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The Developer-Designer Relationship

  1. 1. About Web 2005 ! Web, Mobile, and Branding 2010 ! Mobile and Branding 2013
  2. 2. Ron Conway “It used to be that the algorithm was your most valuable IP (like Google). Now, it’s users, user design, and user interface IP.” ! - Startup School 2013
  3. 3. Vision of Designers UI has become important to team managers ! Mobile brought upon a more obvious need ! Developer/Designer ratio is balancing out
  4. 4. Designers User Experience Designers Visual Designers User Interface Designers Product Designers Front-End Developers
  5. 5. Small Team Developer(s) Designer(s) ! Business somewhere in between
  6. 6. Mid-Size Team Product Manager Designer(s) Developer(s) Sales/Business Development Production Teams
  7. 7. Large Team Composed of multiple mid-sized teams ! Managed by agile project manager ! Centralized or dedicated design teams