, people who knew all the games coming out at the time and were eagerly anticipating this game.
  8. 8. Technological ConvergenceAnother reason why Rockstar chose Xbox and PS3 as theirchief gaming platforms is because of what else they have tooffer. They both have internet access (And on the latestXbox, access via Wi-Fi) This is extremely good for Rockstar, asit means that they can produce DLCs for the game(Downloadable Content), with the growing use of buyinggames over the internet, a DLC is a good stepping stone toselling games over the internet. Undead Nightmare is perhaps the most interesting DLC for RDR. It completely changes the game, adding zombies, the sasquatch, a unicorn and the 4 horse-men of the apocalypse. Firstly, being interesting as it takes RDR, which is a rather serious game, and then gives it a less serious tone. More interestingly though, this DLC is available on its own as a disk, sold as a game itself and available to buy in game shops (If any are still operating) , this is an interesting way to market a DLC, as a game itself, as it can potentially attract two types of gamers, those who were already fans of RDR and those who didn’t buy RDR but are interested in this one. (Because it has zombies)