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Upload i movie video to photobucket


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iMovie Video to PhotoBucket Converter can best assist you to upload/transfer homemade iMovie video to PhotoBucket by converting the video to the proper format with right file length accepted by PhotoBucket

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Upload i movie video to photobucket

  1. 1. How to upload/import/convert iMovie video to PhotoBucket Maybe you share the same nightmare with me, you shot some video clips with your digital camera, connected the camera to your computer or to TV, watched it once, and never want to watch it again. I believe most people have the some experience, but why? Because it's boring to watch unedited movies! We see beautifully edited movies every day, at movie theatres, on TV and for us young people on the computer and Internet. For Mac users, it is maybe cool to use iMovie to edit and create their home movies because it's free-charge, user friendly interface and simple to use video editing functions. With it, you can easily edit the video clips, add titles, and add music. Effects include basic color correction and video enhancement tools, and video transitions such as fade-in, fade-out and slides. When you edit or create a movie, you sometimes need to upload to some video sharing websites for sharing your hard work with more people. PhotoBucket is among which the commonly used video sharing, image sharing website. But it is not always as easy as a piece of cake to upload your iMovie video to PhotoBucket although it is supposed to accommodate a large variety of video files. Below are some voice from the ordinary users. Scene 1: "I have a Mac and I made a movie, if I want to put the movie on PhotoBucket or YouTube etc. How would I do that?" Scene 2: "I am trying to upload a video I made on iMovie, and tinypic and PhotoBucket say they can't pick it up. How can I change the format of video so I can post it?" Scene 3: "I exported my iMovie video which is 2 minutes long as a QuickTime video so that I can upload it onto PhotoBukcet. When I way trying to upload the video, a message popped up, saying, "Attention, Invalid File Type" Why won't it allow me to upload the video?
  2. 2. To import it to PhotoBucket, two requirements needed: I: Video file format It is said that the input video file format are ASF, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4 and WMV II: Size and limits of videos to upload Free users can upload up to 1GB of video files (with maximum of 5 min length) to their account (up to around 10,000 files) Pro users can upload up to 5GB of video files (with maximum of 10 min length) to their account (up to around 50,000 files) Therefore, you need to first make sure the videos are in right format with PhotoBucket (iMovie is said to export MOV, MP4 file, but the two are container format that may contain different codecs that are not workable with PhotoBucket) and to make it a certainty that the video file doesn't exceed the limitation. Don't worry, this is what iMovie video to PhotoBucket Converter can do. iMovie Video to PhotoBucket Converter at a glance iMovie Video to PhotoBucket Converter is probably the first and most practically and useful application in the world that specially built for Mac users who want to upload their homemade iMovie video to PhotoBucket by just converting the iMovie videos to proper file format acceptable with it as so far easy management, editing and sharing the people all around the world. iMovie Video to PhotoBucket Converter is also a good helper for you to do some necessary editing before uploading to PhotoBucket, with it, you can easily trim your video to a certain length required by PhotoBucket, add special effect to your video, adjust the output parameters like Resolution, Frame Rate, Bitrate and Encoder etc. Have a happy journey with iMovie Video to PhotoBucket Converter.
  3. 3. Feeling tried? Don't worry, the guidance for using iMovie Video to PhotoBucket Converter is really simple, you just need to take a glance of what shown in the picture listed below: Related Articles: Import PhotoBucket Video into iMovie Import YouTube Video into iMovie Transfer Flip SlideHD Video to iMovie iMovie Editing Kodak Video