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11.editorial board


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IISTE international journals call for paper

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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11.editorial board

  1. 1. ISSN: 1978-0591 Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting (Issues in SEA) EDITOR IN CHIEF Hasan Fauzi, Faculty of Economics, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia ASSOCIATE EDITORSHardo Basuki, Gajah Mada University, Indonesia Doddy Setiawan, Sebelas Maret University, IndonesiaKhomsiyah, Trisakti University, Indonesia Arifin Sabeni, University of Diponegoro, Indonesia EDITORS ADVISORSRob Gray, St. Andrews University, UK Ainun Na’im, Gadjah Mada University, IndonesiaJayne Fuglister, Cleveland State University, USA Ahmad Syakrosa, University of Indonesia, Indonesia EDITORIAL BOARDCarol Adams Bryan Husted Marc OrlitzkyLa Trobe University, ITESM/Instituto de Empresa, University of Redlands, USAAustralia Mexico Sophie Marquet PondevilleHusam Aldeen Al-Khadash Daing N. Ibrahim University of Namur,Hashemite University, Jordania Universiti Sains Malaysia, Belgium MalaysiaAmanda Ball Azhar A. RahmanUniversity of Canterbury, New Zealand Christine Maria Jasch Universiti Utara Malaysia, The Institute for Environmental Manage- MalaysiaShawn Berman ment and Economics,Santa Clara University, USA Austria Robin Roberts University of Central Florida,Judy Brown Pamela Kent USAVictoria University of Willington, Univesity of Queensland, AustraliaNew Zealand Maria Fatima Reyes Katsuhiko Kokubu ASRIA,Alistair Brown Kobe University Hong KongCurtin University of Technology, JapanAustralia Abdul A. Rasheed Stewart Lawrence University of Texas at Arlington,David J. Campbell University of Waikato, USAUniversity of New Castle, UK New Zealand Stefan SchalteggerJong-Seo Choi Lois S. Mahoney University of Lueneburg,Pusan National University, Korea Eastern Michigan University, Germany USADavid Crowther Swagata SenDe Montfort University, UK Alan Murray University of Calcutta, India Sheffield University, UKGabriel D. Donleavy Deborah SavageUniversity of Macau, China Nicholas Mangos EMA Research & Information Center Flinders University of South Australia, (EMARIC), USAEdward Freeman AustraliaUniversity of Virginia, USA Bambang Sutopo Vanessa Magness Sebelas Maret University,Georgios Georgakopoulos Ryerson University, Canada IndonesiaUniversity of Limerick, Ireland Nik Nazli Nik Ahmad Djoko SuharjantoImam Ghazali International Islamic University Malaysia, Sebelas Maret University,University of Diponegoro, Indonesia Malaysia IndonesiaJames Guthrie Garry O’Donovan Pamela StapletonThe University of Sydney, Australia University of Tasmania, Australia University of Manchester , UK EDITORIAL SECRETARY Siti Nafi’ah, Faculty of Economics, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia i
  2. 2. INFORMATION FOR CONTRIBUTORSIssues In Social and Environmental Accounting (Issues in SEA) is an international journal pub-lished biannually in July and December. Issues in SEA is networking and dissemination meansof practices and theory of social and environmental accounting by people concerned with thatfield. In the journal, prospective authors can view the companys social and environmentalperformance from management or financial accounting perspective. The parties involved in thisjournal are scholars from so many countries, including: Indonesia, USA, Canada, UK, Mexico,Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Ireland, Korea, Jordan, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Austria,Malaysia, Japan, and India.Problems of social and environmental in general and in accounting context in specific are notonly local problem, but they have also embraced all over the world. It is necessary for us toshare and cooperate to make better the corporate financial, social and environmental perform-ance reflecting the three Ps: profit, people, and Planet. We highly hope you, as one of peoplewho are very concerned with the dissemination of that field, can share to achieve this goal.Issues in SEA is a peer-reviewed or refereed journal. All articles submitted by potential con-tributors from all over the world to the Centre (Indonesian Centre for Social and EnvironmentalAccounting Research and Development (ICSEARD)) are administered by editors. They arethen evaluated using the blind review method. From the result of peer-reviewing process thearticles could be