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Enjoy dvd and video on i pad 2


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Movie to iPad 2 Converter is by far the first and best application designed to help convert your favourite DVD movies and common video files as well to iPad 2, iPad like formats with fast conversion and best output quality.

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Enjoy dvd and video on i pad 2

  1. 1. Enjoy DVD and Video on iPad 2 Hi, everyone, again, I come back, welcome to read this article, I suppose friendswho visited this site may highly be impressed by my previous article How to enjoyDVD on Apple iPad posted one year ago (28/1/2010). And today, I want to expandthis topic to a bit further as the second generation of iPad is going to be released. It is said that the second generation of iPad, iPad 2 will be released on 2, March,2011 (American Time), and of course, there may be a huge amount of speculationsabout. As far as I see, there are 5 hotly discussed new features which can besummarized as follows: 1. Better mobility. iPad 2 will be lighter and thinner, someone even say thescreen size is set at 7 inches, probably Apple will have squeezed the air out of thecurrently buddy design to make those reduced millimeters a new selling points. 2. Face Time. It is an advanced video conferencing technology that works oniPhone 4, it provides a better interface for extended video conferencing for businessesand people who travel away from family for long periods of time. 3. New display technology. The iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 support anamazingly high resolution screen, with four times as many pixels as a standard screen,it just look like a continuouns-tone photograph to the human eye. The rumors say iPad2 will get the technology as well. 4. 3-axis groscope. It makes sense as it is a feature now included in iPhone 4which is probably designed to add new gaming possibilities. 5. USB port. A mini USE port for connectivity to other devices. We will never know how many and what new features will be added to iPad 2,but there is one point that can be probably clear, thats, you still cant play your DVDmovies directly on it with no corresponding programs installed.
  2. 2. Dont worry, this article is meant to help you out, with our powerful and versatileMovie to iPad 2 Converter you can easily turn your DVD movies to iPad friendly Converter,file format to be smoothly played on iPad 2 and iPad alike. Besides, it can alsoconvert common video files to iPad acceptable files so that you can free enjoy yourfavourite videos. Furthermore, just like other 2-in-1 applications that can deal with common videoand DVD movies perfectly, this program also empowers you to make your own videoand DVD movies with its built-in rich editing features like clip, crop, effect, settingsetc. Just feel free to afford a minute or two to explore more. Guidance to convert video and DVD to iPad compatible files Step 1: Download, install and run Movie Converter for MacJust feel free to download and install Movie Converter for Mac to pop up a maininterface as follows:
  3. 3. Step 2: Select the right application for your program As shown in the above interface, the program includes DVD Ripper and VideoConverter. Choose one of them required. Note: You can only run one program at one time. For DVD Ripper Mac DVD ripper support both home DVD and commercial DVD. Click DVDRipper on the main interface, you can do the corresponding DVD importing,converting and editing which can be seen in the following picture:
  4. 4. For Video Converter Click Mac Video Converter on the main interface to pop up an interface whereyou can import your videos for converting and editing, You can see the whole processfrom the following picture: After that, you can import your converted files to iPad 2 for free enjoyment. Havefan!!!
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