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Home improvement

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  1. 1. ByCarrie McCarthy & Alex ZeiadyColdwell Banker Danforth, Inc
  2. 2.  Help banks sell their REO homes for More money in less time Support and maintain Neighborhood Real Estate Values Provide homes with a value-added facelift, while minimizing the cost of improvements Offer Banks the opportunity to improve their bottom line and reduce their holding cost Make homes attractive to a wider demographic than just investors & Bargain hunters Quickly improve & stage homes to sell faster for more Provide banks with a unique Marketing Plan & follow up reports to insure optimum strategy
  3. 3.  Market Evaluation of subject property AS IS condition Photograph property prior to foreclosure for client Full Bid on recommended property improvements In House Staging Generate a comparative Market Analysis of properties that recently sold with recommended upgrades and length of time they took to sell Create a full report showing improved property suggested sale price & time on market based on CMA VS selling subject property AS IS List the property for sale providing the client bi-weekly reports of activity, showing feedback & market condition Powerful marketing plan with emphasis on internet marketing and direct marketing approach
  4. 4.  Combined 15 years in the business Buy, Fix up, Sell Real Estate since 2002 Experience selling both median home investor properties & high end multimillion dollar homes Generated over 80,000,000 in sales combined Approved Realtor for Boeing’s corporate relocation division Designated ASP (Accredited Staging Professional, ASR (Accredited Seller Representative), ABR (Accredited buyer Rep.), CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert)
  5. 5. Improvements:1. New interior/exterior paint2. Painted cabinets & fireplace3. New tile & granite counters4. New bathroom (modern) sink5. New carpet6. All new appliances7. Hardware & window treatment8. Landscaping9. Staging & furniture provided in house Analysis: Market value of home before improvements $195,000 Total improvement cost $20,000 Home sold in 2 weeks for $265,000 NET PROFIT $ 50,000 Improved value & sold in 2 weeks in Dec. 2010
  6. 6. For more info about us, please visit us @ Alex Zeiady Carrie McCarthy Real Estate Consultant Real Estate Consultant Coldwell Banker Coldwell Banker Tel: (206) 355-0506 Tel: (206) 356-6640 Fax: (425) 742-0315 Fax: (425)