categorised as accepted for publication, accepted with revision, or rejected forpublication. The Centre then produces the refereed articles by editorial boards and approved byeditors advisors in form of the internationally accepted journal.Subject CoverageTopics of many types are appropriate for publication in Issues in SEA including but are notlimited to: • Environmental accounting • Social accounting • Ethical issues in accounting and financial reporting • Corporate governance and accountability • Accounting for the Costs and Benefits of CSR-related Activities • Accounting and Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities • Corporate Environmental Strategy • Corporate Social Performance • Corporate social responsibility and management control • Corporate social responsiveness • Triple bottom line performanceReviewers evaluate manuscripts using several criteria including: originality of the works, schol-arly relevance, professional/industrial relevance, completeness of the works, acknowledgementof the works of others by references, organisation of the manuscripts, clarity in writing, tables,graphs and illustrations.Decisions regarding publication of submitted manuscripts are based on the recommendations ofmembers of the editorial review board. Reviewers’ comments are made available to authors.Manuscripts submitted for possible publication will be judged primarily on their substantivecontent, but writing style, structure, and length are also considered (see submission guidelines). ii
  3. 3. SUBMISSION GUIDELINESEditorial procedures1. The papers should address copies of all papers and editorial correspondence to the Editor.2. The cover of the papers should contain the following: • Title of paper. • Name of author(s), including the name of the corresponding author for co-authored pa- pers. • Institutional affiliation of author(s) including telephone, facsimile and email address (es). • Date of submission and, where applicable, date(s) of resubmission. • Any acknowledgement, not exceeding 50 words. An acknowledgement should not be included in the consecutive number of other notes.3. An abstract of no more than 150 words should be presented, along with the title of the manuscript, on a separate page immediately preceding the text of the manuscript. Up to eight key words should also be provided.4. Papers for review should be submitted electronically to Hasan Fauzi at the following ad- dress: (However, it is also recommended to send the copy to Papers should be double-spaced, generally of not more than 8,500 words, including references, and all pages should be numbered. Papers currently un- der review for publication in other outlets should not be submitted.5. Headings should be formatted so that major headings are flush left, bold, lower case and two font sizes larger than the main text. Second level headings should be flush left, bold, lower case and same size as main text. Third level headings should be flush left, italics, lower case and same size as main text. For example: • Flush left, bold, lower case, two font sizes larger than main text • Flush left, bold, lower case, same size font as main text • Flush left, italics, lower case, same size font as main text. • Figures, tables, diagrams and appendices should be numbered consecutively and titled. • Notes should appear as endnotes and be numbered consecutively. These should begin on a separate page at the end of the manuscript. • References in both text and end notes should follow Harvard style. Refers text thus: (author, date: page). The following guidelines should be followed: Books Gray, R., Owen, D. & Adams, C. (1996) Accounting and Accountability: Changes and Challenges in Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting. Essex: Prentice Hall Europe Articles in Edited Books Parker, L.D. (1997) "Practitioner Perspectives on Personal Conduct: Images from the World of Business, 1900-55", in Cooke, T.E. and Nobes, C.W. (eds.) The Development of Accounting in an International Context: A Festschrift in Honour of R.H. Parker, pp.68-89. London: Routledge. Journal Articles Mathews, M.R. (1997) “Twenty-five years of social and environmental accounting re- search: Is there a silver jubilee to celebrate?”, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 10, No. 4. Papers Loft, A. (2003) "The Accounting Machine and its Woman Operator: Beyond the Boundaries of Accountings History" The third Accounting History International Con- ference, Siena, September 2003. Websites Orlitzky, Marc. 2001. "Does Firm Size Confound the Relationship between Corporate Social Performance and Firm Financial Performance?" commerce/aig/acsymp2001/orlitzky.doc6. When a paper is accepted for publication the authors are requested to provide an electronic copy of the accepted version of the paper (resubmission). Submissions should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. iii
