Life isnt allways the same


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Life isnt allways the same

  1. 1. LIFE ISNT ALLWAYS THE SAME Written By Alexander Purvis Based on, if any PRODUCTION DRAFT Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 Address Phone Number
  2. 2. 1 Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 1. FADE IN: 2. EXT. MERRYWEATHER ACADEMY - MORNING Jake is looking worried and nervous when walking up to his new school gates. People are walking past the gates, pushing and shoving past him. A bus pulls up behind him and even more people walk past then Jake is submerged by the crowd of people. JAKE (V.O.) Hi there, i'm Jake. if you can see me at the moment its because in the kid who's just been knocked on the floor as in the 'new kid' here. 3. JAKE GETS UP OF THE FLOOR, COVERED IN MUD. JUST AS HE GETS UP HIS SHOLDER GETS SHOVED BY ANOTHER KID AND NEARLY FALLSOVER AGAIN. SCHOOL KID OI! Look where your going new kid! 3A. HE CONTINUES WALKING AND GOES THOUGH THE GATE LOOKING LOST. JAKE (V.O.) There I am! Its me. Yes the one that's covered in mud. Its my first day here at Merryweather academy as i have just moved school. My perants were told that they had to move home. 4. INT. MERRYWEATHER ACADEMY HALLWAYS - MORNING Now walking though the corrydoors looking for his class. He keeps looking at the time as class starts in 5 minuets but doesent know where it is! JAKE (V.O.) My family were moved by the guvoment as they are imployed by them...I shouldt tell you as its a secret...but for some reason i trust you. Their employed by them as they have superpowers. I know it sounds silly but its true. Cut to Jake's mum walking down the street casualy. Then she puts her finger up to her ear and then looks around descreetly around the place to see if anyone is looking. She then turns invisable. Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 * *
  3. 3. 1A Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 JAKE (V.O.) Well my mum, she can turn invisable when ever she likes. Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013
  4. 4. 2 Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 5. CUT TO JAKES DAD SHOOTING LAZERS OUT OF HIS EYES. JAKE (V.O.) My dad can shoot lazers out of his eyes! 6. CUT TO JAKES BROUTHER FLYING THOUGH THE SKY. JAKE (V.O.) And my brouther can fly! But then there is me. Im the one with no powers what so ever. And i dont even know if i have any! 7. JAKE IS NOW LATE FOR HIS LESSSON BY 10 MINUETS! HE IS RUNNING ROUND THE SCHOOL FRANTICLY LOOKING FOR HIS CLASS. AND WHEN HE DOES, HE OPENS THE DOOR TRYING TO CREEP IN BUT THE TEACHER TURNS THEIR HEAD SHARPLY TO STEARS INTO JAKES SOLE! TEACHER Why are you lat boy?! JAKE Um, sorry i'm new. I didn't know where my class was. TEACHER Ok ,next time you need to be ontime!...ok? * * * JAKE (nervously) Yes sir. 8. * * * * FADE OUT Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013