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Migration to panama


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Migration to panama

  1. 1. fo LIVING IN REPUBLICA DE PANAMA Panama is such an amazing country and surprises everyone who visits. If you are planning on coming to Panama be prepared to be overwhelmed.
  2. 2. VGSC INVESTMENT & Soluciones de tecnologías de LEGAL SERVICES la información Panama has a great variety of world-classAre you looking for a visa attractions all in close proximity.for Panama or to work inPanamá?VGSC INVESTMENT &LEGAL SERVICES is acompany with highsuccess rate in migrationservices, specializing inhelping people with theircomplete migration toPanamá. Exotic tropical rainforests, beautiful mountain Panama is close.All of our migration agents refuges, Caribbean-style beaches, seven living As part of Central America, Panama is just aare highly skilled, Indian cultures, a Miami-style capital city, short plane ride away. Eight major US cities historical sites, golf, diving, rafting, sport fishing, offer direct daily flights to Panama City: Losqualified and experienced. not to mention that 8th wonder of the world and Angeles, New York, Newark, Miami, Houston, engineering marvel- The Panama Canal. And its all Dallas, Atlanta and Orlando.We provide a host of in a country just 50 miles wide, the size of South Carolina. Panama is tourist friendly.secondary services aimed English is spoken as a second language. Theat assisting our clients to Panama is safe. Panamanian people are amongst therelocate to Panamá. Panama has the highest rating for tourist safety friendliest in the world. They are known for from the Pinkerton Intelligence Agency. In a their peaceful, get-along and fun lovingThese include help with Newsweek magazine article on tourism safely nature. As a result of the 90 year presence offinding house in Panamá, worldwide, Panama received same tourism safety Americans in the Canal Zone, Panamaniansrenting and buying a rating as the USA. Foreign residents in Panama will understand and appreciate Americans-house in Panama and a tell you how safe they feel living in Panama thousands have worked with Americans as compared to any other country in Central America. well as studied in the United States.range of financial servicesto help maximize your Panama has the US dollar as its currency.assets and investments. Panamas currency is the US dollar. Thats right! What a great convenience. In Panama,If youre looking for a theres no need for currency exchange. NoPanamanian Visa, our need to be a mathematical genius to figuremigration agents can offer Panama has a First World infrastructure. out what that meal just cost or how much to tip the bellboy. Your bank accounts andyou a first class Panama has a first-world infrastructure starting investments are also all of course in USprofessional service dollars. with a safe cosmopolitan Miami- style capital cityduring your migration to with high speed internet, first rate hotels, finePanamá. dining and beautiful shopping malls. The highway infrastructure, medical care, telecommunications and business services are excellent-comparable to the USA as noted in the ARRPs Modern Maturity magazine. Panama also has the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world and a banking sector with 100 banks.
  3. 3. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Panama has world-class medical care and a healthy environment.VGSC INVESTMENT &LEGAL SERVICESWe VGSC INVESTMENT &LEGAL SERVICES, arespecialists in AssetProtection, CommercialLaws, Corporations,Foundations, Panamaoffshore Bank Accounts, Many Panamanian doctors are speak English Panama has a wide selection of beaches andMigration services and and are American-trained. Several hospitals island venues and activities. have medical services on a par with US With two coasts, one thousand islands andInvestment Legal Advice. hospitals. Sanitary conditions are excellent- Caribbean-style beaches, there is much toVGSC INVESTMENT & there is almost none of that tourism scrouge- choose from for beach vacations from the all-LEGAL SERVICES is a "Montezumas Revenge". You can even drink inclusive resorts to exotic island retreats.young and responsible firm the tap water- a rarity in Latin America. An amazing abundance of fresh and inexpensivededicated to promote legal fruits and vegetables makes healthy living aand migration solutions to pleasure.our customers Panama is the best place for nature travel,Our fundamental objective ecotourism and eco-adventure today. Panama is world-class for to give continuous advice International experts rave about river runningto our clients and protect in Panama which includes rafting, kayaking andtheir asset make their motorized river boats. There are rivers in Panama where you can ride 20 sets of rapids inmoney worth. one afternoon. Canyoning, trekking, rapellingYou will find every and surfing offer similar world-classadvantage, advice and tip. experiences for the hard and soft adventure seeker.Our goal is to serve and Panama has the easiest-to-get-to exotic naturesatisfied all our clients’ in the world. Its position as a narrow land bridge connecting two continents has endowedneeds. it with some of the worlds’ most pristine andContact : bio-diverse rainforests in national parksT (507) 397-3630 covering 5 million acres. A key indicator of its bio-diversity: Panama has 944 recorded birdF (507) 397-3632 species, more than the U.S. and Canada Panama has world class fishing, diving,C (507) 6713-7306 combined. Furthermore, all that great nature is snorkeling and sailing.C (507) 6759-2771 very accessible, with some of the best locations One place in Panama, Pinas Bay, holds 170 less than an hour from Panama City. There is a world fishing records. There are five world classE-MAIL: local saying that while in other countries you diving areas: Coiba National Marine Park, have 20 tourists looking at one bird, in Panama Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro archipelago, you have one tourist looking at 20 birds Portobello and for historical diving the Panama Canal.
