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Mobile apps in the Healthcare Industry


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InnoviMobile discusses use cases for mobile apps in Healthcare such as navigation inside hospitals, doctor selection, clinical calculators, medication education on-the-go, and alerts for vaccines.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Mobile apps in the Healthcare Industry

  1. 1. Visual Explanation of the Medical & Surgical Procedures Business Problem During a medical consultation, it may be difficult for the doctor to explain ailments and procedures and have the patient understand, especially when the doctor tries to emphasize the seriousness of an ailment and in some cases explain the surgical procedures to the patient or their relatives. How mobile apps could be used to solve this problem: A mobile app could explain basic medical and surgical procedures . Diagrams of key organs and the nervous system could be included in the mobile application as an interactive tool. To inform patients, the doctor could sketch, stamp, and type directly on the diagrams. These images and notes can then be shared with patients during consultations or emailed to them later for reference. These diagrams can also help patients ask questions during the consultation or at a later time Medical students and teachers could also use this app to better understand key ailments and procedures. The scope of the application can be expanded to make illustrations for various animals and birds too. Navigation Inside the Hospital Business Problem Hospitals are large facilities that often include multiple buildings. It often becomes difficult for patients and even medical staff to find a particular medical room they want to go to. Similarly, it is difficult for patients to find a medical laboratory for tests and also find the results collection room. How mobile apps could be used to solve this problem: Hospitals could come up with a mobile app that provides all the information and location maps of the entire hospital campus. The tool can help patients navigate to any part of the hospital they need to go to. Additionally, the app could also assist staff take appointments, access medical records, track a doctor’s availability, and review lab results. The app could also provide health management tips on-the-go. 45 Essex Street Suite 201 Millburn, NJ 07041 | 646-588-0011 ex. 2 | | @innovimobile Our Core Values 1. Autonomous and Proactive We think ahead and work independently so our customers and business partners can focus on their core business. 2. Open Communication We foster an environment conducive to clear and intuitive communication. 3. Sense of Urgency We operate under the assumption that all our work is urgent and important and adopt the most efficient path to meet the goals of our customers and business partners. 4. True to our Commitments We value the trust that our customers and business partners place in us and live up to the commitments that we make to them. 5. Don’t Stop Believin’ Our personal and professional growth is not limited to what is possible today. Healthcare Industry
  2. 2. Selecting the Right Doctor Business Problem There are times of medical emergencies when a patient choses a nearby clinic and consults a doctor. After the visit, the patient realizes that the particular clinic/ailment are not covered by their insurance plan and they end up paying for the visit out of pocket. How mobile apps could be used to solve this problem: A mobile app similar to apps used in retail stores could be introduced in the market. This app could be personalized by insurance companies for consumers, and provide information regarding a patient’s healthcare plan. The app would also further help locate doctors and hospitals that are affiliated with respective insurance companies. Along with other information, the app may provide information on key decision making criteria such as: • Out-of-pocket costs for each doctor’s consultation • Doctor’s specialization and board certifications • Ratings from other patients • Distance of the clinic from current location Thus, the patient can get information on various hospitals, patient discharge surveys and evidence based clinical quality. Clinical Calculator Business Problem Medical calculators are used to calculate different scores and indices. Typically these have a complex formula. Computers helped introduce a new era of medical calculators. Previously, they were spread across different devices for different medical professions. Now, they are integrated in different devices. How mobile apps could be used to solve this problem: Mobile apps could be developed to help medical experts ease problems, and save time and money on different devices pertaining to clinical calculators. Customized medical calculators could be integrated in one application, which would be helpful in various medical fields and would provide value to professionals in cardiology, internal medicine, nephrology, general practice, hematology, gastroenterology, emergency medicine, oncology, orthopedics, respirology, neurology, neurosurgery, general surgery and obstetrics. 45 Essex Street Suite 201 Millburn, NJ 07041 | 646-588-0011 ex. 2 | | @innovimobile
  3. 3. Medical Education On-The-Go Business Problem There are times when even doctors and surgeons have doubts while dealing with some major ailments. At that point of time, it is not necessary that the book materials are comfortably available to them or they have time to conduct online research. The absence of availability of medical information can bring delay in medication and subsequently lead to fatal results. How mobile apps could be used to solve this problem: A mobile app can instantly provide answers to the doubts of doctors. This application could have a list of body parts as key headers that relate to ailments, solutions, new medical or clinical procedures, classroom videos of key surgeons on those topics and notes. This will help reduce any delay in medical attention to the patient. The app could also be connected to the network of medical doctors. This will help each member of that network collaborate and give recommendations. Alerts for Vaccinations Business Problem The majority of people assume that their doctors have a ready list and a tracking system for their family members. However, such a big amount of data is not easy to maintain and thus there is a tendency to miss the key vaccination dates for infants, children, patients and even the pet animals. How mobile apps could be used to solve this problem: A mobile app could make a profile for person or an animal. The profile will collect data regarding their birth date, vaccinations they have had, dates of immunization, age-appropriate recommendations based on the regions’ medical center’s prevention guidelines. Families can set up joint accounts or even link their accounts to each other. Alerts can ring a week or month before on the parent’s mobile device and can also be linked through Facebook or Twitter. This will also help in spreading out information about regular vaccinations. The app could further set up email reminders to taking the appointments at the nearby clinics with location reference. 45 Essex Street Suite 201 Millburn, NJ 07041 | 646-588-0011 ex. 2 | | @innovimobile