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Be Social - Explore Minnesota


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Caitlin Rick, Social Media Strategist, presented key social media strategies that Explore Minnesota uses, their analytics, and how to best utilize Explore Minnesota and their website. This information was presented at MACVB's 2018 Annual Meeting

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Be Social - Explore Minnesota

  1. 1. Be social with Explore Minnesota Caitlin Rick Social Media Strategist EXPLOREMINNESOTA.COM
  2. 2. HOW DO I SHARE MY CONTENT? Email me and our team Add us to media lists Schedule a meet and greet with staff Use #OnlyinMN on posts
  3. 3. #ONLYINMN TWEETCHATS Seasonal chat on Twitter 5 question prompts for discussion Share your events, activities, partners etc. using #OnlyinMN Receive questions days in advance to prep answers
  4. 4. #ONLYINMN TWEETCHAT RESULTS #OnlyinMN frequently reaches “trending” status on Twitter Tweets generated using #OnlyinMN: 855 Potential Reach of #OnlyinMN: 2,025,202 Potential Impressions of #OnlyinMN: 6,743,012 Clicks: 306
  5. 5. INSTAGRAM EVENTS STORY Weekly recap of events happening around the state Feature 2-4 events in each region Pull events from our events database and online search Contact me with upcoming events
  6. 6. INSTAGRAM EVENTS STORY Provide users a photo, date, time and location Our most popular activation on Instagram this year Will continue until decrease in popularity Great engagement with followers
  7. 7. UTILIZING EXPLOREMINNESOTA.COM Add your events to our database Review attractions, lodging properties and restaurants in your destination Submit any photos or video you’re willing to share for our internal database
  8. 8. #ONLYINMN TEXT VIDEOS Showcasing unique, attractions, destinations, shops and more worth a trip Provide viewers with informative info about subject Videos from every region
  9. 9. #ONLYINMN TEXT VIDEOS 286,682 people reached 120,626 views 9,189 reactions Perform very well organically then build targeted ads to desired audiences Production calendar set for 2018-2019
  10. 10. NEW FACEBOOK CO-OP OPPORTUNITY Adtaxi uses Facebook’s audience data to deliver your message to your target audience More than just sweepstakes You create the copy & creative
  11. 11. NEW INSTAGRAM CO-OP OPPORTUNITY Adtaxi uses Facebook’s audience data to deliver your message to your target audience Reach our most engaged followers and new audiences by taking over our Instagram Story Work with me to create outline and select creative
  12. 12. HOST THE #ONLYINMN MONUMENT New co-op opportunity Feature on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Showcased on Explore Minnesota website with paid traffic support Tease upcoming locations
  13. 13. WHAT’S NEXT? New campaign launch for spring/summer 2019 New co-op opportunities for social media New ways to be featured on social
  14. 14. QUESTIONS?