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Talk about at ISWC2012. Covering what is, how it is used in Yandex (russian Google) and future plans.
Speakers: Peter Mika (Yahoo!), Alex Shubin (Yandex)

Published in: Technology
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  1. updatePeter Mika (Yahoo! Research) Alex Shubin (Yandex)
  2. What is
  3. The world before Multiple incompatible formats: microformats, RDFa, microdata  Varying degrees of adoption  Not all formats are supported by all search engines Multiple competing schemas (ontologies)  Consumers support different existing alternatives or create their own (Bing, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Yandex)  Not clear which schemas have adoption, who is responsible for maintaining them
  4. Agreement on a shared set of schemas  Bing, Google, and Yahoo! as initial founders (June, 2011)  “Sitemaps for content”  Single format to communicate the same information to all consumers covers common types of web content  Initial work around business listings (local), creative works (article, video), reviews
  5. evolution Yandex joins in Nov, 2011 Definition and adoption of RDFa Lite 1.1  Subset of the features of RDFa 1.1  W3C Recommendation since June, 2012 Two W3C task forces within the SW Interest Group (SWIG)  Web schemas TF for ongoing collaborations on schema extensions, mappings, tooling etc.   HTML Data TF finished in December, 2011  HTML Data Guide  Microdata RDF: Transformation from HTML+Microdata to RDF
  6. evolution II. Growing number of 3rd party contributions  rNews (news)  Health and Life Sciences  GoodRelations (e-commerce)NEW Resolved representational issues  External enumerations  Multiple types in microdata (additionalType property) Improvements to validators  Bing, Google and Yandex test tools
  7. Documentation and OWL ontology
  8. in
  9. Most popular search engine inRussia
  10. About Yandex Most visited russian website (Comscore) Operating in CIS and Turkey On NASDAQ since 2011 (Mkt Cap: 7B) Not just web search: Yandex.Images, Yandex.Video, Yandex.News, Yandex.Auto, …
  11. Markup usage Web search: rich snippets Improving vertical searches databases Yandex.News, Yandex.Video, Yandex.Images, Yandex.Directory, Yandex.Auto, Y andex.Dictionaries Data types: organizations/places, reviews, recipes, news, … Formats:, microformats, opengraph, microdata
  12. Web Search snippet
  13. Organizations search example
  14. Markup statistics Format Microforma Opengraph Schema.or ts g % urls 5,8% 8,4% 2,6% 3.00% 2.50% 2.00% 1.50% % urls 1.00% 0.50% 0.00% 2.06.11 1.08.11 1.12.11 1.04.12 1.08.12 13.11.12
  15. Yandex semantic activity Markup testing tool:, microformats, og, rdfa Education and promotion, Proposals for audience, breadcrumbs, …
  16. Future plans
  17. Future plans Second workshop in 2013  Bringing together developers, publishers and consumers  Similar format to the first workshop in Sept, 2011 Improvements to infrastructure  Improved documentation with RDFa examples  Modularization Additional extension proposals on the Wiki, e.g. audience, technical publishing, datasets