  4. 4. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Panama Has no Hurricanes nor major destructive earthquakes.Panama has become oneof the 15 best worlddestinations forretirement, only recentlyhave the advantages of thiscountry been made popularamong retirees in NorthAmerica and Europe:Panama has long been theprime choice for retirees,second-home buyers, andproperty investors alike. Panama is blessed by nature-unlike the rest of Panama City Nightlife her Central American neighbors, Panama has Panama city is inmensely active in regards toPanama was the winner for nightlife. There are tons of restaurants, bars no hurricanes-amazingly it’s in a special climatesix years in a row of area that is totally hurricane-proof. It also has and clubs where people go out to have a drink,International Living no major earthquakes. Your Panama vacation relax, listen to music and dance. You will find will never be re-scheduled due to natural that panamanians love to dress well, impressmagazine’s Annual Global events. Your property investment will always and be impressed when going out. CasinosRetirement Index. Modern be safe from hurricanes and earthquakes. throughtout the city constantly host events toMaturity, Conde Nast keep people coming, and they do come.Traveler, AARP Magazine Panama is Survivor Country. How exotic and interesting is Panama? 14and all praised countries have filmed their Survivor programsPanama as the best place in the islands of Bocas del Toro and the Pearlto retire. The New York Islands. CBSs Survivor series for Fall 2003 and Winter 2004 took place in Panama’s PearlTimes recently compared Concerts, conventions, pro boxing fights, Islands.Boquete, Panama to inaugurations, coupled with the great influx of Americans seeking retirement, Colombians,California’s famed Napa Venezuelans and many other nationalities areValley. increasing the activity at which Panama CityBritish researchers have celebrates as the never before seen real estatereleased a survey called boom is taking the country to economic levels that have not been seen before.the “Happy Planet Index”.T (507) 397-3630F (507) 397-3632C (507) 6713-7306C (507)
  5. 5. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Panama, is one of the most important international finance and insuranceDueposition, to its the geographical Isthmus of centers in Latin AmericaPanama became one of thefirst financial andcommercial Centers of theAmericas. An outstandingseries of advantagesinvites entrepreneurs andinvestors to establish theiroffices her.The Panama Canal, one ofthe most importantwaterways of the world. Panama, a city of over 1 million people, it is Clubs dont close until the manager says he isA network of modern one of the most important international closing and you might find yourself seeing thecontainer ports, railroads finance and insurance centers in Latin America, sunrise as you leave a bar or club. It all takes and of course a center for the maritime place in three sectors of the city: The downtownand airports, which industry. This fact has also helped Panama business district, Casco Viejo, the historic Spanishsupports a fast exchange of become a "tazita de oro" in Central America Colonial sector and on Amador Causeway whichmerchandise from and to these days. is connecting four islands in Panama Bay. Whenthe most important ports of Panama has become one of the 15 best world in Panama go out and dance the night awaythe world destinations for retirement, only recently have anywhere.A Free Trade Zone with a the advantages of this country been made The Casinos area just behind the Hotels and banklarge storage capacity, popular among retirees in North America and area is an awesome place to hang out and dancewhich allows re-export of Europe. and there other new clubs that cutting edge andmerchandise to Latin Panama has long been the prime choice for rival those in New York and Miami so ask aroundAmerica and the Caribbean retirees, second-home buyers, and property and youll get the right answer.A modern system of investors alike. Today you can still findtelecommunications and apartments in sought-after areas of Panamaconnection points for high- City for $80,000 and live well on $1,200 perspeed, broadband, optic- month.fiber cables, which Panama was the winner for six years in a rowconnects the Americas with of International Living magazine’s Annualthe world Global Retirement Index. Modern Maturity, Conde Nast Traveler, AARP Magazine andFor more information about our all praised Panama as the best placeservices please contact us: to retire. The New York Times recently compared Boquete, Panama to California’sT (507) 397-3630 famed Napa Valley.F (507) 397-3632 British researchers have released a survey Like at any other country stay safe and alwaysC (507) 6713-7306 called the “Happy Planet Index”. Designed to obey your instincts. measure life satisfaction, life expectancy andC (507) 6759-2771 ecological footprint, Panama ranked fifth in theE-MAIL: world. (For comparison, the U.S. came in #150, and the U.K. at #108!)
