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Online assesments with Mettl Recruitment Solutions


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Finding the right talent is not always easy. Having defined the critical to success competencies you need to understand if your candidate does meet expectations. Online assessments such as Mettl's product suite help to see if a candidate is a match. Probably unique are the coding tests and simulators which let you see if a software engineer/coder/programmer is fit to perform

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Online assesments with Mettl Recruitment Solutions

  1. 1. Hire Right – Hire Fast Mettl Recruitment Solutions July 2017
  2. 2. Mettl does improve your Return on People Investments measurably Better Quality of Hires Assessment scores correlate with Performance and Time to Productivity 10x – 15x Higher Retention Rates Assessment scores correlate with Retention Rate and Length of Service 5x – 10x Process Efficiency Gains Use of Mettl Online Assessments saves interview hours, reduces Time to Offer and increases Hiring Manager Satisfaction 3x – 5x
  3. 3. Mettl’s assessment solution perfectly integrate into a systematic Talent Management cycle Strategic Capabilities How do you want to compete and win in business? Where do you have to excel to succeed? Talent Management Hire right, on-board appropriately, manage performance, train permanently, develop careers systematically, plan for succession, take care for engagement. Leadership Enablement Establish leadership principles and values, educate and develop people managers and business leaders. Talent Portfolio Which jobs and roles are critical to build and sustain your strategic capabilities? Critical Competence Which knowledge, skills, abilities do you need in your strategic roles? Communication & Collaboration Design the right organization and build a collaborative culture to achieve your business goals
  4. 4. Key talent processes we make more effective and more efficient + Training Needs Identification + Performance Evaluation + Succession Planning + Hire for Performance + Hire for Stability + Hire for Cultural Fit Solutions for both, prospective hires and current employees Recruitment Learning & Development
  5. 5. Our promise: better talent decisions. Anytime. Provides accurate and valid tools to measure key competencies Psychometrics Leverages thousands of data points to continuously improve our suggestions and tools Data Science Enables automation and standardisation helping achieve scale and reach Technology We use psychometrics, data sciences & technology to enable evidence based decisions that lead to better business outcomes
  6. 6. Mettl’s core offering does address all the needs within Recruiting as well as Learning & Development § Group of assessments mapped to a competency framework § Use a blend of tools – for Personality, Behavior, Cognitive, Domain Assessment Batteries § Multiple competencies evaluated via multiple tests § Virtual DCs coupled with Individual Development Plans Virtual Assessment/ Development Centers § Diagnosis at individual as well as organizational level § In-depth qualitative & quantitative data 360 Feedback
  7. 7. Mettl does cover numerous job roles and industries Over 200+ Job Roles Sales, Operations, Engineering, Customer Support and many more across 25+ Industries IT, Pharma, Auto, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare … for Multiple Experience Levels Entry Level, Junior Manager, Middle Manager …
  8. 8. The Mettl advantage – A combination for your success Platform § Self-manage candidates, assessments & results § White labeling § Seamless integration with any applicant tracking system (ATS), HR management system (HRMS) and learning management system (LMS) § Regional language Support § Auto proctoring technology Content § Internal R&D practice with strong in-house content creation capabilities developing customer specific assessments and proprietary tools as the Mettl Personality Inventory (MPI) and more § Curated to job requirements § 100+ ready to use assessments, question banks in 800+ skills Analytics § Easy to tailor reports § On-the-fly result generation § In-depth item, skill, candidate and group level analytics Support § 24/7 after sales support § Fast turn around time for custom requests § On-the-ground operational support
  9. 9. Assessments are curated specifically for customer’s needs and based on the highest scientific standards Understand the Key Competencies (KC) critical for the job role 1 Job Analysis Map Key Competencies (KC) to Mettl Competencies (MC) 2 Mapping Charting out the competencies to different tools and configuring the report output 3 Assessment & Report Configuration Use benchmarks for hiring/development/ promotion and to plan for periodic continuous improvement 5 Predictive Validation Run assessments over a representative population and benchmark scores with performance 4 Benchmark with Requirements
  10. 10. Key benefits of using Mettl’s platform Objectivity in People Decisions Accurate and consistent decisions based on data Scale of Intervention Gain more insights by extending assessments to large populations of candidates and employees Integration with Existing IT and Processes Seamlessly incorporate solutions into all standard HR software as well as your established processes
  11. 11. Mettl‘s online coding tests is unique in the market - Telling you if a Software Coder is actually fit to perform Front End HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap Back End C, C++, C#, Java, Python and 10 more Database MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Mobile Android, iOS, Swift Any technology solution is made on top of sub systems. Mettl can rate candidates on all these different stacks in over 15+ languages and technologies. </>
  12. 12. All assessment can be adjusted to different stages of mastery Apprentice You know the basics Experienced You now feel more comfortable in anticipating issues and coming up with ideas Mentor You are confident enough in what you know Master As a master, you can do everything at earlier stages and a few other things
  13. 13. Different question types can be used to consider candidate’s level of mastery Front End Simulator Code Snippet Code Project Database Query Questions✅ Apprentice ✅ Experienced ✅ Mentor ✅ Master Apprentice Experienced ✅ Mentor ✅ Master ✅ Apprentice ✅ Experienced Mentor Master ✅ Apprentice ✅ Experienced ✅ Mentor ✅ Master </>
  14. 14. Comprehensive reports tell you what you need to know
  15. 15. Mettl receives positive media mentions Featured in CNBC’s Young Turks for Innovation Winner of Michael Porter & IFC-Mint Strategy Award for Technology Enabled Assessments Named among the Top 14 Start- ups to watch out for by Economic Times Mr. Thomas Friedman talked about Mettl and how it can transform assessments Mettl among the Finalists in India Emerging 20
  16. 16. Mettl is a globally leading provider of innovative, technology based assessment solutions 80+ Countries 20+ Languages 1500+ Clients 10 Million+ Assessments
  17. 17. Your Mettl contact for Germany, Austria, Switzerland Expedition 8 HR Consulting c/o Germany Reutlinger Str. 109 70599 Stuttgart | Germany Phone +49-711-400462-95 Fax +49-711-400462-99