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Alex hornak slide_deck

  1. 1. How do you get over creative blocks?, ebqRWz-8qyS1v-7VbYLd-7VbYCw-7V8E4B-7VbR2j-6ygcXM-7VbT7d-7V8BPa-7VbS6G-7VbSpu-7V8EZ4-7V8FDM-7V8CUa-7V8BFZ-7V8DvZ-7V8CPV-7V8HFF-7V8HLn-7VbYTA-7VbXF1-7 VbWks-7V8CZM-7V8BTR-7V8F9Z-7V8AX4-7VbSEE-7V8Cqx-7VbR6y-7V8GeK-7V8ARF-7V8Fft-7VbVBL-7V8FVi-7V8CvX- • Slide 1: Hook/attention grabber: short story and examples of the most common problems people face when trying to get through a creative block
  2. 2. It happens to the best of us, • Slide 2: Hook/attention grabber examples of widely known creatives that have struggled with creative blocks of their own to show how this effects every one in the audience on a big and small scale.
  3. 3. You are getting over your creative blocks wrong, • Slide 3: The Big Idea (pages 78-79) • you are getting over your creative block in the wrong way
  4. 4. it happens to every one, • Slide 4: What’s in it for your audience? Explain why your topic is important or worth discussing. Thousands of people, creatives, and smart individuals just like you suffer from creative blocks, it happens to the best of us. Take a look at what you are doing and how you can change it and make your next creative block short and painless.
  5. 5. its happened to me and it can happen to you, • Slide 5: Why should your audience listen to you? Explain your ethos (personal experience, expertise, and credibility). • My audience should listen to me because I to have suffered from countless creative blocks sitting at a computer looking at a blank screen with no end in near site. But I have looked at ways to change my approach towards this problem and they can be applied to you to and make your experience with a creative block improve as well.
  6. 6. You can overcome, • Slide 6: Call to Adventure (pages 38-39) • people don’t have to be stuck wondering how to come up with their creative ideas skills to over come this can be learned and shared by every one.
  7. 7. communication self awareness your environment, • Slide 7: Preview the three main points that will support your big idea • overcoming creative blocks can be done by 1.comunication 2. Self awareness 3. Your Environment
  8. 8. communication, • Slide 8: Introduce and set up Supporting Point One understanding communication and creative blocks how they are connected.
  9. 9. the community, • Slide 9: Factual or emotional evidence The Creative Community. Reaching out to others for help is always an active step to overcoming a creative block two heads are better than one.
  10. 10. Come together, • Slide 10: Factual or emotional evidence story about the creative community and how people have come together to over come a creative challenge.
  11. 11. personal awareness, • Slide 11: Introduce and set up Supporting Point Two • a step into your own personal awareness how you deal with problems and over come them.
  12. 12. taking it one step at a time, • Slide 12: Factual or emotional evidence how one looks at a problem that they are faced with and steps to help you move in the right direction
  13. 13. what have i changed?, ebqRWz-8qyS1v-7VbYLd-7VbYCw-7V8E4B-7VbR2j-6ygcXM-7VbT7d-7V8BPa-7VbS6G-7VbSpu-7V8EZ4-7V8FDM-7V8CUa-7V8BFZ-7V8DvZ-7V8CPV-7V8HFF-7V8HLn-7VbYTA-7VbXF1-7 VbWks-7V8CZM-7V8BTR-7V8F9Z-7V8AX4-7VbSEE-7V8Cqx-7VbR6y-7V8GeK-7V8ARF-7V8Fft-7VbVBL-7V8FVi-7V8CvX- • Slide 13: Factual or emotional evidence a look at how I take on creative problems personally and what I have changed in my self that can help you to.
  14. 14. your environment matters, • Slide 14: Introduce and set up Supporting Point Three • taking a look at the environment around you and how it’s affecting the way you work and the ability to solve creative problems.
  15. 15. do’s and dont’s in your creative space, • Slide 15: Factual or emotional evidence • the environment you surround your self in can make all the difference the dos’ and don’ts when it comes to creative blocks and the space your in.
  16. 16. time for a change, • Slide 16: Factual or emotional evidence • story about a design studio and the changes they made to their space to inspire creativity and over come their own creative blocks and challenges.
  17. 17. now its your turn, • Slide 17: Call to Action (pages 42-43) • Call to action: take the tips and tricks you have learned try them your self see what works for you and then share them with the community and help a fellow creative in need.
  18. 18. what have you learned?, • Slide 18: Summarize the main points taking what you have learned about creative blocks and moving forward. 1. A step in the right direction, take what you have seen here and apply it into your next creative challenge. 2. Make it personal keep what works for you and throw out what doesn’t. 3. Take to the community share what you have learned with another creative to help some one out with a similar problem in hopes they will do the same.
  19. 19. No more creative blocks!, ebqRWz-8qyS1v-7VbYLd-7VbYCw-7V8E4B-7VbR2j-6ygcXM-7VbT7d-7V8BPa-7VbS6G-7VbSpu-7V8EZ4-7V8FDM-7V8CUa-7V8BFZ-7V8DvZ-7V8CPV-7V8HFF-7V8HLn-7VbYTA-7VbXF1-7 VbWks-7V8CZM-7V8BTR-7V8F9Z-7V8AX4-7VbSEE-7V8Cqx-7VbR6y-7V8GeK-7V8ARF-7V8Fft-7VbVBL-7V8FVi-7V8CvX- • Slide 19: Restate big idea your going about your creative blocks all wrong make a change for the better and make your life a little easer.
  20. 20. share and create, • Slide 20: Clincher/new bliss (page 44) • sharing what you now know about creative blocks with the community can change the way people work on ideas. It can inspire others to do great things and solve great problems, and make this world a little more creative! !