  6. 6. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Carnival in Panama is a celebration that takes place in just about every town of the country Low cost of labor and healthcare Large number of U.S. trained healthcare specialists Bilingual assistance readily available in urban centers. Substantial discounts in restaurants, travel and healthcare for all Even though this is a yearly celebration, an You might be familiar with carnival of Rio de retirees often asked question even by locals is: "When Janeiro, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Well the A dollar economy and is the carnival this year?" Thats because the carnival in Panama is also celebrated on the low inflation protect celebration is always 40 days before the same dates and it is celebrated in one way or fixed incomes christian holly week. The most famous of all another by the whole country. Access to stateside towns is Las Tablas in the province of Los publications and Santos which is also located in the Azuero media peninsula. Panama city, the capital of the Real estate at prices country, and Penonome are also places to below those of celebrate it in all its glamour. stateside and other Caribbean destinations Financing by banks for retirees with stable incomes English is widely spoken. Low crime levels Large expat and Carnival in Azuero is by far the most exhuberant immigrant and most popular celebration where in Las communities from Tablas, in particular, two streets in the same throughout the world town battle it out to outdo eachother on parades during the day and night for the 5 days that theT (507) 397-3630 carnival lasts. Calle Arriba (High Street) and CalleF (507) 397-3632 Abajo (Low Street) put out excellent shows withC (507) 6713-7306 very expensive thrones and dresses for each ofC (507) 6759-2771 their queens that rival those in Rio de Janeiro.E-MAIL: This carnival is one you will never forget if you attend. In Azuero, Chitre, Guarare, and La Villa The celebration is a huge party, yes thats Los Santos are also known for celebrations exactly what it is. In fact it is the most famous cannot compare to the one in Las Tablas. of all parties in Panama.
  7. 7. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES En Panama City also celebrates the carnival by closing main arteries of the city for paradesTHE PARADEThere is a parade with the Queens and the traditional "mojadera"rolling by that come through whilepeople standing on top of the watertrucks spray the water over tons ofpeople.MOJADERAEighteen-wheelers with watertanks show up and pump water out People throw water at each other which a Saturday morning comes with the start of theof it to throw it at the crowds characteristic of every carnival celebration "mojadera" at 10am. By that time the eighteen throughout the country. Eighteen-wheelers wheelers with are lined up around the townscelebrating the parades. This, you with water tanks show up and pump water out central park and the crowds are already showingmight think, is weird but if you of it to throw it at the crowds celebrating the up. An occasional short pants, a shirt you mightattend this carnival, you will soon parades. This, you might think, is weird but if not be wearing again, cheap snickers, sunglasses you attend this carnival, you will soon find out and a cap or hat is all you need to wear. Youfind out that it is actually nice that it is actually nice because Panama is hot dont need to worry about how clean you lookbecause Panama is hot and the and the carnival takes place during the summer after the party because everyone will be wet,carnival takes place during the (dry season in Panama takes place in maybe dirty from colors people use to color February...yes February!) a good splash of other peoples cloths among other things.summer. water is very welcomed to beat the heat of the Dancing, drinking, hanging out while you get wet radiant sun. is mostly what is going to happen all day untilFRIDAY NIGHT 5pm. There is a parade with the Queens rolling by that come through while people standing onFriday night kicks off the party with top of the water trucks spray the water over tonsthe formal presentation and of people. After 5pm, everyone except thecrowning of the queens and a drunks start heading out to go home to changeparade follows. into nice clothes to go have dinner and then go back to the central park to enjoy the night The Las Tablas carnival days is organized in the parade, followed by more of what happened on following way. Friday night kicks off the party Friday night. This is basically repeated through with the formal presentation and crowning ofFor more information about our Tuesday. the queens and a parade follows. Everyone isservices please contact us: dressed nice and the all attend the paradeT (507) 397-3630 celebration and the crowning. Following the parade there is a fireworks show which lastsF (507) 397-3632 tor about 30 minutes. Afterwards, everyone isC (507) 6713-7306 free to either hang out at the park or go toC (507) 6759-2771 various parties organized around town. Drinking is of course allowed on the streets butE-MAIL: drunks disturbing the peace are quickly up by police and locked up until the end carnival because the government courts are shut down. The party doesnt stop until about 5am.
