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Client proposal

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Client proposal

  1. 1. Client ProposalI have been asked to tender a proposal by the college to produce a promotional video for adepartment within the college which can then be used on the college website, be produced as a DVDto send to potential students and also be uploaded to the college YouTube site and Facebook site. Aspart of this assignment I will have to negotiate a brief with my client and have records ofcommunication and correspondence between myself and the client. While negotiating the brief I willdecide on the style, length and content of the video depending on my client’s requirements.The target audience of this promotional video will be teenagers that have just left high school andother people that would be interested in joining college.The resources that I require will be willing class members and teachers, a video camera and somephotographs of the college.The cast and crew I will need is a sound person, cameraman, editor and some people that docreative media and a teacher or two.I don’t really need a budget since the college will be providing all the things I need to produce thispromotional video.Planning for advert – this includes brainstorming, storyboards, scripts, sketches, shot logs and moodboards.Produce proposal – then create another proposal with the target audience, resources, personnel andschedule etc.Develop a presentation – after the proposal as a team we must develop a pitch for the product.Production meeting + report – this is to outline and changes that may be made to be produced asthe final product.Asset table – this includes where all the assets have been found and any assets that will be created.Shoot raw video footage – use a video camera to record footage.Import video with evidence in diary – import the video and use a diary of how everything was doneas evidence.Edit video using software – edit the video footage using Adobe Premier pro/elements with a fullyillustrated diary.Export video with evidence – export the video to be used on the web, DVD and as a presentationwith a report/evidence in a diary of how everything was done.