  4. 4. ISSN: 1978-0591 Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting (Issues in SEA)Vol. 1, No. 1, June 2007 TABLE OF CONTENTExtended Performance Reporting: Evaluating Corporate Social Responsi-bility and Intellectual Capital Management JAMES GUTHRIE, SURESH CUGANESAN and LEANNE WARD 1-25Current Debates in Corporate Social Responsibility: An Agenda for Re-search DAVID CROWTHER and ESTHER O. MARTINEZ 26-39The Equator Principles, Project Finance and the Challenge ofSocial and Environmental Responsibility JANE ANDREW 40-53Legitimacy in Green: Pollution vs. Profit in Canadian OilRefineries VANESSA MAGNESS 54-71Issues in Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting Research: AnOverview MANUEL C. BRANCO and LÚCIA L. RODRIGUES 72-90Corporate Environmental Reporting on the Web—An Exploratory Studyof Chinese Listed Companies TIANXI ZHANG, SIMON S. GAO and JANE J. ZHANG 91-108Accounting in Malaysia in the Post-New Economic Policy (NEP) Era AZHAM Md. ALI 109-148The Link between Corporate Social Performance and Financial Perform-ance: Evidence from Indonesian Companies HASAN FAUZI, LOIS S. MAHONEY and AZHAR A. RAHMAN 149-159A Commentary on CSR ALISTAIR M. BROWN 160-164 iv
  5. 5. International Journals Call for PaperThe IISTE, a U.S. publisher, is currently hosting the academic journals listed below. The peer review process of the following journalsusually takes LESS THAN 14 business days and IISTE usually publishes a qualified article within 30 days. Authors shouldsend their full paper to the following email address. More information can be found in the IISTE website : www.iiste.orgBusiness, Economics, Finance and Management PAPER SUBMISSION EMAILEuropean Journal of Business and Management EJBM@iiste.orgResearch Journal of Finance and Accounting RJFA@iiste.orgJournal of Economics and Sustainable Development JESD@iiste.orgInformation and Knowledge Management IKM@iiste.orgDeveloping Country Studies DCS@iiste.orgIndustrial Engineering Letters IEL@iiste.orgPhysical Sciences, Mathematics and Chemistry PAPER SUBMISSION EMAILJournal of Natural Sciences Research JNSR@iiste.orgChemistry and Materials Research CMR@iiste.orgMathematical Theory and Modeling MTM@iiste.orgAdvances in Physics Theories and Applications APTA@iiste.orgChemical and Process Engineering Research CPER@iiste.orgEngineering, Technology and Systems PAPER SUBMISSION EMAILComputer Engineering and Intelligent Systems CEIS@iiste.orgInnovative Systems Design and Engineering ISDE@iiste.orgJournal of Energy Technologies and Policy JETP@iiste.orgInformation and Knowledge Management IKM@iiste.orgControl Theory and Informatics CTI@iiste.orgJournal of Information Engineering and Applications JIEA@iiste.orgIndustrial Engineering Letters IEL@iiste.orgNetwork and Complex Systems NCS@iiste.orgEnvironment, Civil, Materials Sciences PAPER SUBMISSION EMAILJournal of Environment and Earth Science JEES@iiste.orgCivil and Environmental Research CER@iiste.orgJournal of Natural Sciences Research JNSR@iiste.orgCivil and Environmental Research CER@iiste.orgLife Science, Food and Medical Sciences PAPER SUBMISSION EMAILJournal of Natural Sciences Research JNSR@iiste.orgJournal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare JBAH@iiste.orgFood Science and Quality Management FSQM@iiste.orgChemistry and Materials Research CMR@iiste.orgEducation, and other Social Sciences PAPER SUBMISSION EMAILJournal of Education and Practice JEP@iiste.orgJournal of Law, Policy and Globalization Global knowledge sharing:New Media and Mass Communication EBSCO, Index Copernicus, UlrichsJournal of Energy Technologies and Policy Periodicals Directory, JournalTOCS, PKPHistorical Research Letter Open Archives Harvester, Bielefeld Academic Search Engine, ElektronischePublic Policy and Administration Research Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB, Open J-Gate,International Affairs and Global Strategy OCLC WorldCat, Universe Digtial Library ,Research on Humanities and Social Sciences NewJour, Google Scholar.Developing Country Studies IISTE is member of CrossRef. All journalsArts and Design Studies have high IC Impact Factor Values (ICV).