  8. 8. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Every carnival day is themed as followsHOTELSIn Panama City, there are verymany hotels and it might beeasier to find accomodations thatif you decide to go to Las Tablasor any other city.PROPIETARIOSNo hay restricción en cuanto a lanacionalidad o el número depropietarios, pudiendo sernacionales o extranjeros. Friday is the Opening, Saturday is the International Day, Sunday is Pollera day, Monday is costume day, Tuesday is Queens day and on the hours before 5am on sunday is the "entierro de la sardina"(the sardine burial). Well, the question is answer with two short words: Plan ahead. In reality you need to plan ahead well in advance if you want to participate in any of the carnivals. Understand that the whole country is participating and ALL hotels are going to be booked to capacity just like you would expect any city in the world preparing for any carnival. Reserve your hotel months in advance you can stay at a nice one. In Panama City, there are very many hotels and it might be easier to find accomodations that ifT (507) 397-3630 you decide to go to Las Tablas or any other city.F (507) 397-3632C (507) 6713-7306 Make friends in Panama and try to go in a group to any of the cities in the country. ThatC (507) 6759-2771 will be the best way you will reassure yourselfE-MAIL: to have a blast while staying
  9. 9. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Voted top five destinations by the American Association of Retired PersonThe American Associationof Retired Persons(AARP), and votedNumber OneWith this as an incentive, as wellas tax breaks, residencyprograms and discounts onairfares and dining; why wouldpeople not opt for retirement inPanama? The Republic ofPanama has offered a great lifefor people who have retired, and More and more people today are choosing to People have found that retirement in Panamahas attracted thousands of has offered unbeatable price differences move abroad when they retire, in search for apeople from the United States. It better and more relaxed life. With an increase compared to the United States. Medical Serviceswas recently voted one of the top in the cost of living, as well as poor social only cost 30% of what they do in America, which security and pension plans, many people is reason alone to move over once retired. As afive destinations by the American cannot afford to stay in their country of retired person, you will automatically get aAssociation of Retired Persons residence, and they opt to move away to a discount on all dental bills, eye exams, doctors’(AARP), and voted Number One place where they can afford a better way of bills, medicines and hospital services. This can be life. Wont you? very important as you start getting older, and willby International Living. offer you a little bit of added security and take a load off your mind.For more information about ourservices please contact us: Many places abroad have a cost of living soT (507) 397-3630 low, that it is often compared to what prices may have been like about a hundred years ago.F (507) 397-3632 With this as an incentive, as well as tax breaks,C (507) 6713-7306 residency programs and discounts on airfaresC (507) 6759-2771 and dining; why would people not opt for There are a great range of incentives offered forE-MAIL: retirement in Panama? The Republic of retirement in Panama, including some great Panama has offered a great life for people who discounts on entertainment. On weekends, have retired, and has attracted thousands of will receive a 30% discount on hotels, and people from the United States. It was recently the week you will only have to pay half price. You voted one of the top five destinations by the will be able to travel all over the country, and American Association of Retired Persons enjoy your retirement with these fantastic offers (AARP), and voted Number One by Panama have for you. International Living.
