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Total Resource Campaign


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Julie Todz and Brian Buethe's presentation at the 2018 ICCE Fall Conference provides information on Total Resource Campaigns, a type of fundraising effort by a chamber that can be organized wither by a chamber itself or a consulting firm.

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Total Resource Campaign

  1. 1. TOTAL RESOURCE CAMPAIGNS ICCE Fall Conference 2018
  2. 2. Who are these wonderful panelists? Julie C. Todz President | CEO 16+ Years Chamber Experience Brian W. Buethe President | CEO 11+ Years Chamber Experience
  3. 3. What is a TRC? Total Resource Campaign (TRC) A total resource campaign is a type of fundraising effort by a chamber. Typically, the chamber uses volunteers to increase revenue through membership and sponsorship sales. Total resource campaigns can be organized by the chamber itself or by an external consulting firm. (Source: ACCE)
  4. 4. Why consider a TRC? • Additional Value to Members • Advance Relationships • Greater Involvement • Volunteer Engagement & Buy In • Increased Membership • Additional Non-Dues Revenue • More Efficient Delivery of Services • Forced Program Analysis • Opportunity for Members to Promote Themselves Under the Chamber Banner • It is Scalable
  5. 5. What does it cost? • Consulting Fees • Website Development/Administration • Time • Management • Incentive Payments • Rewards Trip Grimes TRC Website Ankeny TRC Website
  6. 6. How many volunteers? Total Resource Campaigns are volunteer driven. Their success and or failure can often be tied to how effectively the volunteers are motivated.
  7. 7. What is the time commitment? The time commitment is real, especially in the first year or two. However, once the campaign is over, the value of that time spent makes the time commitment before, during, and after events much more efficient. The largest commitment of time is getting the campaign established in year one.
  8. 8. How is TRC managed after the campaign? The TRC makes the management of events throughout the year a bit easier, because you have a checklist of commitments that you need to accomplish to satisfy your investors. Communication is still vital throughout the year to ensure that investors remember what they purchased.
  9. 9. Do we need to pay an incentive? The incentive is one tool that can be used to motivate volunteers to perform at a higher level than they might otherwise.
  10. 10. What do you do when your program becomes repetitive? This can be managed by monitoring where members are seeing value. They vote with their sponsorship dollars. A Chamber can choose to add more programming, eliminate programming, or modify existing programming to keep things fresh and an ongoing value to the membership.
  11. 11. What is “right of first refusal” and do you have to offer it? The “right of first refusal” indicates that a sponsor that buys a sponsorship one year, will have the opportunity to purchase it again the next year, before it is offered to anyone else.
  12. 12. Do I need new volunteers each year? Volunteer recruitment and management is vital to the initial and ongoing success of a total resource campaign.
  13. 13. A World of Opportunities Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce TRC Revenue Goals New Members • 2017 $ 258,000 83 • 2018 $ 260,000 83 • 2019 $ 325,000 ?
  14. 14. Sailing Our Way to Success Grimes Chamber & Economic Development TRC Revenue Members • 2017 $ 46,000 271 • 2018 $ 90,000 290 • 2019 $110,000 (goal) ?
  15. 15. Questions Is TRC for you?