  10. 10. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Retirement in Panama offers a whole lot of great days out, and activities that youRETIREMENT IN PANAMA can enjoy with your friends and familyIf you decide to make yourretirement in Panama, you willreceive some great discountsPara obtener más informaciónacerca de cualquiera de nuestrosproductos o serviciosEven visiting banks or any otherpublic institutions is hassle free,with separate and shorter linesfor retired people. Prices arecheaper, and you will be able to In Panamá You will also get discounts on tickets Panama takes good care of retired people,afford things that you may never offering some fantastic discounts and tax to the movies, sports games and culturalhave considered before such as events which you can enjoy throughout the exemptions.a maid or a gardener to help you year. Retirement in Panama offers a whole lot of great days out, and activities that you canout in and around your home. enjoy with your friends and family.With fantastic offers on flights, If you decide to make your retirement inholidays, hotel rooms and Panama, you will receive some great discounts on utility bills and mortgage bills. If you areevents, retirement will be fun and importing your furniture over from anothersomething for everyone to look country, you will be tax exempt for all items toforward to! the value of US$10,000. There is also an import tax exemption on your car, as well as on other household goods.For more information about ourservices please contact us:T (507) 397-3630 Even visiting banks or any other publicF (507) 397-3632 institutions is hassle free, with separate and shorter lines for retired people. Prices areC (507) 6713-7306 cheaper, and you will be able to afford thingsC (507) 6759-2771 that you may never have considered before suchE-MAIL: as a maid or a gardener to help you out in around your home. With fantastic offers on flights, holidays, hotel rooms and events, retirement will be fun and something everyone to look forward to!
  11. 11. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES That’s right. Panama. The little country with the big heart where the Panama Canal is,PANAMA IS, WHERE THE where the cost of living is affordableCOST OF LIVING ISAFFORDABLEPanama! Safe, beautiful,accessible. Panama is anextraordinarily beautiful countrywith a marvelously diverseecology. Whether you prefertropical beaches, open farmspaces, cool forested highlands,gated communities or privatecoffee estates, Panama has That’s right. Panama. The little country with •Panama City is a modern capital city withthem all at still affordable prices. international banking facilities, first-rate hotels the big heart where the Panama Canal is, where the cost of living is affordable, and restaurants and shopping on a par with theFor more information about our infrastructure is US style, health care is US. Truly a multi-cultural crossroads, Panama excellent (and inexpensive), the political City is definitely first please contact us: environment is stable and LIVING THE GOOD •Panama is one of the few remaining countriesT (507) 397-3630 LIFE is still possible! to offer true banking privacy. Your investmentsF (507) 397-3632 Panama! Safe, beautiful, accessible. Panama is are safe and secure here…and private. an extraordinarily beautiful country with a •Panama has reliable communications and roadC (507) 6713-7306 marvelously diverse ecology. Whether you infrastructure. High speed internet is available inC (507) 6759-2771 prefer tropical beaches, open farm spaces, cool even remote areas. Public transportation—byE-MAIL: forested highlands, gated communities or bus, air or taxi—connects all parts of the country. private coffee estates, Panama has them all— •International flights arrive and leave at still affordable prices. between the US, Canada, Europe and Modern Maturity Magazine (AARP), Fortune America. Magazine, the LA Times, International Living •Health care facilities are top notch. Health and the Wall Street Journal all consistently rank insurance is a fraction of the cost in the US. Panama as a leading choice worldwide for Prescription drugs are significantly less expensive retiring baby-boomers and investors. than in the US. The water is safe to drink. There Consider this: is no malaria. •Since the early 20th century Panama has been •Geographically, Panama is the size of South a true international crossroads. Carolina, but with a population of only 3 million. •People from the US, Canada, South America, There is lots of room to grow here…and the Europe and Asia are increasingly moving to this expatriate population has been rapidly growing multi-cultural country, where diversity is as more and more Americans, Canadians and celebrated. Europeans have tested the waters and made the •English is the official second language and the decision to invest in and move to Panama. currency is the US dollar (though Euros are welcome). •Panama is one of the safest countries in the world with the highest rating for tourist safety from the prestigious Pinkerton Intelligence Agency.
  12. 12. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES If not here…where? If not NOW…when?PANAMA IS, WHERE THECOST OF LIVING ISAFFORDABLEPanama! Safe, beautiful,accessible. Panama is anextraordinarily beautiful countrywith a marvelously diverseecology. Whether you prefertropical beaches, open farmspaces, cool forested highlands,gated communities or private Do you want fabulous beachfront property, Want to climb a sleeping volcano and view thecoffee estates, Panama has where the monkeys call out from the jungle, Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean simultaneously?them all—at still affordable the whales migrate past, and life is muy Looking to take life easy or to have a thrillingprices. tranquilo? adventure? Or are the green mountains calling your name, Panama has it all…. Let VGSC INVESTMENT & so that you can glimpse the rare Royal Quetzal LEGAL SERVICES help you make your dreamsPanama has it all…. Let VGSC bird while drinking Arabica coffee grown in come true…live life large.INVESTMENT & LEGAL your own back yard? VGSC can help you with the HOW and the Like to scuba dive or snorkel through fabulous WHERE. The only question for you is, WHEN?SERVICES help you make your coral reefs? If not here…where? If not NOW…when?dreams come true…live lifelarge.For more information about ourservices please contact us:T (507) 397-3630F (507) 397-3632C (507) 6713-7306C (507)
  13. 13. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Panama Immigration and Panama Residency Visas.  Self economic VisaMIGRATION VISAS  Retired Pension Visa  Investor Visa- Retired or Pensioned Program  Reforestation Visa- Retiree Rentier  Student Visa- Self Economic Solvency  Worker Visa- Large Business Investor- Reforestation Investor- Immediate Passport Program- Self Economic Solvency Visa- Agricultural Investor Program- Tax Free Processing ZoneInvestor The Panamanian government created several Many times, investors find that a Panamanian- Reforestation Visa (New) residency visa is just an "extra benefit" to the Panama immigration laws which, depending on- Retired or Pensioned Program the particular type of Panama residency visa Panama investments that they are making. The- City of Knowledge Work Visa applied for, enables foreigners to obtain legal fact that there are different Panama immigration temporary or permanent residency in Panama, visas and Panama residency programs suited for- Missionary Visa Panama work permits, and in some cases, investors is an incentive for relocating to Panama- Student Visa Panama citizenship and / or Panama passports. and obtaining Panama citizenship and a- Multiple Entry and Exit Visa Most of these Panama immigration laws have Panamanian passport. Relocating to Panama and been created to promote foreign investment in getting Panama legal residency can be easier by Panama which benefits the local environment using our experienced Panama immigration or local economy of Panama. lawyers. Our Panama immigration law firm specializes in all of the Panama immigration programs and Panama visas.T (507) 397-3630 We have listed several of the PanamaF (507) 397-3632 residency visas as well as other Panama visas such as work visas in Panama. Some of theseC (507) 6713-7306 Panama immigration visa programs offerC (507) 6759-2771 Panama temporary residency permits, orE-MAIL: Panama permanent residency permits, some offer Panama citizenship, and passports and others may not. Some of Panama immigration programs only offer Panama temporary resident visas, or Panama work permits. Many international investors and companies find excellent opportunities for Panama investments in reforestation, manufacturing plants, assembly plants, distribution facilities for import/export, software creation facilities, call centers, and a variety of other business activities.
  14. 14. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Obtaining a second residency in Panama is useful for those who wish to improve their quality of lifeMIGRATION VISAS- Retired or Pensioned Program- Retiree Rentier- Self Economic Solvency- Large Business Investor- Reforestation Investor- Immediate Passport Program- Self Economic Solvency Visa- Agricultural Investor Program Have a second home in Panama, a tropical Panama is a developing nation, but living here- Tax Free Processing Zone country where one can peacefully live in means anything but living in the Third World.Investor Panama, or visit Panama on a part-time basis. Panama is full of the comforts and luxuries that - Have a "safe haven" in Panama to escape to many search for overseas but can rarely find in- Reforestation Visa (New) in the event of war or any type of political or combination with an affordable cost of living. In- Retired or Pensioned Program civil unrest that may threaten ones’ family. fact, most people can significantly improve their- City of Knowledge Work Visa - Actually live in Panama permanently, perhaps quality of life by living in Panama, and they do so after retirement and obtain a Panamanian without having to live in an unsafe country with- Missionary Visa residency visa. poor infrastructure.- Student Visa - Relocating to Panama to a tropical, stable, Panama is a surprisingly safe country, where you- Multiple Entry and Exit Visa safe country where it is very economical to live may actually live safer than you might in large in comparison with most other developed U.S. cities. countries such as the US, Canada, Europe, etc. The developed infrastructure of Panama is - Relocate to a more "tax friendly" country astounding to those who arrive anticipating where foreign earned income, foreign earned Third-World conditions. Panama City boasts a capital gains, and bank interest income are not tremendous skyline of high-rise buildings, taxed nor need to be declared. including chrome and steel modern office - Relocate to a country where frivolous lawsuits complexes, massive hotels, and enormousFor more information about our are not recognized by the courts, and one can apartment buildings. Panama City is an importantservices please contact us: protect their assets through a corporate hub for international banking and commerce, so structure, without the risks of "piercing the if you are looking to invest or start a businessT (507) 397-3630 corporate veil". while living in Panama, you will have plenty ofF (507) 397-3632 - Relocate to a country where one can do resources at your disposal. Culturally, living inC (507) 6713-7306 business operations economically, and without Panama means five-star restaurants, theater, heavy restrictions, regulations, or taxes that symphonies, ballet, and boutiques.C (507) 6759-2771 hinder the growth of the business. Yes, the infrastructure in Panama is wellE-MAIL: - Relocate to a country where real estate is still developed: The telephone service is affordable for purchasing homes in the city or advanced, so international calls are always land at the beaches, mountains, lakes, etc. to make; high-speed Internet is widespread; and - Relocating to Panama and purchasing a Panama Citys international airport is completely second residence in Panama or taking modern, offering daily flights to many advantage of the Panama immigration international destinations. programs, Panama resident visas, and choosing Panama is so welcoming to foreigners partly Panama citizenship with a Panamanian because it is already a very diverse society. passport if you wish.
  15. 15. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Panama Self Economic Solvency VisaMIGRATION VISAS- Retired or Pensioned Program- Retiree Rentier- Self Economic Solvency- Large Business Investor- Reforestation Investor- Immediate Passport Program VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES offers Panama Investment Option # 2:- Self Economic Solvency Visa the obtaining a Panama Self Economic Solvency Panama Investment: Invest a minimum of Visa. US$300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand US- Agricultural Investor Program Law N° 16, of June 30,1960 created this Dollars) in titled Panama real property. This- Tax Free Processing Zone program to offer international investors the must be equity, as mortgages do not count.Investor opportunity to obtain Panama legal residency, Stipulations: (1) The titled Panama real property Panama citizenship by making certain Panama can either be in the personal name of the- Reforestation Visa (New) investments. primary applicant or in the name of a Panama- Retired or Pensioned Program Currently, the Panama Self Economic Solvency Private Interest Foundation; as long as the- City of Knowledge Work Visa Visa offers three (3) different Panama primary applicant is either the Founder or a investment options to qualify for Panama Beneficiary (it may not be in the name of a- Missionary Visa residency: Panama corporation or trust). (2) The primary- Student Visa applicant must also prove that he or she has- Multiple Entry and Exit Visa Panama Investment Option #1: sufficient income to support him or herself. Panama Investment: Invest a minimum of Dependents: For each additional dependent that US$300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand US applies for residency under this Panama Dollars) in a three (3) year time deposit (or immigration program, the primary applicant "certificate of deposit" or "CD") at any Panama must prove that he or she has enough income to bank. support the living costs of each dependent. Stipulations: (1) The Panama bank time deposit Panama Investment Option # 3:For more information about our (CD) account must be in the personal name of The third option is a mixture of a 3-year Panamaservices please contact us: the primary applicant (it may not be in the bank CD with Panama real estate purchases name of a Panama corporation, Panama equity (excluding mortgages) with both totaling aT (507) 397-3630 foundation, or trust). The interest earned from minimum of $300,000.F (507) 397-3632 the Panama bank time deposit (CD), will beC (507) 6713-7306 deposited monthly into any savings account at Requirements to Qualify for a Self Economic the Panama bank that you designate (the Solvency VisaC (507) 6759-2771 Panama savings account may be a personalE-MAIL: account, or a corporate account). The interest Foreigners that invest the minimum sum income is NOT taxed by the Panamanian Three Hundred Thousand dollars ($300,000) in government, nor is it subject to any tax Panama real estate or a Panama bank reporting requirements. deposit or a combination of both will be able to Dependents: For each additional dependent qualify for this visa. If the foreigner has that applies for residency under the primary dependents, the applicant needs to invest an applicant, the primary applicant must prove additional Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) for that he or she has sufficient income to support each dependant. the general costs of living of each dependent.
  16. 16. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES Panama Retired or Pensioned Program (Visa Pensionado)MIGRATION VISAS- Retired or Pensioned Program- Retiree Rentier- Self Economic Solvency- Large Business Investor- Reforestation Investor- Immediate Passport Program VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES provides Discounts: As a qualified Panama "pensionado"- Self Economic Solvency Visa retirees and persons with pensions with a (retiree), you will be entitled to: Panama Pensioned Visa, also called the- Agricultural Investor Program Panama Pensionado Visa. - 50% off entertainment anywhere in the country- Tax Free Processing Zone (movies, theatres, concerts, sporting events, etc.)Investor The Panama Retired or Pensioned Program - 30% off bus, boat & train fares allows foreigners to obtain legal residency in - 25% off airline tickets- Reforestation Visa (New) Panama under the condition that they are - 50% off hotel stays from Monday through- Retired or Pensioned Program retired or pensioned. According to the Panama Thursday- City of Knowledge Work Visa Immigration Department, there is no minimum - 30% off hotel stays from Friday through Sunday or maximum age required to qualify you only - 25% off at restaurants- Missionary Visa need to provide the requirements documents. - 15% off at fast food restaurants- Student Visa - 15% off hospital bills (if no insurance applies)- Multiple Entry and Exit Visa The applicants retirement income (or pension - 10% off prescription medicines income) must be at least a LIFE TIME US$1,000 - 20% off medical consultations per month. Another option is to purchase at - 15% off dental & eye exams least $100,000 in Panama real estate, which - 20% off professional & technical services reduces the lifetime monthly income to $750. - 50% off closing costs for home loans - 25% off residential power up to 600 kw The applicants income must be proven by - 25% off residential phone service charges providing documentation such as a letter from - 25% off residential water bills of up to US$30For more information about our the institution or company that pays theservices please contact us: retirement or pension income. This Tax Exemptions: As a qualified Panama certification must be notarized and "pensionado" (retiree), you will be entitled to:T (507) 397-3630 authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate - A one-time exemption of duties on theF (507) 397-3632 nearest you (or by apostile). importation of household goods up to US$10,000C (507) 6713-7306 in total value - 100% duty exemption on the importation orC (507) 6759-2771 purchase of an
  17. 17. VGSC INVESTMENT & LEGAL SERVICES MOST POPULAR MIGRATION VISAMIGRATION VISAS Visa Type Requirements Advantages Public pension fund PermanentThe Panamanian government Proof of lifetime pension for minimum of Residency + large $1000/month + $250/month per dependant number of Retired orhas created several laws which, discounts and tax Pensioned Program exemptionsdepending on the particular type (Visa Pension) Private pension planof visa applied for, enable Proof of lifetime pension for minimum of No Citizenship $1000/month + $250/month per dependant eligibilityforeigners to obtain legal Obtain antemporary or permanent immediateresidency, work permits and Panamanian Provide a 5-year time deposit (CD) at the Banco Passportcitizenship and/or passports in Retiree Rentier Nacional de Panama which must earn a minimum of $2000/month in interest income No Citizenship orPanama. PermanentMost of these laws have been Residency eligibilitycreated to promote foreign Option 1 Obtain a 2 yearsinvestment in the country which Min. of $300,000 investment in 3-year time deposit Temporary (CD) at a licensed Panamanian Bank + $2000 per Immigrant Visabenefits the local environment or dependantlocal economy of Panama. After 2 years you Option 2 may obtain aPeople wishing to immigrate to Self Economic Min. of $300,000 investment in a titled property in Permanent Solvency Panama + $2000 per dependant Residency VisaPanama have several options.Non-residents can apply for one Option 3 After 5 years you Combination of option 1 and 2. The total amount is may obtain aof several visas. The following is for $300,000 Panamanianintended as a brief summary of Citizenship and Passportthe most popular residency visas Obtain Permanentoffered to foreigners. Residency Visa after 2 years Invest a min. of $160,000 in an established or new Large Business business in Panama and employ at least 5 After 5 years youFor more information about our Investor Program Panamanians paying them min. wage + social may obtain a security benefits + $2000 per dependantservices please contact us: Panamanian Citizenship andT (507) 397-3630 PassportF (507) 397-3632C (507) 6713-7306 Agricultural Large business investment of at least $60,000 in a Investor agricultural project + $2000 per dependantC (507) 6759-2771E-MAIL: Obtain Permanent Residency after 2 Reforestation Large business investment of at least $80,000 in a After 5 years you Investor reforestation project + $2000 per dependant may obtain a Panamanian Citizenship and Passport